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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Vіdmіnnostі in the character of economical vіdnosin mіzh subprojects of a penny turn to give відвід structuralization of yogo on okremі sectors. Persim, for the logic of the basic process, the view of economic vidnosin, which are realized in a penny turnover, є vidnosini obmіnu. Characteristic for ruhu pennies, scho servants є tsі vidnosini, є:

* Equivalence, scraps for pennies, like transferring a buyer to sellers, moving products of equal nominal wartosti;

* irrevocability, fragments of the seller’s deed that the pennies are not guilty turn to their front forehead, the stinks irrevocably switched from the power of a new sub-turnover;

* straightforwardness, a way to go to the last minute pennies of that sub-turnover, a kind of vikorist of them for buying products, fragments of the up-to-date tag of a store for new purchases.

This is the nature of the pennies, which is the service area for exchanging money, let them see the sector in the okroshiy sector, which is called the penniless technique.

Significant part of the penniless turnover is tied to the processes of distribution of gross national product. There’s only a small amount of penny left on hand — a penny can’t be withdrawn unequivalently, because a payee doesn’t have a real equivalent to the form of goods and offers a penny payment. This sector of penniless turnover is called financial and credit.

Crimean rice is unequal, less than one sub-sector of the penniless sector of government turnover is the same as the previous one. Part of this is the nature of marriage, as long as it is stipulated by the laws, the part of the income of the economical sub-entities is to take advantage of the foreseeable payments and to pay the required state powers, as a rule of law. The result of the winnings is not only unqualified, but the irrevocable collapse of pennies, so that one sub-penny is penniless and earned without any gain, but it is secured without refusal. Qia part of financial and credit turnover is called fiscal-budget.

Another part of the financial and credit turnover is the servicing sphere of the various types of loans, for some sub-sectors there is no need to transfer money, but more can be transferred at the time of the bank transaction, for an extra payment of banknotes in cash. For this reason, this characteristic is more characteristic of gaining income by a subdivision, which is known to transfer its power to the timochov koristuvannya. Tobto ruh pennies, I’m going to protect you from realizing tsikh vidnosin, a minor character, as long as a whipman turns his

You can turn them around in terms of termination, for example, when buying shares, and, in addition, I will gain income from the interest rate of the dividend. From now on, the sector of the pennile turnover is not only the number of the penniless sector, but the first is the fiscal-budget sector, and it is called the credit turnover.

Groshiy obig, fiscal and budgetary and credit turnover, as well as warehouses of a total penny turnover, are well connected, internally interconnected and supplemented by one in the secured value of extended business. The water hour stinks - self-manifest, with its own special mechanism of regulation and specific abilities, I can pour on to the process of creation.

Fallow od FORMS pennies in yakіy vіdbuvaєtsya penny turnover vіn podіlyaєtsya on bezgotіvkovy i gotіvkovy. I want a criterion of such a structured penniless turnover to achieve formalities, which are part by part і от я от от от м,,,,,,,,,, я я, я к я оном важ важ сл сл на сл сл сл сл. Sokrema, in the realm of gothovkuyu ​​turnaround, a bank posture is collapsing, the servants are always in the middle of one-day economic sub-sectors. From now on, on the back of these pennies you can feel more than direct sub-activity, so that you can realistically realize your vidnosini in that sight, as if they themselves were signaled.

Allow to achieve the advantage of getting ready for the minds of the transition economy. From one side, with great difficulties, private power and a new flashing of noses are formed, as well as active sub-contracts of a penny turnover, and from the other - they can, so as to seize the state power and private property through public authority for Total control over penny turnover. At the forefront, on a regular basis, I widely practice paying by myself, provocatively issuing payments.

In the sphere of bezgotovkova turnover, penniless collapse on the banks of banks, not at all for the interbank system. In total, it is possible to control one, and later, to add to the business of the most economical sub-projects, not only the banks themselves, but the third third - the banks. Viznachayuschaya the law and the regulation of the banks in the case of such control, the power can be used for the entire turnkey penny turnover, and so on and on the process of suspension of the bill as a whole. Tsyomu is heading overtaking of free sales over Gotovkov, so the world has completed the transition to market economy, securing a legal base for private sector development, and the scope of free sales is growing.

Well, behind the cob 2000 p., There are two possible spheres of penniless turnover in Ukraine that can be approximately 2: 1, fragments in the bulk pennies (behind the M1 unit), the credit became 68.0%, and the total deposits 32. , 0%. It was divided by foreign countries in the structure of the pennile turnover of Ukraine. The fact is that it’s not very easy to find a penny in the penny turnover and penniless systems, as a negative sign in the banking system, the NBU. Protezhe sooner the law of reaction of a penniless turnover to the problems and difficulties of the transition economy of Ukraine. At the situation, which was stored in the economy of Ukraine for the whole period, the structure of the penniless turnover and could not be used. Details of the overrun and the shortcomings of the ready-made and the lack of ready-made pennies will be analyzed in distribution 4.