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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


As a matter of fact, penny is not forgiven; forgiveness is repeated for the good of goods and the order of its own specific law. The essence of the yoke of the pole is that, by extending the given period for obigu, it is necessary to sing more, the masa of purchases and payments of interests has been effectively enumerated. As far as formalizing is the essence of the whole law, then you can get the most out of it: Mf = Mn, de Mf - de facto masa is a penny for obigu, and Mn is actually necessary for obihu ix of masa. Yakshcho Mf I’m overbearing Mn - meaning to pay for it, there’s been a show of pennies, and even more so, but Mf is less than the view of Mn - ikh.

The best supply of the rozumіnnі law of the penny obigu є the treatise of magnitude Mn. All this is explained by a significant differentiation of the forms of pennies, which is common, and this is a form factor of the form of mashes. In the joyful literary literature, in the understanding of Mn, more than a masa of Gotivka’s pennies was included. As a whole, the hedging of penniless obguyu tіlki with the Gotіvkoy sphere means the exclusion of the sphere of the offense of deposit pennies from the regular regulation of the influx of effective economic law.

As a rule, you come to the principle of monism in the treatment of the daily costs of pennies, the simple process of losing money, then the value of Mn needs to include all forms of pennies, as well as the servicing of money, I need to be completely free of charge. Such a recognition of the need for special relevance for the transition to a market economy, within the range of a significant value, acquire the economic methods of regulating the penny turnover of a single object.

The number of pennies, in the middle of the necessary for stretching the singing hour (Mn), is directly proportional to the weight of the goods and the price is inverted, the proportion to the average speed of the pennies is reversed. This deposit is possible by the formula:

The formula for the necessary number of pennies

small 7

de R * Q - sum of price goods, which are sold for singing period,

V - the average number of turnover of a single unit for the same


Proteus is not all comrade, like realizuyutsya, paid by chance. Chastin ix are sold on credit, and for реx realizatsii pennies in Denmark, the moment is not required, which is the most significant value of Mn. Water hours for a shred of servicing are not only realizable goods and services, they have the best func- For the sake of obigu need Dodatkova Masa pennies ponad that, as servants є realizatsіy goods and services. However, not all bargaining goiters are paid off with real pennies. It is almost possible to stink a character that is troublesome, then you can become insured at the same time without the participation of real pennies.

If only all the factors are included, then you can spend on a groshova masa, then the value of Mn can be viraziti like this:

The formula for the necessary number of pennies

small 8

de suma K - sum of sales of goods and services;

suma P - the summa of payment is ignored;

Sum VP - sum paid, which is redeemed by a whore of a different price for borg.

The magnitude of Mn is an operational center, along with some kind of Mf, for all brains (with low cost systems and low forms of pennies), these are the same factors that generally imply the law of penniless gross value. Skryz, de є penny and penny obig, ob'єktivno di і ц tsei law - the law of virivnyuvannya Matthew before the ravn. Mn. Proteins with the most economical minds and forms of pennies in the mechanism of the law creep into singing singularities.

In the minds of the gold standard, the vir_vnyuvannya Mf Mn is automatically secured. With irregularities Mf> Many times the war of gold pennies is guilty of being reduced evenly to the real card, and the hairs of them, who aren’t mothers in vain, have been taken into account by the sums of pennies and I’ve straightened out the belongings. I navpaki, for irregularities Mf <Mn, if the marriage was penniless, and the amount of gold was growing, the warriors of the skarbov straightened gold in obig doty, the docks did not reach the river Mf = Mn.

According to the gold standard, automatic mechanism vir_vnyuvannya Mf I Mn zna zutna suttvih deformation. Zmіna magnitude Mf nabuvaє tendencies otpridayuschuyu zrostanna rynnano z Mn, oskilki vipuska grosha without internal substantive wartosti yes significant value, because it does not have a state treasury, central bank. Tse provoku bazhannya zbіlshuvati proposition of pennies beyond the boundary of Mn. Automatically virіvnyuvannya Мф і Мн to be mixed up with the narrow frames upovlenny obigu pennies. Virshalnogo znachennost at ikh of virivnyuvannі nabuvayut ustunut tools of the newest bite on obig of pennies, we will transfer on ikh of masu. Protea character and the mechanism of such a rush to rush to fall into the nature of pennies - treasury stink chi bankіvskі.

As a matter of fact, the scope of the service is treasury pennies, then the violation of the law (Mf> Mn) is more chronic, the frailty of the power of the highest price, and not the consumer, I mean the value of Mn. The act of introducing pennies, spreading their mistakes encourages a permanent character and demonstrating the violation of the law of the penniless money - Otzhe, the chronic violation of the law of Mn - the law of the treasury of pennies. Achievement of rvnosti mzh Mf i Mn for such minds is more than a chance to pay comrades and servants, for whom there is a great deal of money before the factually implicit mass of pennies. Thus, the znetsennennya penny signs є hereditary violation of the law Mn і manifesting єactivities of the second in the minds of the treasury pennies.

Streaming the growth of such pennies by the method of Matthew Mn. Yakbi tse zavdannya bulo virisheno residually and powers do not need to have bullo emituvati treasury for pennies to cover their vitrates, then there was a change of mind for secure rivnost Mf = Mn. Alya water time can be used for all kinds of treasury mechanics and transfers to the bank mechanics and money for pennies.

When servicing a bank banknote, you can expand your bankruptcy for Mf and Mn at times saving steel money. Look at the buzzwords, which means credit mechanics of pecuniary pennies to take revenge from your own mind before turning them over through repaid postage. As a rule, the start of pennies from the country doesn’t directly mean nothing to cover budget expenses, but rather only on the basis of bank credit, then it’s possible for the law to be able to secure the principles of credit and credit principles

the process. It is possible to extend credit to the state of Mt until the age of Mn, the fragments of an oath, the sight of a song, the singing hour, and the oath of repayments. To debit credit, the value of Mf can be changed up to the required level, more quickly redeemed the wickle key, part of the pennies. Here, too, there is a singing automatism of increasing the price of a grocery to consumers, it’s necessary to base oneself on an economically eroded credit card.

From now on, the specific law of Mn in the minds of the offense of banknote pennies є those that are just the right time to run such pennies are changing your mind for the benefit of both the penny and the pennant of the necessary amount of money.

The law of penniless buv і є about the active proliferation of money in the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Belarus in pennies and theories of pennies and pennies. At present, there’s a problem of balance. Mf and Mn cannot be analyzed. But not to the point that in the far-flung regions of the market economy, science doesn’t reach hats because of secure pennies. Navpaki, where the problem is є central. Proteins come out of the middle of all positions - through regular regulation of mutual benefits and the provision of pennies for a penny market. Such pidhid є fruitful, more drink on a small scale and more specifically, more address and submission to sub-turnover, lower incentives and more information It is seen in the list 3).