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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Shvidkost obigu pennies characterize the frequency, for which the skinny unit identifiable in the circulation of pennies (hryvnia, dolar skinny) vikoristovuetsya in the middle for the sale of goods and services for the singing period (pik, quarter, month).

Viho children from vіdomogo rіvnyannya obmіnu I. Fishera, the size of the quickness of the pennies is possible by the value of the formula:

Shvidkіst obigu pennies

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de V - shvidkіst obigu pennies;

R - middle price for comrade and servant;

Q - physical oversight of goods and services, which are realized in this period;

M - the middle of the mass of pennies, which has gone into circulation for the Danish period.

The hinted formula is hinted, which means that the size of the pennies of the pennies is directly proportional to the nominal liability of the prepared national product (P * Q) and is wrapped proportionally to the weight of the pennies, which is vice versa.

P r and kl a d In Ukraine, the oversight of GDP in 1998 p. becoming 103.9 billion UAH. On the ear of rock in circulation _ 12.5 billion UAH was transferred (behind the unit of the Ministry of Health). і in Kinets Rock - 15.7 billion UAH., Midterm oath - 14.1 billion UAH. The average shvidkіst obіgu hryvnia (V) for 1998 p. became 7.3 times (103.9 / 14.1), the average triviality of one hryvnia turnover was 49.3 days (360 / 7.3)

In this way indicator V characterizes us ahead of time for the intensive stock of pennies in circulation (M) to pay for goods and services that are sold, so that the indicator of obligations is overly penniless. To that, the value of V is to lie down in front of the frequency of the oath of commodity transactions of the skin sub-item of a penny turnover. Protey іnshі - non-commodity - payments (fiscal-budget, credit) can be added to the indicator of the speed ratio. Especially remember that the average indicator has a triviality of one hryvnia turnover. There is a gap in the pennies of groceries for regular purchases of non-contingent purchasers on product markets, and also for penalties of shifted purchases in the order of fiscal and budgetary establishments, there are even more frequent payments. markets. As a matter of fact, when I tell a friend of a group of subcontracts I’m going to turn over pennies to my own orders, I don’t have to pay for my goiters, I’m sure that there’s no need to pay more money.

The indicator of the speed of pennies is possible to signify for the most important criteria, for the average frequency of the victory of a single person in payment of income in the population, only in the form of national income; for the middle frequency, the victorious one is at the most all types of payments, the same is at the form of the whole penny turnover; for the frequency of passing through the casino bank. The first one is from the indicator

values ​​of the indemnity of the oath of the national income for the mass of pennies in circulation. Kіlkіsno vіn majzhe zbіgatimesyatsya with an indicator of V, denoted by GDP. Other of them can be seen the length of the penny oath of a penny turnover on M. Tsey the indicator is exactly the same as the indicator of V, indicated for the GDP, in all of which will be covered all non-commodity payments (financially-budgetary, credit-bearing, speculative. Oskіlki ofitsіjna statistics do not have a penny turnover of pennies, the index V is practically impolite. The third indicator can be seen in the details of the overturning oath of cash transactions for the commercial banks for the average amount of cash in circulation.

Shvidkіst obigu pennies perebuvaє pіd in a flash bagatokh official with a re-directing character dії. It’s possible to join in two groups - those who want to be on the board of pay-as-you-go consumer, and those who can be on the board of bosom propositions. Among the officials of the first group of people with their є zmina’s head for pennies, the development of the structure of living, the cultural needs of the population is skinny. The main officials of the other group are the development of suspension virology, market identification, and infrastructure of the market.

Zmіna will eat for pennies in the bribes of economic sub-accounts of mothers with her own orderly singing stock of pennies, such as high-level assets. As a matter of fact, if you want to keep your money, then showing your pennies will be less intensive, less necessary, and less expensive. First of all, I’ll be drunk on pennies, then the student will be intensified for the need for pennies and pennies. That shvidkost obigu pennies that she drank on pennies can be seen as two reciprocations'yazanі indications with an overgrown fallow.

The burden of shyness on the side of the pennies on the side of the commodity proposition is designated as the leading rank of the intensive economic processes, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the structure of the effectiveness of the second hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, We want the most effective solution, the most productive, the more frequent and the more leather wikidatime product, the more productive, the more often we can buy less, and the more rapid increase in pennies. But for the whole party there is an imbalance in the supply and position of the market, the side is the organization of the marketplace, if the companion is familiar with the purchase of goods for the market. The role here is great in marketing development, which is to ensure the maximum acceleration of commodity metamorphoses, and the same, as far as pennies.

Increasing the effectiveness of suspension virobnostva will speed up the period of increasing the wartosts for the purposes of the promotion, accelerating the rotation in the settlement of pennies, and the maintenance of the values ​​of the premium in the range of the indivisible capital. The value of the long-running stream of groshish groceries is great for the improvement of small groceries of credit and credit system banking. Zavdyaki yom to go insignificantly for oaths heaping up pennies back to the realm of the obigu, accelerating more and more at the intervals between the turnover of all suspension capital.

The singing thirst for the pennies of a penny is supported by the development of economic infrastructures: transport, trade (wholesale and retail), bank reference (the security automation box), and the retail price list. Polypropane reference for dermal application is accelerated to expedite the delivery of goods from seller to buyer and transfer of pennies from payer to third-party.

Zauvazhimo, scho zmіna shvidkostі penniless obigu not з dzerkalnym vіdobrazhennymi zmіni іntensivnostі process of suspension vіdtvorennya. If there is a low remaining need to pay pennies less than a singing line, you must not threaten any pennies. For the price range, they repair the officials, and accelerate the pennies. In the minds of the viable homeowner, repair it, speed up the purchase, so that you can ignore the value of the unique and spend the money for the pennies. Repairing the purchase of goods "for every vipadok." If there is a big amount of pennies left, significant rozmiriv, winnika a lot of drink, "flowing" a penny of groceries to the goods, I’ll better speed up the more and the more zooming out of the way.

Shvidkost obigu pennies, like a masque, pouring on economical processes not with its absolute size, but with a long stretch of singing period - accelerated chi upovlennnyam.

Zmіna shvidkostі obigu pennies є ст от от от ек оном оном сл сл сл сл сл сл::::: zbіlshuє chi zmenshuє є ози ози є ози г ро ро ро є поп поп поп поп ит поп ит ит вит вит вит вит;; гу гу гу гу; accelerate chi feel better regulation of penny obigu; yes є zagalnuyuyu іdobrazhennya zmіni іntensivnostі ekonomіchnyh processes, scho to become the basis of a penny obigu. To that, a cautious analysis and indicators are important for the visual identification and regulation of penniless turnover.

Zmіna shvidkostі obigu pennies вп vplivєє on the platform helps to drink directly proportionally: with зї zbіlshennі for udovy steel steel turnover, the platform ром поп поп ний поп в в б,,,,,, і і і п п п п. Accelerating the offense of penniless compensation to the masu, which may be more positive in the minds of the greater pledge of trade, as long as the need for pennies is satisfied, there is no need for an additional allowance. For the sake of understanding the imbalances in the economy, if the plospromozhniy drank more than one commodity proposition, the acceleration of the penniless obedu became an important factor.

Upgrade of a penny worth of money, that is why you drink on a penny and pay a drink, you can positively drink a new one if you have an unaffected liability for goods turnover. You should come to that reason to enter the anti-inflation programs of your warehouse, and the situation is more economical, you should be characterized by better pennies, you need to reform the system for pennies.

Shvidkіst obigu pennies - the term is more active, supernaturally folding, it is important to predict and regulate. To this, the practice did not violate the dіyovih tools of operational regulation of the twiddling of pennies for pennies to infuse the market. It’s not Vipadkovo, representatives of the kal'kisno theory of pennies of trivialities have been magnetized by abstracting the whole official for the economy, while I’m more impersonating of the pennies of pennies. Liche, J. M. Keynes, is indefinitely approved and recognized, but can be clearly identified and is almost always incorporated into the economy. The fact that I am abstracting the official's name in economic rosaries, especially in short-term prospects, is unacceptable. Being tied up with an accumulated deposit with pennies, the amount of pennies is so sensitive to a percent, as I drink with pennies. Oskilki zh ryven percent percent іnіy іstotno thrashing, shvidkіst іguyu pennies, Keynes, tezh postіyno і unpredictable zmіnyuєtsya. At the key point, Keynes got it by giving the sum total the reality of the biggest pennies and the ability to carry out effective monetary policy and by directing their own budgetary instruments in the economy and budget.

M. Fridman is the fellow-countryman of the monetarist theory of the past - with Keynes, I’ll recognize the speed of the pennies before making money. Protein didn’t wait for Keynes to be unpredictable in predicting what gave yomu the opportunity to see the priority role of monetary policy in the sovereign regulation of the economy. Transmission of money V yes, it is possible to neutralize energy consumption by means of an adequate way to pay money to the economy in circulation. For example, as far as V is to be trusted, then neutralizing the energy flow to the market can be done by propositional pennies, but by the way it can accelerate - then by changing. Zavdyaki tsyom thrust on the mass of pennies with the more effective regulatory approach of penniless credit policy.