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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.

3.2. INSTITUTION Model of the Pennile Market

It’s superfluously folding the day and the bagatoly_number of the penniless market to accelerate the Rosemary of the mechanical function. To ease the task, I will instill a model of a penny market, like a picture of a brain between two sub-items of a penny market, which can be realized through pennies and instruments.

At the top view of the institute, a penny market model can be presented with a scheme of flow of pennies and tools from three groups of economical sub-objects: timi, which protect the pennies; timi, schoshu zapozuyut pennies; financial intermediaries (Fig. 3.2).

Institutional model of a penny market

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Creditors can be but-yakі ekonomіchnі sub'єkti, scho spared penny koshti. As a whole, before the state thanks (population), as well as companies, government structures, including organizations of independent self-determination, foreign individuals and legal entities. You can see the best places for you, see the economic sub-sectors, on the first place behind the frequency and the total reserve, please supply the business, and then - the government structures, the state thanks, the foreigners. Shooting, show shit of pennies,

hide the creditor to the loan holder, and the page, which will show the tools, - the loan to the creditor.

For the institutional criterion, the groshin rinok can be subdivided into two sectors:

- direct financial sector;

- sector of interlocking finance.

At the sector of direct financing, there are sounds between sellers and purchasers of pennies, there is no interruption, and all food is the sale and sale of the most beautiful vines, one by one with one. The brokers and dealerships here function more quickly and technically, the role of the sound intermediaries, in addition to knowing one and the other. In the second sector, two channels of pennies are seen:

^ channel of capital financing, for a certain purchase, get the money from your turnover; for the whole victorious as an instrument of action;

^ the channel is reserved, for some customers you can get money in your hands hourly, and for those who’ve got a tool for regional and international prices.

The employment of the direct financial sector is more important and economically significant. For purchasers of pennies, expanding the power of the most intelligent minds is buying, the lower the price of pennies and the quick pay for posting. A seller of pennies here may know their own buyer "in guilty", so you can choose vibrant naiibyl nadijih pozichnikіv, unikati zavich rizikіv. Regularly, the sector of direct financial development is beginning to develop intensively in the structure of a penny market. In addition, the revelation of this sector will make it difficult to compete with the financial intermediaries for a penny market, have a low price and expand your assortment of their services for sub-total markets.

At the sector of oversubscribed financing, the voices between sellers and purchasers of pennies are realized through financial intermediaries, like a reserve to accumulate resources on your own, and then sell them to the market forever. You’re able to control the moisture of goiters and vimogas, you can make yourself independent tools of a penny market, zoom in to see new penny streams. In addition, the financial intermediaries of the entire sector are clearly identified by the technical intermediaries of the first sector, both for their role in the economy and for the technological processes of functioning. They are actively engaged in direct mobilizable pennies in quiet sub-markets, they are merciless, they are clearly redeemable, and they are in need of a small loan, we need more money. posichalnik. I appreciate my duality, as it is called financial intermediary, middlemen are very pleased to gain a profit, to shave Russia with an important sphere of business.

The sector of the interlocking finance є the objectively necessary penny warehouse market. The win is not just an additional sector of direct financing, but the goal is special mechanism of realization, quiet sound among creditors and representatives, as it is impossible to be realized through the sector of direct financing. Nasampered mov yde about the sounds, the installation of certain vimagas of the great vitrats of pennies and hour for fun and vivchenny counterparty, whose realization of yakih is bound with significant rizikami. Zavdyaki dіyalnostі financial intermediaries to get involved in the sale of all possible and vigodi, as well as the power of the penny market zagagali. In addition, the sectors of direct financial intermediation are not only competitive, but the process of integration, the active integration of financial intermediaries and the financial sector are divided into regular intervals.

The nature of middle-aged operations leads to a wide range of financial intermediaries: banks, insurance companies, investment companies, financial and trust companies, pension funds, and credit partnerships. Behind a month on a penny ix is ​​possible to distribute on two groups: banks and non-bank financial and credit establish.

Violosremennya bank in the okrume group is timid, so you can have a significantly wider potential for operating on a groshny market, lower level of the institute. In addition, the banks will borrow the key in the sector of interlocking finance. There are two rows of rice in the jars:

1) it’s not the only thing that can be credited to the creditors, but the first to deposit the money, in the process of credit activity;

2) stink zdіsnyuyut rozrahunkovo-kasovo servants all the latest financial and credit institutes, and that can be mobile, and from then on - hourly, by the way, vilnі koshti left.