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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


For vivcheneniya mehanizmu funktsiononuvaniya penniless market is more important than the importance of such structuralization. Vichenie okremich segments in the market can be healthy for the criteria:

^ for types of tools, which are fastened for moving pennies from sellers to buyers;

^ for the institutional signs of groshy streams;

^ for the economical designations of pennies, go for a swim.

For the first criterion, as indicated in code 3.2, there are three segments that can be seen on the groshinka market: the market for posicobia goiters, the market for greenhouses, and the currency market. I want to function independently in the organizational-legal aspect of the price, between them there is a quiet internal sound. Groshovi koshti can easily be moved from one market to the last, one and the same sub can be operated immediately at the skin of them. For example, a commercial bank for the market of trading goiters'yazan with its own deposit certificates for mobile phones, as well as a possibility for the market of valuable folders for the foreign exchange market. І navpaki, koshti, viruses, sale of valuable folders, a bank can pay attention to the amount of cryptocurrencies for the exchange of currency values.

Behind the institutional signs of the groshovy streams you can see such a sector of the penny market: stock market; market of bank loans; market of services of non-bank financial and credit institutions.

On the stock market there is a change in the number of non-bankroll capital, which is given in the form of other stock values ​​(share, middle and pre-term regional funds, bonds, third financial instruments). Significance of the entire market is that there is a wide range of opportunities for financial investment in the economy. In overlooked market economies, the stock market is the main source of finance for the main working capital in the process of expanded business. Ститу Institutional bodies, which are hereby able to regulate the stock market, б fund bіrzhі.

There are several financial instruments that can be secured on the stock market, which can be divided into two groups: 1) shares, which can be divided into a share in net income and in assets of the corporation; 2) bargain goiter’s average (one to 10 rock) and trivial (10 and more rock) terminology, scho об goiter’s indemnity before the hair-dresser owed an amount of a penny in the form of an increase in the percentage of the outstanding amount . The skin is a group of tools for the stock market of music and submissions to overcoming. So, the profit of the borg goiter’s job of fixing and the maximum step of the guarantee of possession. The prices do not change the shares, but they’ll give the owners the right to see the benefits of the corporation, as well as the growth of the number of shares of the corporation, the shares of the shareholders have the right to property. During the water hour I can look at the corporation’s actions and such a shortage, as well as the need to pay the vimog vlaznik_v akc_y pislya payment for the vimogs vlasnik_vorgovyh goiter'yazan. Through the significant shortcomings of the stock market in the country, as a rule, it’s a man’s market, the market of bovine goitre 'yazan.

Rinok of bank loans and rinok the services of non-bank financial and credit institutions will be discerned 10.

For the third criterion - the more economical designation of purchase of pennies - the penny rinok is divided into two sectors:

* rinse of pennies;

* rhinocapital.

On the market of pennies bathe pennies koshti on short lines (up to one rock). For the most part, turn around in the position of the clerk (buyer) as penniless, so as to bring in the already accumulated capital, you won’t forget about the turnover and turn around to the creditor. Clinical operations of a penny market ц operations with a small bank loan, with a region of commercial bills, operations with a secondary market with short-term government loans, short-term bank loans and credit institutions Protey іnshі - not financial - sub'єkti get involved in the market of pennies, if you have your short-term pennies and donate money to the bank, donate them to the order of the financial and credit institutes, but also to keep them open for more.

The groynok’s rinocco is characteristic, and it’s shorter than the sensitive ones to be more precise in the economy and in the financial sphere. That is what the consumer proposition is here above, the percentage of yak price of pennies is often changed in full. Through the price of real money, the real indicator of the business environment of the penniless market is filled up and the base is based on the interest rate policy in the country. Allow you to take a look at the mechanism of formulating food and propositions on the groshny market of food on the grocery market of pennies.

On the market capitals bathe pennies on trivals (more than one rock) termin. The price is higher for the main masters of the main circulating capital, borrowed for the current position.

Classic operations of the capital market є operations with stock instruments - stocks, mid-term pre-term regional purchases, purchases for deposits, pre-term deposits and deposits of commercial banks, special-purpose financial transactions.

For the capital market, there can be all the sub-pennies of the penny market - creditors, bailiffs and financial intermediaries. Sokrem, banks have financial instruments (shares, regional instruments) for increasing the capital capital, as well as may buy foreign funds for the banks, investing in our own clients.

A characteristic peculiarity of the capital market є those who drink and offer here є less rude, the interest rate is overstated is more stable, I don’t react so sensitively to the winter market, like a penny market. Allow you to insure the banks at your own interest rate, and in the meantime, take the time to choose the right way to invest in the economy.

Rosemozhuvannya penniless market for a penny market and rinok kapіtalіv maє to achieve a smart character. Adjuance of pennies on lines of up to one fate is not a guarantee, however, if you appear in circulation of the clerk’s capitol not to be satisfied with a stretch of the whole term. First, it’s not possible to guarantee that you don’t have to pay for the short payments and don’t pour a penny into the market. If you want to know more about this issue, it’s more practical and more important for them to function, if you want to give them more submission, you can do your thing better.

Since there are only three types of structured pennies to bring into one system, then you can pay this scheme to a viewer (Fig. 3.3).

small 17

Systemic structuring of a penny market

It can be clearly seen from the induced circuitry, which is more or less the elements of a penny market, independently of that, behind such criteria, they’re completely different, there’s an internal connection, and there’s an internal connection