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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Sochasna is an economic thought, the independence of a specific theoretical theory is visible, the government is recognized for its ability to develop the economy of the country, and since then the right to invest in the economy of life is possible. V_dmіnnostі in glances okremich theorists have to go beyond the stage and methods of realizing such an influx. One of them, called cleverly Keynesians, impersonates that such an inclination is guilty of being straightforward, without interruption, being directly encircled by an environmentally friendly sub-project, indivi- dualized incentive behavior. Foreign - called mentally clever monetarists, to respect, because they are economically “programmed” to have high efficiency in the middle of the economy, to protect themselves in the best possible way. You need to consume that power without interruption in engaging in the behavior of the economy of the economy sub-sectors, and your desire to save the economy is entirely to guarantee the guarantee of the best of minds, that’s why it’s okay.

One of these safeguards is to get involved in the legislation regarding the protection of the skin economic sub-site of such rights and freedoms:

* freedom pіdpriєmnitstva, including the number of overflow of capital;

* zahist private power, including the zahist rights of the creditor and penny protection;

* freedom of trade, in addition, there is a monopoly of monopolistic prices and market;

* Freedom in the arrangement of the contract and the rights of participants in the contractual process;

* freedom of residence and zahist rights with the right of unfair seller;

* Vіlniy vibіr profesії і mіstsya robots.

The need to protect the power of the rights of rights and freedoms to the skin economic sub-entity is recognized by both monetarists and Keynesians, as well as by changing the mind about a successful func- tioning of the economy. Protest of monetarism is important, because for obvious reasons, “the hand of the market” is invisible itself, the policy itself is invisible, and Keynesian is important, so you can lose the “hand of power”. The most important argument is that Keynesians oppose monetarists at all discus- sions; Usunuti qiu superechnost tsiley mozhe, nіbito, less power. Discussions about the problems led to a near closer position of the Keynesians and the monetarists, which are more likely to bring the power to the economy of the country.

I’ll recognize everybody, for realizing their economy, the state is guilty of expanding the economic policy. Closer to the posits and the values ​​of politics. They are recognized:

- safety of the singing rivie of economic growth;

- Providing maximum occupancy;

- control over the inflation by means of the minimum and the stable price;

- level of assets and liabilities to the balance of payments.

In order to achieve the desired goals, the transmission policy is wide, there is a wide range of visits, so that you can save on the economy of living suspension. Umovna ix can be distributed on the chotiri group:

- structural policy;

- competition policy;

- social policy;

- Conjuncturn policy.

Persh. Three groups of entrants to pass through the program in one of the university, local commissions. So, the structured policy of transmission, the grant of subsidies with the least incentives for active development is clearly seen in the regional regions (regional policies), in the main halls, in the sector of politics. Competition transfer policy; come with antimonopoly nature, strong privacy, access to all kinds of markets, special rules are established for them there, competition is strong - in energy, state government. Social transfer policy є Come in, hide for security of social security and security of all members of the family with a hat for private transfer of income.

Especially a person in an economic politics should come in, keep up to the current policy, and be realized through the regulatory influx of the state to the market, to the state of regular food and drink. Oskіlki, the most efficient platform, will drink to form and realize in penny form in the process of formulating, distributing and winning national income, state policy to protect ourselves before the current regulation of pennies.

Through regulation, the amount of pennies streams, the amount of pennies, the percentage of interest, the number of pennies and the power of power is not possible to invest only on winter food, but on food supply on commodity markets. For example, when there is a higher proportion of pennies, the level of interest will decrease, which will stimulate growth and investment and increase of interest. A reorientation of expenses due to lower prices and lower prices for streams of clean prices and sovereign purchases from flows of investments that can be achieved in the realm of economics and expansion. With more regulatory approaches to the penniless power, you can actively invest in all processes in economics - virobnosis, exchange, exchange, and living, so that you can manage the market policy in a universal, universal way.

Behind the method, it’s temperamentous to drop in on the behavior of economic sub-entities, come in conjunctural policies, you can divide into regulation of a penny turnover, you can divide into three groups:

- Come fiscal policy;

- Come in penny-credit (monetary) policies;

- Come in direct inward.

Vidovidno before the structuralization of the economic policy of the state was carried out, the scheme of such a big picture was ignored (Fig. 4.2):

A large amount of credit and credit policy in an economical state

small 29th

The fiscal policy is to be reduced to economic regulation through the mechanism of subsidizing, the previous ones to the centralized funds of financial resources, the financial resources of the country, and the second to their independent functions. For the sake of privacy, it’s possible to infuse yak on the drunk one without delay, so on the sukupna proposition. As a rule, the growth of fiscal profits of incomes from economical sub-sectors is increased, so that we can reduce our incentives to increase investment, increase the number of active activities. As a matter of fact, you can grow vitrati for the financing of the sovereign living, then even lower income for the regular income and those who are in good health on the markets, which will enable them to join in the competition. If you are mostly empowered by living at a fast pace and a trivial hour, then the tellers can’t get in the way to increase the number of goods offered, but to provoke the price and the inflation.

Come fiscal policies are based on direct, unequivocal financial statements at economic sub-sectors and the same non-equivalent inflows of financial loans. To that stimulating push of this approach to the behavior of low-cost sub-entities, it is necessary to achieve a safe, well-preserved convalescence.

A penny-credit policy is reduced to economical regulation through the mechanism of the amount of proposition (mas) of pennies and the price (percent) of the penny market. Zbіlshennya propositional pennies, for rivshih rivnyh minds, zoom in and out a lower percentage of that zros-

Tanya investment, as well as the growth of platosplomozhnogo pititu on the markets. On short hourly intervals, I’ll reap the benefits of the stimulus to expand the virology.

Falling ahead of time, that is the pace of the proposition of pennies and the percentage of interest that you see as a penny-credit policy:

- expansion;

- restriction.

When expansive polity is allowed to be uncontrolled, more than enough growth of the propositional pennies, through which the pennies are strimko "cheap." The infirmary of such a policy is inevitably a bit of inflation, the temperament of some kind of growth is shy, and I call it politics in the name of politics. Such a result of the expansionary policy is negative for economy, and the order for normal furnishings is rewarded with the uniqueness of such a penny-credit policy. Bigger and wider-worn є policy of controlled, controlled growth of small money and a low percentage, regardless of the fact that inflation is in place, there is a constant need for free time. For the policy, for the vision of the policy of inflation, call the policy of disinflation.

In case of half a penny-credit restriction, you are allowed to cut it, don’t reach it, it’s a lot of loose propositional pennies, a hell of which is worth a lot of money, more and more money is needed, and more time is needed. This policy is called the policy of deflation. I am fond of negative negligence, endeavor to try to reduce the number of deflation policies, and to allow more and less penniless pennies and even less interest, which can be economically viable. Such a policy of distal name policy of reflection.

Directly the power of the country in economic life is allowed to be allowed in these quiet falls, as long as you enter the fiscal and monetary policies, you can’t give the bazhenny result to chi vin nastane iz zapiznennyam. Prior to such visits, it is possible to introduce a deductible (freezing) price and income through the method of galvanic high inflation; Ratsionuvannya living, if the comrade and the servants are distributed not for the platospromozhnistyu purchasers, but for the establishment of the state norms skinny. Come in direct hand to supervise the laws of the market state donation, and that does not stagnate often, like vignettes. For example, in the minds of the transitional economy of Ukraine, the power of the trials spent the hour on the utility and communal services, gas fees and electricity.

To the main commanders of business policy є zgladzhuvannya kolivan rinkovyh processes with the help of pidtrimannya zagalnogo camp of the rinkovnoy conjuncturi on the rivny, scho having secured the biosexcision of the signaled economy Such regulation of the market conjuncturi can be secured by the calls of a penny-credit policy, as well as fiscal, as well as the visits of both policies immediately. Mechanism of interchange of monetary and fiscal policies, as well as warehouse and foreign-policy policies can be stolen in such a scheme (Fig. 4.3).

small thirty

Mechanism for interchange of monetary and fiscal policies

As you can see from the induced scheme, the link to the market situation can be reached only by the visits of monetary policy - the lower interest rates and the lower pennies, so the visits by the budget - the budget is reduced. Streaming market conditions can be reached by monetary policy calls - interest rate and change of pennies (grocery) and budget policy calls - by the way.

In order to increase the flow of energy to the market, enter the monetary and fiscal policies by means of mechanisms. Thus, the growth of budgetary expenditures for stability in order to pay more attention to the penny market and interest rates, as an important tool of monetary policy. First time, lower regional rate at the warehouse of monetary policy up to the increase of the official exchange rate of the most powerful positions, more benefits for them, so as to expand the cost of your new budget.

Visitors are welcome to take a look and go to monetary and fiscal policies not alternatively, but to irregular terms and practice and practical regulation, and the result of this is a long-term improvement. So, with the planning of significant budgetary expenditures on a deficit basis in 1997-1998 pp. in Ukraine, there was a great deal of hope for greater livelihoods and active market activity, which guiltyly blamed positively on economic growth. The protests didn’t justify, the fragmentation of the increase in interest rates for OVDP called up the bank reserves of the sovereign reserves, to the growth of the interest rate, the revised bank loan, the loan is multiplied. The decision-making proposition of pennies appeared to be deficient, so as to satisfy all the needs in payment hardships and extinguish the apparent bargaining goiters.

Discussions about the overturn of monetary and fiscal policies. Fiscal and monetary come in as warehouses of business policy to have your own shifts and shortcomings. The opposition at the beginning became the reason for the misappropriation of the Keynesians and the monetarists for the methods of sovereign regulation.

J. M. Keynes and his followers, the absolute role of the state in regulating the economy, was able to surpass the visits of fiscal politics. The stinks formulated such surges before the visits of monetary policy:

* stink to repair the best outlook on the activity of economical sub-sites;

* reaction of the marketplace’s approach to the entry of fiscal policies greater than the transfer rate, lower to the entry of monetary policy;

* The flow of fiscal visits to the market conditions is higher, the lower is the flow of monetary visits.

The keynesians explained the timings, that the state authorities can take advantage of them more quickly, they can be directly and directly addressed, and they can be used in real time.

Monetarists on the table with M. Fridman, an absolutely healthy market economy to self-regulation, easily brought about, that are formed by Keynesians the overtaking of fiscal politics is essentially abstract and does not manifest itself in real life. Zokrem dіyam tsikh entrance of the authorities is the very same, or even the greater, hourly lag, as well as the visits of monetary policy. It is especially nice to see yourself at the stage when you take the decision about the fiscal visits. Oskіlki zmіna donations ’chi budget vitarat zachіpaє і interests of a wide stake of economical sub єktіv і wiklik є significant social resonance, to blink out the guests of the political superechki, so much more tighten to accept the necessary. And in the very process of fragmentation and acceptance of the decision of the most fiscal visits, take the fate of the bagato of our own structures, skin of some kind of specific interest and enticement, so that you can provoke a tightening of the need for it.

Underdevelopment of the system of subsiding, the health of the economical subunits and the uniqueness of paying the subscription and that you have to arrange the first and foremost transfers of fiscal policies. Parts of the system of financial support and budget financing are inferior о unsatisfying, vkryay negatively absorb on the behavior of the economic sub'єktіv. Zavisheniya riven opodatkuvannya shtovhaє ikh at zgortannya svoєї dyalnostі chi on transition at "tin". There is only a chance to relax the effectiveness of fiscal visits in the minds of inflators, as a result - an inflated donation, scho "rozmivaє" mechanism of the sovereign fiscal policies. The supervisors of the rules of the fiscal policy of their own initiative significantly imply monetary.

As a result of Keynesian-monetary discourses, the leading economic theory and regulatory practice gained a wide range of monetary factors, the development of the economy and the active involvement of monetary visits to the economy. Moreover, more clearly, there is a closer proximity to the keynesian and not-so-profitable goals of evaluating the role of monetary policy in the system of sovereign regulation of the economy. The stink of infection does not look like an alternative, but as a mutual modality in the Unified System of Political Policy, with its own special goals and mechanisms, I will be completely thrilled with what is consumed. Significantly expanded the regulatory capabilities and increased the tools of political policy in general.