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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Nutrition for reasons of inflation і find the best discussion of problems of inflation. It’s possible to explain not only the significant number of officials, but to fix the vise for the price, and to complete it with folding and socially-oriented socially and politically-friendly inflates. For some economic structures and social groups, inflation may appear longer with a “right hand”, and for those who are older, it’s a bit worse. For those who are interested in shukatimi about the possible causes of inflation, so that they can respond to the politics, and all the others are interested in voting in order to protect them from the need for information.

For more active reasons, it is more important for the correct self-determination of the daily life, as well as for the fragmentation of the effective anti-inflationary policy, ya guilty buty is hidden ahead of the long-term reasons.

At the bottom of the larger view of the reason for the inflation, you can bring in the wording of the house "Rivne I. Fishera" M * V = Q * R. The average price (P) for the price formula of matima viglyad:

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Formula of the Middle Rivne Price

tobto zrostannya tsin mozhe buti forged zrostannany masi

pennies (M), shvidkost_ about pennies (V) and shortened phisical oath of virobnitz (Q). I will look at those that show the pennies of pennies that I recognize as seemingly stable, the main reasons for growing money can be buty of M, the change of Q chi offending officers at once. Amplitude of Q Q is considered to be more efficient officials and that is much smaller, lower amplitude of Kolivannya M. Zvidsi is the key, the most productive official is pouring on the dynamics of the price of the year. Oskіlki zmіna M to lay down the speaker of the proposition of pennies, then get involved, with the virginal official of the inflation of the pennies of proposition of pennies.

In this way, the basis of the so-called penny theory of inflation, which representatives of the monetarist school is touched upon, is laid down. The most representative representative of the monetarism M. Fridman is the only reason for the inflection of the supreme proposition of pennies, and the reason for which is the penny for profit and payment. Піднімається rinkova plank zrostannya price. Tsya sezhodnіst siogodnі nabula nayshshshogo business.

It’s not enough that right now there are too many inflates to exaggerate so as not to impose graphical deposits and not more than a few pennies on a large time limit application (fig. 5.1).

small 38

fallow land mirage prices and masny pennies

It can be seen from the whole graph that in the country with the highest rate of growth, M is the stretch of the trivial hour of Mali and the highest rate of inflation. Sounds to break the gowns, more than one of these apparitions є the cause of another. For this principle we can see how monetarism is, so is Keynesian.

Let’s fix them among them, if they analyze what’s the reason for the growth of propositional pennies. Monetarists respect, which is the best proposition of pennies is signified exclusively by the penny-credit policy of the state. There you can hide the need to reach such goals, for some kind of proposition (mas) of pennies to be indefinitely and infinitely safe. Such goals are the stability of the price and the profitability of the market.

As a matter of fact, monetary policy is aimed at securing high occupations and economical growth, then it is inevitable that the growth of pennies and the mass of them is in circulation, which is why they need to reduce the amount of commodity and commodity prices. Such is the monetary policy of an inflationary nature. From now on, for the monetarism concept, for organizing a monetary process in the country in an inflationary process, organizing the monetary management conduct the monetary policy, the first for all policies of a penny stimulating busy economic growth. Having seen such policies, stink to inflate.

Monetary policy can also be inflated at the same time as the direct money distribution for the monetization of budget deficit for a grocery bag. Yak was included in section 4, with the monetization of budget deficit by fiscal methods, for the reign of the sovereign, you can’t rely on the grocery market for the mass of pennies to be in circulation, and now, the oath of drink on the markets is not without reason. As a matter of fact, for these purposes, there will be an open message - directly through the middle (through the Wikup by the central bank of the valuable energy holdings for the secondary market), a proposition of penniless food, and drink on the commodity markets. It is important to recognize the inflationary process, which will reduce the cost of dots, and the docs of monetary policy will allow monetization to be defective for rachun emisii.

None of the latest officials in inflation, except for those conducted by the monetary authorities of the inflation and government policies, more than one need to pay attention to the budget, and there is no need for a lower budget. I’m Timing I’m self-supporting for the inflation in the country, I’m putting it on the organ.

Monetarist mechanism for the sake of a penny-credit policy, provocatively increasing the proposition of pennies, for the development of inflation, is shown in the figure. 5.2.

small 39

Zrostannya price for liberal monetary policy

As a rule, if you are in need of a better (Po) and position (Ex) at point 1, there is a clear budget, organization of monetary management, you need to spend more money on your budget, so that you have to pay more and less money. I will inevitably move from the position of Po1 to the position of Po2. Allow me to see for a short time the issue of viral obligations and preoccupations (up to Qn), establish a new point of renewal of food and drink - 2, more of a larger price - P2. If you have to pay less and pay more money, then you have to make a quick viola and offer. The curve of the position of Pro1 is progressively controlled, in the position of Pro2, a new point of alignment is established - 3 new, more high, lower price - P3, (with the front physical liability). Try this process if you want to keep it up, docks of the organization of monetary management. Robotimuth new questions. Take a look at the price for taking care of your temple and save money. At the country, there is a need for inflation, and yakinism can be less than the minimum price for monetary policy.

Keynesian siogodniny basically burn out with the benefit of monetarists, but the need for inflation grows worse with the trivial growth of propositions of pennies, which is possible for liberal pennant-credit policies. You won’t forget about it anyway, because there’s a lot of costly officials, you can don’t forget about it, you can take it into account without any interruptions or shameless words. і propositions, readings in fig. 5.2. There is no need for a better monetary policy to stifle change of mind, and perpetrators are incentives. In addition to the thought, it is impotent and effectively unable to solve the problem of streamlining the inflation more closely to the monetary policy, but it’s necessary to “get to the bottom” of the reasons for this.

At first glance, there is a difference in the gaze of monetarists and keynesians for which reasons inflation may appear to be lacking, due to the lack of political aspects of the duty. Just right is not so. Tsya vіdmіnnіst maє important practical experience. From the standpoint of the monetarists of the opportunity to practice, with the help of hard monetary policy, you can streamline the inflation and adjust the way you can, so that the economy could independently cope with the crisis. From the perspective of Keynesians, it is possible to ruffle the gadgets, since the monetary policy is not guilty of making a difference in the internal cut-offs of the economy and littering the bills for the liberal, just for the sake of the need for business. It’s easy for the Keynesian people to look at the right amount of pennies for monetizing budget deficit, paying attention to money, and letting people pay attention. I ordinarily flaunt such bells and whistles, clearly carrying out the policy, as was the case in Ukraine in 1991-1993 pp.