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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Inflation to lead up to the next day in the bagatokh areas of suspension of life, in front of the social and economic. Yakraz through the price of the guarantee of constant postponement to the centers of suspension of respect, a visit to the center of public relations, politics, and community trips.

At the social sphere of investing, change your mind for rediscovering income among hired people and those who want to stay on the road. The increase in commodity prices as a manifestation of inflation without any demand for profit and real income, services for the population, as well as increased commerce.

Proteus in the real period of law doesn’t expect to be realized so unambiguously. Adje pіdpri тmtsi don’t sell only goods, but buy the comrade for the covetous prices, and the princes don’t only buy the comrade, and the seller sell their goods - I’m working for strength, the price is the same during the period of the period of growth. Tom vigrash chi vrati vid інфляції maybe mothers are representatives of the be-social social group.

Yakshcho price for a comrade, who sells for sale, grow up more, lower price for a comrade, like a winnings, then winnings. At the same time, the main payer is almost always paid in kind for the best price for the comrade of the people, then there’s no way for the materiel to settle down for the first time to pay for it. You must keep in mind that the health of this economic sub-group of your group is to protect your income, get adequate housing, you must be registered as a monopolist in the market of goods and services, as well as in the international market.

Protein є social groups of the population, so as not to be able to save yourself the same time as you know. I would like to transfer pensioners, individuals who want to live behind social welfare welfare payments, people with fixed incomes, permanent services, state institutions, science, and students.

Particularly negatively infused is the inflation in the materiel, the camp of people of a sick old man, who can hardly live behind a mall. Unsurprisingly appreciatively appreciative knowledge and knowledge.

In addition to direct losses, through conceivability through inflation, there is a significant number of economic subjuncts, negative social incidents, the same is irrelevant to the future, and most of them are underestimated. All of this is due to social and political instability in the suspension, it is not likely to end up with bourgeois shocks, and due to this, the established ones are established in this type of dictatorship.

The wider range of negative inflation is in the economic sphere. Especially especially out of the blue on the transfer of virobnitsva, trading, credit and money systems, state finances, currency system and the balance sheet of the country.

Happiness, secrecy at the stage of the most effective inflation, while remaining safe for the moment, is stimulated to develop virobnosti to the extent that the state has the privilege of deferring finances and basic indifference Vodnochase vinikaє Especially Ekonomichna situatsіya in yakіy, of one side, zrostaє popit on іnflyatsіyne fіnansuvannya and of іnshogo - prituplyaєtsya vіdchuttya nebezpeki nadmіrnogo nasichennya turnover Penny Costa, vnaslіdok chogo іnflyatsіya pіdnіmaєtsya on vischy Schabbel i peretvoryuєtsya have Galmier ekonomіchnogo rozvitku, Yakscho її svoєchasno not zupiniti.

Інфляція спричинює Strengthening chaos and disproportionate development of suspension virobnitzva. Pozichkovі capitals drew straight ahead in the gallows with the fastest prices and the highest gallows, if you can set the lock and enter the radio. Part of the supply and supply prices is recommended to improve the investment, the wikiquet of new capitals and the loss of science and technology progress. The technical regression of the springs is also the same as in the period of inflating the price of labor, the price is lower, the price is higher, and the manual price is higher,

Most likely, the platform will have a populated population, inflating the zoom, making it easier for people to live, who can see the easing of the temperament and the speed of the virology. Neridko vinikaє overstock on cih market with the absolute speed of special living.

The decline in the number of dollars can be increased by the same amount of fuel and gas in the sphere of trade, de-inflation, increase in price, and increase in growth in price. In the sphere of speculative trading, a part of the work force is also significant, as well as a stream of development of virobnosis. The pursuit of speculative profit is to bring to shreds the steel of the gospodarsky zv'yazkіv mіzh ekonomіchnymi sub'тамиktami, to significant non-rational transport of goods, from which one can disorganize, grow in vitality.

Inflation negatively influences the structure of the living population, which will disorganize state support and virology, as well as wiklik redundancy of bagaty in suspension. Thousands of sub-accounts, which have been appealed to by their comradeship, are numerically more sophisticated, gaining more than one share in real estate, real estate, gold, and more. Immediately change your tradition of vitrati, before the viral sacrifice, so that you can get rid of the big money with znosnenny pennies.

In the minds of the inflated economic sub-sectors, one can inevitably trim their assets into penniless forms. All the negative impact on credit credit and penny obg. Vlasniks of pennies will not invest in the bank, as a rule, the deposit interest will not compensate for the inflows. As a matter of fact, banks can get a better interest at a later time, then just a little less expensive bank loans, as soon as you get quick access to them, you will need to pay more for them at a higher interest rate. It is also good to get a commercial loan, fraud to lenders is not difficult and is not a good idea to sell your products with a direct payment.

The inflation, especially at the galloping and the first stages, the zoom itself is more important for the officials and the better for the grog Pragnennya economical sub'kktiv in shvidsha amused with "hot" pennies I will speed up the obig, but what is necessary for the necessary servicing of the groshovu masu. For owners of goods, there is a progressive decrease in the bazhenya of realizing foreign exchange for pennies, and it’s stinky to switch to barter operations and selling them for foreign currency. I’ll speed up the naturalization of inflation, the familiarity of pennies, how much money is heard, the material basis of their profit, and also because of the loss of traditional state gifts, and the increase in the turnover of goods.

At the world there is a loss of inflation, especially at the first stage, the winnings of "hunger" for penniless signs, more than one banknote is asking you to spend your time and stop functioning. There is a great deal of need for great bills, for which there is no way to get a new start-up center. The situation is paradoxical: if, for the sake of manifestation, a great number of pennies were taken for the sake of circumventing the great masses of economic sub-transactions, there was a shortage of payables (penniless "hunger"). Step-by-step, the hunger is expanding to the turnover of the penniless capital, which, on the other hand, at the grandfather of the largest part of the enterprises, is due to the shortage of the main working capital. Glyboka crisis crisis of default. This is explained by the fact that, in the future, there is a constant increase in the value of pennies, with the growth of their emises, the real value of pennies is reduced to a change.

Negatively inflate inflation and financial system, especially at another stage, if you don’t fall for pennies for money. The real vartіst of all the sums of sovereign incomes is constantly changing. The state is exposed to the whole hour of victoristovati, the Drukarsky verstat, to compensate for the financial losses and the loss of information. Oskil’s zrobiti are unfeasible, it’s necessary to bring about the same change in social welfare, transferring it to social consumption, more generally more socially and socially unstable in Ukraine. At a singing stage, inflation is far away from growing financially stable and socially secure.

Particular respect for the merit of food and energy for the sound of economical sounds. Naybilsh ugalizhennym сл і ком ком ком ком ком ком ком ком ком кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур кур.

Fall on the course of the exchange rate and inadequately lower purchasing power of pennies on the internal market. In case of power trials, get involved with foreign currency and business loans, take out the exchange rate and the exchange rate, take a look at the rate of exchange. Increase the visibility of disorganizing foreign calls, introducing a significant speculative element to them, streamlining the supply of foreign capital, eliminating the balance of the country, foreign exchange position, and giving back to them.