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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Trivial hour economical science and practice evaluated inflation is extremely negative. Recovering from the 60s of rocking up to the inflation of the world, it became differentiation. Yak meant food, more economy (foreign and international), I knew that "driving" is more positive in social and economic development and more in nature. That’s the problem of struggling with the inflation that hit the character of regulation from the side of the state. The main meta of such regulation is that people can stream inflation within reasonable limits and do not allow the acceleration of the rivals to the ropes, which are threatening for social and economic life of suspension.

Representatives of the Keynesian school hung up the idea of ​​regulating the inflation of the economy, the idea of ​​“controlling” the inflation was formed as a warehouse of the Keynesian theories of the sovereign regulation of the economy with a hand in hand. Keynes and his followers respected, with more and more important factors, including the fact that they’ve got better food, the state can stimulate increased consumption, reacting to it

Growth of the proposition, which means that the goods are violated without a price. Particularly effective is the thirst for the wow of the groshovoy masi stink respect for such minds:

1) the competition in the market is really great, as long as there is nothing else to do with mechanics of price. In such minds, there will be an intense interest in supplementary food in the increased distribution of goods, and at a faster pace;

2) the presence on the market of reserves of interest in work and work, so that through the provision of food are drawn into the sphere of work;

3) the large amount of the percentage of interest in drinking and offering for a groshnoy market, so that you can reduce yo when you let go of the old dairy mash of pennies. Then, at your own house, bring to investment investment and relaxation of the investment clutter an excess of pennies on commodity markets. It is also a switch of pre-paid emails to inflate regulated and effective incentives for repeated employment.

Keynesian Idea of ​​regulated inflation was widely vikoristovuvalsya in practice in the 50-60-th rock in most of the economy of the economy. On the basis of the violated truthfulness of the sovereign vitrates, the growth of budget deficits, it has become a chronic revelation. Practiced the policy of credit expansion, liberalization of income and price.

The economical thought has delayed the practice of not threatening the threat of pollution, the risk of threatening the crisis of recession and depression, lowering the cost of pay and paying attention, because it was regulating the idea of ​​inflation. Particularly vidverto inflyatsіynі visits were carried out for winnings with the sign of economic crisis in the period of depression. At the period of "overheating" of the economy, anti-inflation, come in, the special "stability plan" were scattered.

Our success has played a positive role in helping to improve the economic cycle and for the successful development of the economy. Bulo reached the trivale (50-60 years of rock) to stream the inflation to the "higher" level, letting them talk about the implementation of the practice of the "controlled" inflation.

Protez at once on the cob of the 70s of rock at the greater land of Ukraine, with the unbroken market economy that pissed off the bridal zrostannya price, the inflation came closer to a galloping ryvnya. Yakshko in 1956-1965 pp. The average rate of growth in the distribution of prices became 1.7% in the USA, 3.1 in England, 5.0 in France, 3.4 in Italy, 3.4, and then in 1974-1991 pp. - almost 9.3%, 15.8, .10.5 and 17.9%. So zmіni buly zumovlenі low low performance processes, which included the possibility to regulate the inflations from the Keynesian ideas.

All in all, above all, I’ve superseded the plundering of sovereign vitrates, as a result of which you came in quickly and thoroughly with the help of Inflation could not be more effective. In a different way, the sphere of obigu in the bulk of the land of the Bula is almost as high as a penny, and the inflation reached its “critical point”. On the other hand, the successful economic development of the economy called for the establishment of great monopolies, high monopolies and markets, which distorted the value of the mechanism of price. Fourthly, I don’t have to think about it, the ecological crisis intensified for everyone, it significantly dampened the minds of the virology and called up to the virobic vitrates. The intercourse of supplementary vitrati for workers did not go far beyond the standard of economic ability and organization of trade union. For this reason, they didn’t have the opportunity to freeze the pay and pay, and the first bullets were paid to the world price. It was possible that there was a possibility of increasing the salary - the salary, as the galloping nature of the inflation magnified.

In the new minds of Keynesian idea of ​​regulated inflation, serious criticism was recognized by representatives of the monetarist school on the side. The main minor part of it was getting involved in the fact that Keynesians didn’t fall short of their estimates of the arrival of inflationary agents in the country due to their economic reprimands. So, M. Fridman, having a position about the "natural environment of unemployment," is a kind of brain that represents a market for robust power and there is no way for it to be destroyed. As a matter of fact, the order of the visits of its own politics (nagitannya pay budget and credit expansion) to reduce unemployment for the yo ry natural ryven, then the whole chain to speed up the inflation to galloping tempe Aje pidpriєmtsi, predictably growing prices, to insure their income with vidovidnymi visits in the business contracts, the workplace is skinny. There is no reason to exclude income from the fact that the unit has redistributed income. The order of innocence will be better served with rosemary, some very experienced, and then - a straight hat to open the house. The positive effect of such a project may be more short-lived. We have a pre-contract plan to take revenge for our own threat of hyperinflation.

Representatives of the monetarist school of “regional ochikuvan” (R. Lucas, N. Wallace, T. Sargent) have been sent more often. You can transfer to your homework (“rational ochuvannya”) and save your income. To prevent this from happening, there’s a short-term effect of regulating emi_si_nanny_ and borrowing v_dverto pіdtrimuyuet the head of the monetarist doctrine. Each time it’s stable, the policy is unlimited and the second is not visible, and the system itself is completely in the middle, as long as it is not magnetized.

In practice, the politics of controlled inflation inflicted a collapse and an ear of 70s rocked by an anti-inflationary policy, before the bloc went to the ground in the country. I will call the anti-inflation policy a new idea of ​​regular regulation of inflation.

Anti-inflation policy with a wide range of economies is carried out for the most strenuous - deflated policies (better), the policies are profitable for one and the other strains at once.

Deflation policy includes a number of methods for exchanging pay-as-you-go payments through financial and penny-credit mechanisms. In order to change the need for a small supply of pennies, you need to be able to save money for the sovereign budget, transfer it to subsidized enterprises, social consumption, infrastructure, and to use the industrial and industrial complex. With the method of making money for taking pennies, like a little earlier and more widespread, a wider amount of income tax is gained. Proteins mobilized to the budget through the benefits of koshti can come back to life again at the expense of the power of the Vitrats. Shchot tsya did not become, it is necessary to really change the budgetary vitrati, on the other hand, before the neurobnichny appointment. For the Viluchennya part of the pennant sweeps, a boost of the sovereign poses is forced.

We are important with the instrument of deflationary policy є credit restriction and direct limitation (targeting) to the start of the opening hours. Higher discount rate for the central bank, regulating interest rates for passive and active operations of commercial banks, higher rates of reserve reserves and other methods, the state will allow banks to pay money in advance and pay in advance. Practice directly with the government limiting the growth of credit contribution of the ready-made money to the bank, the front control of the central bank for primed banks with a maximum amount of money.

The policy of deflation in the course of the last and the most difficult stage of the implementation of the anti-inflation effect, the realization of the problem is connected with singing difficulties, the social problems are limited, the people are in need of time. It is difficult for such units to maneuver, to quickly and efficiently deflate methods and inflate.

Another direct anti-inflation policy - income policy - transfer of power control over salary and prices. Such control can be reduced to a fixed salary and price for singing (“freezing”), as well as setting the temperature in the singing range, often between the increase in productivity, even before that. Widely use the method of vikoristovuvav in the Radyansky Union. At the country of Sunset, far from all the ranks were trying to commit to rigging, asking for the most negative social benefits, as well as freezing the price - all this is directly handled in the private business, and it’s important to bring in the necessary goods. We have a negative negative trace of the ва belt of commodity deficiency. Frozen wages and salaries put in a shameful camp of the working people, people are not satisfied with the government policy, I am more likely to be socially stressed.

I’ve got a great deal of neomonetarian ideas for the best of my country. At sunset, I was presented with a direct hand in price and a salary and I’ve hidden my anti-inflation and go to the corner to keep your mind private. All in all, the implementation of the antitrust policy, the competition of the competition, the fast-track power of the unprofitable and the weak economy, the introduction of the low-income policy, Our efforts to go positively absorbed virobnitstva development, increased efficiency and productivity, and, from my own side, I scribbled the results of deflation policy. Zavdyaki tsyomu kraїni Sunset from the cob of the 80s rock were able to overcome galloping inflation, enter її between the "povzucho". At such a torn place, adopted for normal economic growth, the stinks were stoned to inflate until the end of the 80s and the stretch of the 90s was overwhelmingly deflated.

Dosvid of sovereign regulation of inflation, accumulation of money by advanced countries stretching for 60-90-s of rock with urachuvanny Keynesian and monetaristic recommendations, is of great significance for economic theory and practice.

In the first place, inflation can easily turn into uncontrolled control, reach galloping speeds and bring to heavy economic and social benefits. The anti-inflation policy has been clearly seen in that way.

In a different way, the anti-inflation policy gives us a greater effect, so that we can go into the hands of the virobility less, so that we can be short of time to go to the country to develop a quick and easy way. You can’t get away with deflating visits, but you are guilty of a complex but inclusive approach, including hiding at all times and trying to do virobnosis training on market ambushes.

On the other hand, anti-inflation policy can be viscally tied to the economy, dissatisfied with her singing forces, as if they were able to meet the financial goal from the side of the state and did not win. To that end, such a policy of vimage and creativity of significant masculinity and political will, singing victims from the side of suspension was carried out. Protein stinks to pay off in earnest, due to the care of the economy with stable pennies.