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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.



Having understood the currency, it is widespread to become economical and practical. The currency of the servants is such a large-scale sector of the economy, as it is called economic economy. On the basis of the functional currency market, with an element of a penny market, such highly effective regulatory instruments are formed, such as the exchange rate, balance sheet, foreign exchange reserves, and so on. The currency of the service functions is the economy of the economy and the integration to the national economy of the okrug.

Independently on a wide scale of bankruptcy, the daily currency did not know an unambiguous interpretation in literature. Most authors, write about currencies, signify Yak Groshov as one unit of the singing country. I want to clarify the prices for them, depending on the value of the currency, visually recognizable groszy odnitsy as the currency with the functions of personal pennies, because of the international rozunkunkovy odnitsy, I want to pay for the goods, as well as for the price. To understand the currency to a penny, all of these signs do not have a correct flip, the fragments of a penny are less important - there is only one small warehouse of pennies, which is tied to a large scale, so I have no reason to have more functions.

Tim is unacceptable to renegotiate a currency with a penny in bankruptcy, if at all you will know whether it’s the most important penny and currency, stopping the business of your own specific signs. At tsyu zv'yazku bіlsh prav'yuvno pov'yazuvati currency with the international sphere vikoristannya groshovo odinitsі. Protein ц qa priv'yazka is not guilty of the highest priority, as long as the currency is kept less than the international penniless money and I want to pay and pay. Tse zadto zvuyu є a sphere of staking currency. In addition to the international hassle, the currency and currency can be converted but the currency is not converted to such a value.

Vrakhovuchi said, the most accepted є the most significant currency is like penny money, the form and vice versa are directly differentiated by the words of the traditional economy. When tsomu is not obov'yazkovo, so that you are penniless, the whole gamut of fungal pennies was lost. For example, the Ukrainian importer will buy the market for the national pennies (hryvnia) of the US dollar amount, I will pay for purchases from the FRN comrade. Nimetsky exporter won Dolarov’s virus envelope є in German stamps, a part of some zerigatim on a string deposit я yak accumulation. For the sake of servicing, there are three types of pennies: hryvnia, dolar and mark. I want the opportunity to pay less than the US dollar, with three types of pennies, you’ll get the status of currency.

The right of such a treatment of currency is subject to standard currency practice. Remaining in understandable currency, including not only the amount of money with the legal payments, the deposits, the deposits with the pennies, the validity of the payments, the payment of foreign exchange, the payment of the letter of credit), stocks of value (shares, regional bonds) and

Foreign financial instruments of foreign nationality, as well as analogous payment documents and funds of national nationality, should stink out of the cord and cross over to non-resident authorities in the middle of the country.

Currency is classified according to criteria. The main ones are є emіntentska due currency. For this criterion, see:

- national currency, yak bounded in pennies, scho іtіutsya natsіonalnoyu bankіvskoy system. For Ukraine, the price will be koshti, but redemption in hryvnias, for Russia - in rubles, for the FRN - in stamps;

- foreign currency, rotated in pennies, which can be used by bank systems of foreign countries. For Ukraine, there will be koshti, nomination in US national penny units, except for hryvnia;

- Collective currency, currencies in special international pennies, which are preferred by international financial and credit institutions and func- tions for intermediate pleas. Infections in foreign currency - SDR, provided in the international circulation of the IMF, and in Europe, which is reserved in the international turnover of 11 countries of Western Europe.

Following the regime of foreign currency, there are:

- not converted;

- convert.

Non-convertible є currency, as it’s not feasible to swap heavily on foreign currency for the exchange rate, х вв вв вв та та та та ор ор ор ор ор ор ор ор ор. By such means, є currency is weakly abandoned in the country, as if experiencing a gliboku and a chronic economy and a financial crisis. Until 1997 p. the typelessly non-convertible Bula and the national currency of Ukraine is the hryvnia.

Converted є currency, so that you can exchange it vigorously for the currency of the last country, after the course, you can form it in the established order, you can import it vigorously and be imported through the cordon. Envelope-nist - suprachainly important, the principal is yakisna rice currency.

The converted currency is not spontaneous, but to be secured by the power, notwithstanding significant gains, hidden on the attainment of commodity-penniless balances, the development of large commodity and currency markets, and the provisional regulation. In order to change your mind, change your mind about converting currency:

- lowering the inflation rate until the peace, for a kind of national pennies, repaired all the func- tions, especially the func- tion of the wartost. If you are a resident, you will translate your payment for foreign currency convertible, so that provocative currency will be consumed in the highest currency and national currency;

- Formulation of the market mechanism of appreciation, for such a price will be fully responsive to the winter in favor of and position;

- Liberalization of economic vidnosin;

- accumulation of wealthy gold and foreign exchange reserves;

- Vidmova vid of large-scale date for the comrade and servant, setting up competitive competitive minds for the market for all economical sub-sectors.

I have secured a change of mind at the international level, I am responsible for the implementation of a national legal mechanism for converting national currency and declaring it necessary to convert to Statute VIII. Ukraine has shunned about its admission to the statute of terms and conditions of the in-line conversion of UAH hryvnias in 1997.

Currency conversion is possible to classify according to criteria:

1. After the conversion:

- copying;

- frequent conversion.

2. For the types of sub'ktiv:

- call;

- internal.

3. The nature of economic operations, which can be serviced by converted currency:

- for accurate operations;

- for relocation of capital.

Converted means a large amount of national currency for foreign currency for all categories of legal entities (legal entities and non-residents, residents and non-residents) and all types of payments and cash payments.

On the cob 2000 r. more than 20 currencies were highly convertible and almost reached the following status: Australian dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, Belarusian francs, Dutch, Greek, German, Greek, German, Greek

kroons, italian liras, canadian dolari, luxembourg francs, nimeki marks, norway krones, portuguese eskudo, french marks, french francs, swedish kroni, swiss francs, japan

The prototype doesn’t have all the currencies to brow one and the same door to the private market and to have the same sphere of closure in international markets. Naybilshu dovіru i nayshirshe zosuvannya to change the currency of the country with the most economical potentials: US dollar, German mark, Japanese currency, British pound sterling, French franc. These currencies do not only prevail in international payments, but rather accumulate in international reserves, for which they stole the name of reserve currencies. The most important reserve currency is the US dollar. In the roki vin viišov stays on the first place in the structure of the sovereign gold and foreign exchange reserves in krai svіtu and servants nearly 2/3 of all international razrakhunіv for traditional trade.

Vykoristannya vilno convertible currencies as a reserve nadag the second overdrive. We are here ahead of time to grow up with non-Russian consumers on a private market, so that you can choose a country to expand your currency, so that you can have a better and more competitive price.

Chastkova currency conversion means that the national currency is exchanged for foreign currency with singular exchanges. For example, for some specific permissions for permissions, and for the latter - for them, so for some types of operating permissions for permissions, for those who are - for nothing. Since the conversion of national currencies is allowed only for non-residents, then it is called out of town, and for residents, inside. As a rule, payments are increased for payments for accurate transactions, they are called in-line, and only for payments for capital transactions - capital.

The conversion of non-converted to convertible currencies is carried out through a partial conversion, ahead of accurate operations. For the sake of conversion, you can be either one-sided, one-sided one, one-sided first, or one first, and another at once. Stream conversion for residents and non-residents, even if they are necessary for the development of foreign trade, industrial contracts for the strengthening of the competition of national and international goods and services, and the wide range of national and international trade. If you reach the achievement of singing successes at these levels, the opportunity to reach a higher level of convertibility of your currency. According to such a hat, the development of its currency in Ukraine is developed.

Currency for servicing internationally recognized business needs is specific to the form of foreign currency trading. The characteristic features of currency exchange rates are:

- the stinks are stored together among the most economical sub-regions of the krai, as well as the rest of the national legislation;

- you need to realize your business in a warehouse of different segments of the private market and learn more about the tradition, normative vimogs, rules transferred by international covenants and the regulatory documents of an international character;

- oskilki stony serviced by kilkom currencies (a few times - by the national currency of the importer, the currency of the international payment and the national currency of the exporter), then there is a full flow of currencies for them to be redeemed;

-they interweave and join the superexcience and economy of the other powers. Nonspecific and superexcretion of conceiving national interests as a whole, which is especially important for currency currency of particular importance in economic systems of national territory.

Designated features to cope with currency fluctuations are superfluously folding and such that it’s important to regulate. Water time management by them - the problem is supernaturally relevant. Moreover, in Belarus, special laws are adopted to regulate the mechanism of the sovereign regulation of foreign currency transactions, so as to protect national and international laws and regulations.

From now on, for its own economical currency exchange rate - the most economical exchange rate, we can reckon with the reciprocal exchange of the results of the second national gratitude and services the currency. The stink is quietly intertwined with the internal groshny merchandise, є прод прод ов прод прод прод прод прод кол кол кол в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в они в в они в они в они прод они они они они они они они они они они. At the moment of national pennies, they acquire the form of currency. In addition, the national currency market of the skin region, the warehouse of a penny market, the currency legislation is closely related to pennies, and the exchange of foreign currency transactions with a significant amount I will repeat the transfer of domestic grocery payments.

Rivine development of foreign exchange business deposits to lay down the business integration economy at the state gratitude. Chim food has been bred in the country of the Republic of Trade, credit and investment, culture

tournaments and foreign languages, which will be large-scale and foreign currency business. First Navigation, high level of development of currency exchange rates is positively related to the development of national economies, and the development of international relations.

Participants of foreign currency transactions on the side of the skin region may be buti: a unit of that same district structure, a central bank, legal entities, including banks, physical entities. In addition, third parties can participate in international organizations, including international financial institutions (IMF, IBRD, ЄBRD and Ін.).

The following types of warehouses can be deposited with an economically designated amount of foreign currency payments in foreign currency transactions:

- international razrakhunki for foreign trade operations;

- gained and extinguished views of international gifts;

- change of currency in case of healthy investment;

- change of currency in case of supreme economic and technical assistance;

- operations with the purchase and sale of currency on the domestic and foreign currency markets.