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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


By the credit of singing functions, as a manifestation of one day, and I can help you to play a big role in developing the economy and suspension in the whole. For an hour, the role has been expressed. Now, at the period of the primordial communal harmony with the appearance of sim and that of the May rozsharuvannya slіpstva credit by sprouting the decay of the whole fret and the birth of slavlasnitsky. Even one who doesn’t need to turn the borg behind the penned post, becoming a slave to his creditor. Loaning up the slave and the feudal lord, they repudiated the loan for unproductive prices - well-known wines, dumb things, and couldn’t turn them around. Credit by establishing a capital fret, in addition to developing new virobnitsva, and at the same time concentrating and centralizing capital. Significant my credit by taking the form of “revealing” the capital’s most fret, in addition to supporting the wide faith of the population, the growth of social justice.

With its over-funded function, which is characterized by a high mobility, it is actively absorbed in all processes of suspension. Nasampered credit vіdіgraє I mean a role in organizing penniless projects - ready-made and ready-made ones. There is also an additional support for submission of state grants to take the oaths of virobnost, to ensure the safety of the main circulating capital and the uniqueness of critical assets. Particularly significant is the role of credit in the satisfied hours of consumption in cats, enriched seasonal seasonality and realizatsii products.

Credit loan for expanded distribution and restructuring of the economy, direct to the smaller parts of the industrial and industrial complex and distribution of public goods, hospitality is defective in the Union. The Minds trivaloї ekonomіchnoї, Especially іnvestitsіynoї, crises in Ukraїnі credit vіdіgraє valued role in vіdnovlennі dіyalnostі of companies, SSMSC trivaly hour prostoyuvali, dopomagaє їm zmіniti assortment produktsії scho vipuskaєtsya, that polіpshiti її yakіst, zrobiti qiu produktsіyu konkurentospromozhnoyu on vnutrіshnomu i svіtovomu Rink. Due to the credit, the organization will launch new products, a bagato for some time has not been let out in Ukraine before, and there are a lot of services for the population servicing the population. Particularly great is the role of credit insurance in the presence of a lively market for goods, including the number of imports.

Credit loan for the development of the reformed Sylorian statehood of Ukraine, which is not only reserved for the population of high-income products, but industrial activity, and the overtaking of our homeland-related large-scale hotel for the elderly With all of the above, there is a mortgage loan.

Dedal of the most significant importance is credit with a secure population with a long life, a co-operating technology, and the ability to reject the blessing and satisfaction of the old social consumers. Ale pokin vin here vikoristovuetsya vkray lacking.

Significant role vidigra credit in the economy vitrat obigu. I want to go for a while to get into vitriety, release to obig, transportation, oblast, zberigany groshih signs, but the significant part of it is not consumed. With the help of a loan, the acceleration of interest has also accelerated, especially in the case of more rigorous information technology. It’s not a big deal to get hold of what is needed, if there are more credit cards, there will be less need to set up reserve funds in the city of state-sponsored sub-sectors and powers.

The protec on the nowadays etapi role of credit in its first and only functional lack of deficiency. I’ll explain how to deal with the deficiency of posicose capital in the country. Aggregations bankіvskiy capital of Ukraine on the cob 2000 r. having become less than 4.6% of the GDP, moreover, in the countries with the transition economy of the Central and Central Europe - in the average 40%, in the countries of the OECD - 80%. The reason for this is the low income of the population in the minds of economic crisis, which negatively impacts on the payment platform, and more on the obligations of the former, as well as in the territories with a long-lasting economic credit, the main major. As a rule, in the Republic of Poland, not in Kazakhstan, bank deposits are per capita population on an ear 2000 r. became 1300 dollars. USA, then in Ukraine - trohi more than 50 dollars. For one of the main reasons for the deficit of the posiche capitals of the "ча ча" за за for the cordon, as well as the function of significant valuables, in that the number is in foreign currency, the pose is for banks, the "інівій" економіці.

Ukraine has the largest scientific and technological potential, which is why we need to achieve access to rocket-, ship- and ship-borne, and the last galleys of industry words. The very same thing was delivered to the realizuvati with a stretch of 2000-2004 pp. the program of industrial and innovative development of the Ukrainian economy. The whole role of maє vidigrati credit is most important for me. There is no need to save your investment funds, but the mechanism of the irrevocable view of budgetary houses on the main investment page at the minus. Of particular importance is the whole loan of venture (rizikovaniya) credit, which is a function of the sovereign support.

You can positively play a role for others in terms of credit, establish a non-bank type (pensions, insurance, investment, interest-bearing, good-value funds), as well as good value have a pre-Giostro loan, you should be familiar with the fence for the purpose of these credit facilities. Adje in bagatokh kraynah the very same financial intermediaries to set the main lenders, especially with a pre-contract loan. The development of a financial and credit institution of a non-bank type was secured from a redhead 2000 r. The program of the state power of the non-bank financial sector of the economy in Ukraine for 2000-2002

Through deficit in capital for Ukraine, nowadays it is very important to have a large-scale development of a loan from the international sector, a loan from the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, an International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Already, a number of Ukrainian banks and sub-banks have already infected the government, and it’s been possible to pay money to banks in foreign countries. Zavdyaki their geocentric position in Ukraine for singing minds that with vidpovidnyh zsillilym bi bi form one izyzhnyh svitovyh financial centers.

In market minds, the role of control and functional banks is diminished, as a much less victorious power to control financial and state dyalnistyu pidprimstva. Prote zrostaє the role of credit in the first control function. Adjekt is not always able to turn over a loan, it’s tighter for itself a “penalty” percent, and you can bring a non-repayable loan to bankruptcy. Tse sponuka osichnika cautiously put up to get a loan from his sir gospodar turnover, and as a matter of fact the loan is abolished, then so gospodaruvat, so that you can turn it around completely.

The anticipation (emotion) function has a credit for the right now to improve the economy and the role is due to the engagement of the anti-inflation factor. For the whole, the political policy of the mother’s buti is to be finished with viva.

Madly, with the development of market-oriented vidnosin in Ukraine, the role of credit in suspension is higher. Due to the economy and the economy, the income of the population is the main sub-form of credit resources, the financial base of the state-funded sub-sectors and the competitive domestic, domestic and international business . All in all, I’ll hasten the accelerated development of Ukraine and the fastest entry into Europe at the European and St. Prospect.