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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


There are active banking operations that are borrowed from the public, due to the need for public and private capital, more available and more valuable business opportunities. Active bank operations are based on credit and investment.

Credit operations are borrowed from the complex, which has been completed and repaid and redeemed bank notes. Bank lending is guaranteed in principle to the principle of row-based nature, overall character, security and paid loan.

Carrying out credit operations of commercial banks on a compulsory basis for singing vimogs and minds.

Credits are seen only in the boundaries of obvious resources, like a bank. About a skinny loan for a loan to a loan, I will transfer 10% of the capital capital (large loans), a commercial bank is guilty of a national bank of Ukraine. Sukupna bargaining for loans, for stolen bills and that 100% of the sum of off-balance goiter'yazan, which are one of the clergyman, can not overwhelm 25% of the total cost of the commercial bank.

Overseas loans, granted by the bank, those who are in attendance, and with 100% off-balance goiters to the bank, cannot re-enter the bank eight times.

Credit is a positive liability to the owners of a commercial bank of economic standards and regulation of banking and banking operations of the National Bank of Ukraine in order to formulate financial, insurance and reserve funds.

Posics are rejoiced at all sub-grants of the state granting, regardless of form of power, for thinking that the pochichnik is a legal special, registered as a sub-directive and a special one.

Rishennya about nadannya the loan is obliged to take credit to the bank (credit committee (s) bank, viddlennya, file) and drawn up by the protocol.

Credit to health in the range of parameters, to the designated bank, so as to include: priority directly to credit; loan debts and the structure of the loan portfolio; border loans for one principal, methods for assessing the financial standard and the creditworthiness of the principal; interest rate is thin.

Credits are credited only on commercial ambushes, which may be a bank of additional such minds:

* Urakhuvannya credit and loanability of the principal, financial stability, profitability, liquidity;

* credit to tiłki ti see dyalnosti posichalnik, yakі transferred to yogo statute;

* The clerk is guilty of mother’s mother's day and brother’s fate of the financial community, who will be credited with the singing sum of the hairy capital.

Banks can apply for unsecured loans, as well as bank accounts between major banks and less customers and those who are insiders to the bank in the amount, but I do not transfer 50% of the nominal bank account, I have to.

Banks can not lend money: to cover the state budget of the postal attendant; on the form and the zbіlshennya of the statutory fund of the client, on the introduction of the payment by the budget and the budget funds (for the loan, for the correspondent account); to enterprises, in spite of which the bankruptcy certificate has been destroyed; to enterprises, contracts have not passed on insurance of the possible losses due to non-delivery of goods and materials; on business, such as stitching stranded for earlier posimovany posim and unpaid interest.

In order to get a loan, the clerk will get to the bank with a loan application, go to the warehouse of the song package of documents. Warehouse of necessary documents to be deposited in accordance with the nature of the credit operation, and for high-quality customers.

Credits are credited on the basis of the loan arranged by the bank and the principal of the loan (agreement). Prior to arranging a loan agreement, the bank is guilty of careful analysis of the credit industry. zhizhnich posichnika, hello expert examination of the project whose state operations, which should be applied for credit, familiarize yourself with the steps for the bank and the structure of the Maybutnik positions (sum, lines, interest rate is thin).

The loan agreement will be provided with: meta, sum, lines, order, type and type of repayment and loan repayment, form of security of goiters, loan interest, interest rate, order and form of payment of interest and principal, rights, claims, repayment of the loan credit, transfer of information, documentation and other documents required for credit, periodical bank submission, bank transfer made by the bank for the first time and I will open the mine toll. The loan agreement shall be deemed by the parties to be deposited in specific credit operations.

When a clerk at a clergyman has a time-consuming financial difficulties due to operational reasons and is unable to pay a loan in installments, established by a loan agreement, a bank may be sent in an extra loan to a clerk to pay off a loan, and a loan will be paid off. Prolongation of the loan is made out with additional pay before the loan agreement.

Bank credit to health and credit for such poshichnyh rahunkіv: simple, special, contract.

A simple posichkovy rakhunok є naybіlsh with an expanded form of banks in a credit credit. At a different date, the balance is more active (debit), the type of the skin and the repaid loan are drawn up with the latest documents of the client’s bank (payment of orders, distribution of the loan of the bank’s operating bank).

The special posichkovy rakhunok is locked up by the bank in okimich vipadki, for example, with the credit of the posichnik pid pas outpost bills. Win є in the form of a region a little sign before feeding. As a rule, there is a credit balance on the whole winery of Vinika, but on that very day we will insure ourselves on the flowing razhnik of the clerk. A loan can be repaid if you have to pay for the hand-hand of the clerk, so you can get the credit of the clerk, if you need to go to the clerk's office for bills, with a special loan card. The Bank shall have the right to tighten the bargaining for a special poshikovy rakhunk at any hour without a change of time, but only on an admitted basis will be transferred by credit.

The contractor rachunok is an active passive rakhnuk, on which the entire operational bank with a client is limited. On one side, I can imagine, from one side (for debit), bargaining with the bank and all payments to the client for the assignment of the client, and from the other (for the loan) - due to the bank at the bank of the client, paying attention. The contract account is one day in its own way, with a more accurate account and a debit or a balance credit. Operation on a new basis for the additional handwritten hand-rail of the foreman of the rakhunka.

Preserving the main sumy borg є one of the most important principles, I’m always guilty of additionally being guilty during the bank’s posichkovo operation. One of the most important steps in the process of credit is one of evaluating the strength of the potential posichnik. With the most important value, the establishment of loan credit. Ніякі додаткові log in to zahist not to be able to get hold of a crisis situation, as a rule, a poem in its basic form is not г primed.

One of the elements of the assessment of credit and credit є assessment of the personal strengths of the potential posichalnik. Here, the bank is guilty of concurring with such moments, as a reputation, order and honesty, professional health, material security, putting before your goiters before the last creditors and last minute.

Necessarily re-enter the financial position of the clerk, balance of balance, effectiveness of the main and vice-versa of the main working capital. For the whole accountant, the statistical and financial sound of the clerk, the material of the front to the middle, the forecast of the financial camp by the extension of the entire period of the posture.

The main change of mind is banknotes є gain of valuable pennies, income, income from real estate, loans. Ale be-yak credit operation is tied to a song rizik, in the meantime, the clerk is not able to secure a bag of valuable pennies, and therefore, it is not possible to secure the turn of the borg. For the sake of insurance, the song form is reserved for the Borg, so that the song is guaranteed.

In bank practice, there are two kinds of dzherel redeemed posichok - first and second.

For financial stability, you must keep the bank in good condition and close the loan to the credit card of the original Dzherel repayable loan at the income viewer. Ale pershoklasni klієnti not є dominuyimim in the foreign masі posichalnikіv. In addition, in the majority of the banks there are banks that are interested in zososovuvati, the order of the first, and the second (additional) dzherela in the form of a credit card, so that you can see the rest of the singer.

It is possible to fix the banks in Ukraine in such a way that they can create a secure posture: an outpost, a guarantee, re-entry (cessation) for reprogramming a bank with a third and a third person, a mortgage, insurance insurance (policy).

Bank health control of the vicissaries of the minds of the loan agreement, the entire loan for the loan, the due and the repayment and the repayment of the loan. With a win-win singing brain drain on the side of the clerk, the bank has the right to secure economic and legal sanctions.

At times, I can save the economical clerk, get a loan to him not for the whole amount assigned to the bank, manage the bank inadequately, lose the negligence of the accounting department, disregard the right to pay the loan, and pay the right to pay the loan I can tell you about the extension of the loan and the loan in the first place, including a way to straighten the loan for security in the order established by law.

As a matter of fact, the fact that there is a loan to Poland is not for the whole amount awarded, the bank has the right to terminate the loan agreement, which is necessary to tighten all the money at the cross-section of the clerk for the loan agreement.

In case of non-repayable repayments for loans and interest and non-repayments by the bank, prolonged repayments to the loan, you shall be entitled to charge penalties for lenders transferred by credit agreement. At the time of payment of the payment for the Borrowers, the bank will tighten the Borders in a pretentious and postal order. As a matter of fact, the clerk does not systematically go beyond the scope of the obligation to repay the loan to the bargain, the bank can turn around the law-transferred order and file a bankruptcy petition.

With the help of accelerated rozrakhunіv for stern loans, the bank can vikoristovuvati such a form, as a re-enactment of the right of vimoga and transfer to the borg.

The legal code 197 of the Civil Code of Ukraine in the period of the civil law’s obligation may be replaced by a creditor or a bourgeois. The creditor (bank) can transfer his rights for the goiter to the third party, having made out an offer for the re-enactment of the vimoga right. The transfer of the right of vimoga to be formalized in written form with more information about the whole bourgeois.

Transferred to the Borg to be executed as a letter of favor between the first and the first Borzhnik and the new Borzhnik. Laying the lead about the transfer to the borg is possible only for the misfortune of the commercial bank, having seen the pose of the original bourgeois.

Investment bank operations mean depositing money at the price of the owners (sovereign, collective and private) for the entire period of one hour. The investment price - the price of bargains, the number of shares, the amount of money, the amount of money, the certificates and the price of money. Valuable papers can be made by the Bank for Investment for the minds of the stock market.

Functions of bank investments are made at the disposal of secondary reserves for satisfying the needs of cats, like winners, and they are well-versed in their own contributions, but they must be replaced by poems, so that you can redeem resources. Zdіsnyuyuchi іnvestitsііnі operations, banks banks on the following: the maintenance of support of pennies, the protection of diversification, income and liquidity.

Banking investments power factors. There are three such factors: credit risk, financial risk and percentage risk.

Credit risk of obligations, including financial resources of legal entities, legal expenses, change to style, which will not be able to pay, interest, income and interest porch).

The financial benefit of the project is due to the fact that it’s easy to transfer the unchanged money to the market of the greenery in the economy, the privilege of the most valuable greenery is much more often spent, the more you are able to sell it more.

Percentage increase in interest rate for interest at the time of the first release at the time when there are a lot of interest rate bets. What is more than an hour before the repayment of the oblast period, the third year is rizik, which is the reason for the interest rate dynamics.

The investment will require a systematic analysis of the valuation of the greenhouses, the bank, the valuation of the greenhouses, the value of the health bank and the investment bank. For the full consumption of uninterrupted and qualification control over the camp of the market of the old servers.

The investment of commercial banks is guilty of mother and child insurance and third-party banking. One of the methods for changing the portfolio is the form of the investment portfolio for the shopping bag view of the most valuable files, which can be used for redeeming the current row.

Valued entries, which are included in the investment portfolio, are designated with their own appointments, and are invested in secondary and reserved reserves. It’s stinky to rise up like a stepping stone. Secondary reserves can be randomly converted into pennies with a hat for sale to the market of valuable folders. The investment prices are more than three trivial lines, lower prices are the secondary reserves. Establishment of the boundary lines of the old folders, which should be kept until the secondary reserves, to lay down the bank’s bank. To that pricey all day hour to pass from one category to another.