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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Groshov’s roses in Ukraine are welcome from the ready-made ones and in ready-made uniforms. Ready-to-go rosars are staked by the leading rank in the process of acquisitions, establishment of an organization from the populations, as well as from people, so that you can take care of the bulk of the incomes and want to get more money. At rozrahunkah among legal entities, the greater payment for health is more important. Bezgotіvkove overpricing can be done in the interim and in the form of penniless income and in the population, but the oath is insignificant. Basically, the minority in the city’s free-of-charge retail outlets will pay payments for goods and services and services, as well as financial resources for overclocking.

Organizing free of charge razrahunkіv is guilty of doing the process of creating, giving specific vimogam, as well as being interested in the development of economy. The main reason for them is to save yourself the right time to be deceived by the leather goods of pennies for delivering them the products and the above-mentioned services, so that we themselves can hasten the offense of werewolfs at the rosaries.

In addition, the organization of rozrahunkіv is guilty of transferring the creation of different minds for the reciprocal control of the post-hacker and the buyer for the pre-trial of the government’s lands and pennies. One of the topical issues in the organization of registration of є inadmissible winnings of stitched reciprocal bargaining.

Be prepared without any problems through the bank and establish, de juridical and physical individuals, save your money and save money (budget, budget). Dealing with no payments, as a rule with other payments, organizations and organizations with the help of additional postal and telegraphic re-telling through set the link.

Bezgotovіvkovі rozrakhunki zdіsynuyutsya on the basis of the written rozrahunkovo-penny documents: pay handrails, checks, letters of credit, vimog-handicap, pay vimog, іnkasovy handicap, bills. Form rozrahunkіv mіzh seller and buyer viznachayutsya pleases between them.

One skin-wide document is characterized by a uniform form of the territory, a standardization suvor, and codification of requisites. The system of registration, vikoristannya that ruhu rozrahunkovih documents is called a document.

Bezgotovіvkovі rozrakhunki rozrіznyayutsya for the method of payment and forms of rozrahunkovih documents. For the assignment of their own banks, the banks are entitled to receive the ready-made and non-repayable payments for the credit card, so on a credit basis. Bezgotovkovy payback zdіysnyusnyatsya for additional help re-ordering that іnkaso.

Payments for additional rebooking to banks with a hat are as follows: deducted money from the payee and payee for the insured individual. As a rule, a payee and a partner can rent rewarded rahunks in one commercial bank, the operation is to be debited until one rahunka and credit is debited. As a rule, there are bankcards in open banks, pre-paid bank accounts are held for the auxiliary system of correspondent zv'yazkіv. Such zv'yazki will be like without interruption between two banks, and so for the participation of the central bank, through the main health insurance of the main bank payments. From now on, the payee does not have to pay only paycheck payer and customer pay, but the bank paycheck, which should be serviced.

Nadhodzhennya and write-off koshtіv with mіzhbankіvskih operations otdlyuyutsya, and razrahunki mіzh banks can be seen on the basis of a different depository nadhodzhen and vimog (clearing).

Соnkaso є with a broader view of the services offered by commercial banks to Tim Clients, as in the rozrahunkas to lock bills and checks. Inkasuvannya promissory notes held by the bank for the assignment of the client to the next line of payment for the promissory note (th repaid). It shall be issued as an endorsement, an inscription on promissory notes, avenge the handing over of a promissory note to a bank to pay the bank. From one line to another, the bank that was repaid will hold the bourgeoisie will spend the sum, redeem the pennies to the customer’s payroll and pay off the bill (transferred to the payee).

Сnkasuvannya chekіv means it is accepted by the bank to enter your customer’s account, which will be ordered to be debited from the bank card to pay for the goods and any services. When I check the bank, I will write off the bank card with the check box, the most accurate bank card of the same bank, the second bank, and the bank card for the remaining card. As a rule, the checkout check-in account is sent to the bank, the check is sent to the bank of the payer and there is a good payment there from the bank system of bank razrahunkіv.

Practitioners have victories and documents, such as pay-as-you-go vimogs, vimoga-assignment and letter of credit. Paying for vimogas to stiffen up in case of primus constricted cataracts transmitted by official normative acts of hips. Vimoga-augmentation is stagnant when accepting goods. The essence of the rules is that, in terms of the names of the document, one part (vimoga) is filled in, at once the goods are delivered to the buyer, who at the same time pays for the goods (acceptance of the goods) to the other part of the document (assignment) by the others, That signpost and to your bank for payment.

The letter of credit is a commission to the bank by purchasing the bank of the post-payer to pay the remaining marriages for the original values ​​on the minds transferred to the accredited statement of purchase. A letter of credit is carried out for the round of purchases of property, while the bank guarantees and supervises (for the first time) deposit of funds.

Payments for grocery stores to go around in Chergovost, to become one of them, but not to be transmitted by law anymore.

For housekeeping and business, you can hold loans for mutual bargaining without the participation of banks, as well as for the accounts of the accounting business.

Claims, such as vindicating a lot of money for buyers and a buyer and looking at the parties in an arbitration order without the participation of a bank institution.

For not paid (on the day before the written cancellation of a valid document) for whom you have written off the written-off money, and also for not paid the bank, you have to pay a fee of 0.3%. insured (deducted) sums for the skin day of the eclipse, which is generally not transferred to me by the bank or the property.

For the health of rozrahunkovyh operations banks to charge a fee in the form of a fee, rozmir yako transfer to a different agreement between the parties.

In terms of servicing, you can get the most from the fact that commercially available banks accept ready-to-use cards and pay for their rents, see that they are available for free.

Banks for health related operations and services based on unified rules established by the National Bank of Ukraine. The rules specify the procedure for adopting, vidach, packing, zberigannya and the region of getting ready.

For priyna ttya and the kind of preparation in the bank institutions are organized by the way and the type of cash. In bank installations, with a small oversight of cash transactions, you can organize one cash, as well as the whole complex of cash transactions.

Pributkovі kasi accept the offer of ready-made cards for standard documents: unclaimed payment for the delivery, cash-back order. In documents, as a rule, the nature of the entry is indicated - a trade virus, a transport virus, and that. I will accept a vіd klіnta sum of Gotіvkovih koshtіv bank vipisuє receipt. Gotіvkovі koshti, but they had to go to the bank before the end of the operational day, on that very day the guilty buti are attributed by the bank and insured for the rahunki klіntntiv.

In the bank institutions, I’m going to take money from special bags, organize cash, in some redeemable pennies, and I can buy it in cash bags (pay cash).

Vidatkovi kasi, which can be extended over the course of an operational day, you can see the offer of the clients with the highest quality documents for penniless documents - pennant checks, special cash orders. In these documents, it’s usually guilty to denote the acceptance of money (pay, pay for the transaction, etc.).

Establish commercial banks to satisfy you, consume your customers at the expense of changing the price of the money, which should be used at the casino. But even more accurate workflows of preparation are not enough for secure operational consumption in pennies. Kozhna ustanavka jar is guilty of predicting your security with Gotha cats. For the whole, I’ll put up a Maybutnich nadhodzhen’s rosherekun (2-3 days) prior to the bank and the required monthly bills from the forecast draw of the total turnover, special features of the daily bills shown by the month and the actual total turnover. At the end of the race, maybutnous insurance is necessary for us to pay a monthly fee at the established line (pay monthly salary, pension, scholarship). I’ll show you a rozrakhun, if you can, by setting up a jar to protect Maybutnee bills for the flow of cash and the need for extra cash in the bank. It’s clear from the rosette that you can set up the bank so that you don’t have to save money I will need the help of the customers, but I’ll have a warehouse є request for payment of cash and support before the regional management of the National Bank. The regional administration, having rejected the application, faithfully take a look at the primed conditions, so as not to allow small amounts of money for the scheduled amount. If you have a positive viral supply about the operational banking, the bank is ready to go (free) if you want to buy at the regional management bank, but in the first place.

Establish a commercial bank, ask for a surplus of ready-made cash at a casino, you can sell it to an NBU for any other banks, at any kind of consumer wiki for a cash register. Sales of sales can be guaranteed if they are supplied with regional management of the NBU.

Commercial banks to pull together a fee for cash services, and if you want to be considered land.