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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


In addition to traditional, coherent banking operations, you should be able to relieve yourself of the clutter of your non-traditional operations and services. All the same, robust competition, such as a penny on the groshny market, as well as an all-in-one banking system.

Banking services - a whole set of bank statements to replace customers who are not obligated to receive additional resources. The main form of payment for bank servants є comisi. Banks give the customers the best service, they at the same time at the singing group for the latest signs and criteria. Naybilsh broadened лас the classification of bank services, in the same way you can see a group of services: licensed, unlicensed, clean, surrogate, commissions, fees, balances, paid.

Prior to licensing bank services, you should enforce such requirements, and I will require that you require a license from the National Bank of Ukraine. Tse, zokrema: Kasov servants klіntiv; Inkasatsiya and transportation of pennile values; vedennya rakhunkіv klіntiv at the national and foreign currencies; Deposit of legal and physical deposits

osib; vidycha guarantee and guarantees; managing pennies and valuable daddies for tidying up clones.

Servants are called clean, but don’t carry any kind of rhizic for an active bank, except for a rhizic of operational clemency. For example, health insurance for good health, service providers, collection services, and service. Surrogates are called servants, the end result is one of the best ones that can be attributed to an asset bank, although at the time of adding the last servants such an excuse is not needed. For example, guarantors, verified letters of credit, unclear checks, aval and acceptance of bills of exchange in total.

Prior to commencement of servicing, for the assignment of certain banks, I will charge the client a fee for the viewer, and I myself will not repay the necessary commissions for the abovementioned. All the values ​​of the custody of the treasury depository, the registration of the owners of the valuable folders, the selection of the valuable folders, the valuable keys for the second handouts.

The servants are called the honorarium, for the redemption of certain banks I shall repudiate the vіd clіntіv paid a fee in advance. All leasing, trusts, consultations and deeds and services.

Prior to spreading out the services, clean and good, they are formed like a clear message, a closed type message, and a joint unity with the organization of given services. By the butt of such servants є a vidych klіntam of getting ready for rahunka bought in foreign banks or in the NBU. Spread of winnings is less than one, if the bank has third-party (third-party) services with above-mentioned services to clients.

Before servicing, take care of services, which is limited to balance merchandise (credit, investment, foreign exchange operations). All servants, at their own house, may be more active and passive. Services should not be limited to balance-sheet rachins, be brought to balance sheet (guarantors, sureties, consultations), the above should not be supervised by contributions, but received.

Rinok of bank servants in the Ukrainian intercourse at the stage of form. The servants of the rosrahunk-kasov nature are bored with the most nourishing drinks. Protein with the linking of the market vindosin is declared to be consumed by such services, as leasing, factoring, guarantors, trust services.

Shvidko to grow rich will drink on the services of bankers in the sphere of maintaining the greenhouses: buying and selling sales of greenhouses for the applications of the greenhouses, renting the greenhouses and toshchos.

Leasing servants borrow from the building for rent on trivial lines of objects in the pre-string corridor; As a rule, by extending the line of the contract for leasing the lease, I will repay the lease to the owner of the rented mine. From now on, leasing is possible to discern as a type of pre-loan loan, which you can rely on in the main form and pay off at the roster. Win vinik at the 50th rock of the 20th century in parallel with the development of the system accelerated depreciation deduction.

Lіzingova’s servant vinikaє so. To buy a client’s bank, it’s possible to mine a little more (pay off, transport amenity, severely indebtedness, take a good care of technology) and take care of practically all the costs of a hairline, including the payment of the payment, may be paid on a monthly basis. Klіnt, for the purpose of fucking a bulloin, a mino was bought, stowed by the bank with a stringent lease agreement, which includes the payment of lease payments and periodic redemption.

The rental fee is stored in two quantities: wartosta lane and business wineries for leasing services, which is more expensive for a loan.

Dokhid bank vid of leasing services including: leasing interest, surplus wartown lane until the moment the loan line is leased, money is leased, the loan is invested in possession.

The fee for the leasing service is lower than the interest rate, the customer must pay the leasing fee, and take the small fee for renting an expensive property.

The bank can set the payment for the leasing service lower for the interest rate for the banknote for the right to rent the right to receive loans by investing when paying interest, so that you can pay the loan in advance.

At the international bank practice, to obtain the benefits of leasing iz from the acquired cost (rent of the investment type). If you have such a leasing operating bank, you can get a pre-paid loan in one loan or more for a total of up to 80% of the rental rate for renting an asset. For organizing pozichki win I won the rent of Dodatkova winery. In addition, for the sake of operation, the bank was able to pass the base on a payday for the interest rate for taking a loan for vitality.

Factoring - bank service, yak vinikla in bank practice in 50 rock of XX century. Win is a purchase bank from a client of the right to a vimogu borg (without the right of a revolving vimoga to a client). As a rule, a bank will buy purchasers of goods and services, as well as pay for goods and services.

The factoring service is processed by the bank and the client of a special agreement. With all the functions of the bank є not only the tightening of the borg, but the first servicing of the borg: the analysis is

| tospromozhnostі borzhnіkіv, іnkasuvannya, zalіkovі operatsії, taking on themselves the risk of not paying back skinny. Klіnt, scho sold debitorski rakhunki, I’m holding, I see a bank of pennies (getting, refusal, payment of a check tosho) 80-90% of the sum of rakhun’s at Rosmir. Zalisheni 10-20% of the sumy bank is hourly tightened at the forefront of compensation to maturity of all purchased purchases of debit funds. Pislya turning to the Borg bank turned to tighten the bag to the client.

For factorial services, the bank will pay a fee, including a fee for services for servicing the Borg and the interest rate. The commission will be paid for the total amount purchased at the customer’s office and the percentage will be paid for the advance payment. I have a quick call for debitors and wikimedia cards that have a non-trivial line of advance payment (cash), the bank has received a lower interest rate, lower payments.

The guarantor is the only one who guarantees the gobbler, who wants to be seen as the lousy specimen (principal), for the other the guarantor of the goiter’s obligation to pay the principal’s creditor the idea of ​​the guaranteed goiter’s singing penny. The guarantor has the right to seize the principal in order to regress the indemnity for the guarantee sum, but is not previously transferred to the guarantor agreement with the principal. Seeing the guarantee, the bank is guilty of losing contact with the customer’s platform, the fragments of the type of guarantee, by the day, are small in character. Banks take on themselves goiters in case of non-payment by the customer at the lines of due payments to health for the resource of the resource. A bank guarantee can be guaranteed and secured, so that you can be supervised by an outpost lane. Bank guarantees can be closed right on the weekend with a clan of their own goiters for trade and financial pleas: tender guarantee; guarantee of the contract; guarantee of credit and distribution of the letter of credit; guarantee of payment; Acceptance and zvalyuvannya of bills of exchange skinny.

Trust services are based on legal rights, as long as one person-donor transferred their mine from the order of the second person to the trustee, for managing the third person-beneficiary in the interests of the third party. From now on, the three legal parties take the fate of legal entities:

- Dover’s Mayna (hermitor);

- trustworthy hair patch (trust);

- Beneficiary - a person, on the basis of which in the interests of which there are hopeful servants. Nim mozhe buti himself doveritel Mayna abo the third person.

Banks, apparently functional trusts, can: * Servise regional services;

* Zdіsnyuvati timchove managing the right of the company on the VIP card reorganization of the company;

* push the servants of the depository (zberigannya aktsіy, for the majority of the shareholders gave the right to vote to upgrade the representatives);

* healthy assets distribution;

* investuvati koshti klіnta at the visitor see the assets;

* manage the cats of blessed funds;

* zberigati values.

For nadanny dovirchih servants, the bank will pay a fee, the payment is set in the agreement between the bank and the client.