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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


International and regional currency and credit organizations - establish, as well as establish on the basis of the most important lands among the powers. The role of the middle ones in the current period is the International Currency Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). Ostannіy sogodnі є head installation Group of Svіtovoy Bank. Headquarters of the organization roztashovany in Washington. Said, install a bulo founded at the International Monetary and Financial Conference, like in 1944 p. at Bretton Woods (USA). The SRSR and Ukraine wanted to take part in the conference, but didn’t ratify the treaty about the IMF and the IBRD and didn’t enter the warehouse. The Battalionized Isolation of the Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union and that of its allies in the world economic and financial system, which has a significant world of zooms, are politically motivated and ideologically motivated. At 1992 p. the practice of intermediate currency lending began to show a significant increase: members of the IMF adopted the territory, they entered before the top of the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, including Ukraine. Zavdyaki tsomu actually completed the process of globalization of the economical scope of currency regulation, which is important for the important international organization.


The International Monetary Fund was established by the regulation of foreign currency transactions between member countries. The IMF is guilty of leading the role: from one side, stitching behind the members with their own rules of conduct in the rules of the currency and financial issues, and from the other side - clicking on the resources for financial deficit payments.

With the above credits of the IMF, to set before the borders, the bourgeoisie deeds politically and economically, as well as at the programs to revive the economy. Its order is called the principle of enumeration. As a rule, the programs included include entering into the fields of budget and tax administration, credit and penny policies, price mechanism, international trade, international credit and foreign exchange loans. Stink up on the change of sovereign vitrats, on subsidized incomes and interest rates, on top of the exchange rate and that.

Kozna-participant country, joining the Fund, shy of the latest introduction, a certain signified by the established quota. There is a quota of such quotas that you need to look at from time to time, to take advantage of the basis of the economic potential of the Ukrainian government. It is very clear that quotas are being voted for by the voice of the skin region in the Fund by the Fund and an oath of excuse. Quota of Ukraine on Kinets 1992 became 0.7%. Vidpovidno until the quota quotas entry contribution for Ukraine bulo vozmozheno at Rosmіrі 911 million dollars. USA. Mostly, with a statutory amount of less than 22.7%, you pay in heavily convertible currencies (BCC), and resht in national currency. Vrakhovuychi to the guest of the VKV instability, Ukraine was speeding up with the so called IMF Residency Fund at the IMF for the Krai members, who would recognize financial difficulties. Neobkhіdny dregs issued Yak Borg, іd yaki Ukraine granted interest-free and interest-free loan, which will be repaid according to availability.

Rishennyam For the sake of the Kerry IMF від 22 Січень 1999 р. up to 210,943.0 mln SDRs were transferred to the IMF total capital, up to 145321.0 mln SDRs. The hereditary quota of Ukraine in the IMF has grown from 997.3 million SDRs to 1372.0 million, so I can help to significantly increase the oath of money from the IMF.

Having become a member of the IMF, Ukraine has swiftly gone to the structure of the Svitova Bank, the third quota of 10,678 shares for the irregular amount of 1.3 billion dollars has been seen. USA. Currency currency for Ukraine’s membership in the bank in the amount of 7.9 million dollars. The United States has contributed Netherlands, which is the home-guardian of our country at the bank’s structure.

On the cob of their activity, in the end of the 40s, there was practically no blunder about the system of international financial private markets. To the IMF, I’ve got a name for the country, so it’s for the country, I’m forging. The protractor of the remaining 40-50 rockies with one of the most important aspects of economic development among the people was the idea of ​​a private international financial market. In the first year there will be more than one country to not require financial resources to the Fund, because they can have access to private financial markets. To that end, the IMF has all financial support for all of the Krai member countries at once switching to the national profile of the Czech Republic, I’m starting to break up, but quietly, so as not to allow access to private financial markets. The IMF was reoriented in terms of its status, so that it is international, an international banker to an organization, right now to economically develop the country, as well as not need to go to financial markets and consume official funds.

Within the framework of such a European Union, it is possible to see the IMF and Ukraine. In the first place, Ukraine as a state is by no means practically not of real access to international financial markets. Зовнішнє фінансування Won You can easily overwhelm z ofіtsіynih dzherel. But the smut ofitsіyne dzherelo - the IMF. I can help you with the same financial support on the side of such countries, as the USA, Japan, as a rule, because of the dominance of the Fund. In a different way, the policy of the Fund, conducted in Ukraine, is tied up with penniless money, fixed for the stabilization of the social and economic situation in Ukraine.

The IMF’s financial resources can be straightened out to help member countries, to reckon on the problems of the balance of payments, as well as to help them implement stable programs. The IMF is seeking financial support for its own foreign resources, as well as in the framework of the mechanism of financial resources, managing so far. Member states, which are corrupted by the IMF's foreign resources, “buy” (to identify) the currency of the other member states, or the SDR in exchange for the equivalent amount in their own currency. The IMF will pay a fee for such poses and vimaga, so that the member states between the designated term "bought" their currency from the IMF (tobid repaid the bargaining), and for the currency of all the other powers that are members of the ABO SDR. Pіlgove fіnansuvannya hope for a credit card in low interest rates.

Vidnosini of the IMF with the lands of the colossal SRS, including those from Ukraine, will be presented with up to three types of programs. The program of the first type has been tailored specifically for this country and country of Europe. Vaughn є with her own ready-made program, apparently just with her vimogs. Vikonannya of such programs will not require a folding investment unit in the country. The main program is the Systemic Transformation Fasility (STF) program, the implementation of which can help the Ukrainian Fund for Social Development.

The next croc - to achieve the standard program, I’ll call it stand-by. Tse program short-line finance; as a rule, there’s three to twelve months to 13 months and it’s hidden on one of the most dangerous visits, which are necessary for achieving macroeconomic stability.

For real estate programs, please contact the IMF for the Extanded Fund Facility (EFF) program. Vaughn is rooted for three rockes and is hidden for closed access to the cob of stability for the stand-by program. Instantly, much more respect is attached to structural winterization in economy, to elements, in order to become the basis (basis) of fake economic growth.

Obviously, since 1994, p., If Ukraine has repudiated the first tranche of a loan to the International Monetary Fund, by 1996 rubles. before the National Bank of Ukraine there was a loan from the IMF for the total amount of $ 2,075 million USA (STF loan, first stand-by and 6 tranches of another stand-by). Zagalniy rozmir ochіkuvanih nadhodhen vid of the IMF behind these programs of the mav of establishment of 1573.3 million SDRs.

Veresni 1998r. The IMF recognizes the Ukrainian pointers in between the Program for Advanced Financing ("EFF") for the performance of large-scale macroeconomic and structural stability for the period 1998-2001 pp. for the zagalny sum 2.3 billion dollars. USA, with a long stretch of 1998r. 345 mln. USA. In addition, in 1998 p. 51 million dollars were cleared The United States, between stand-by loans, for financing programs of macroeconomic stability and restructuring, rebuilding, and realizing the need for support in 1997.

The order of financial resources, on the IMF, є NBU. The abolition of these resources was delimited by visions of the Ukrainian side on the basis of IMF performance criteria, such as the cleanliness of the international reserves of the NBU, monetary indicators and the deficit of the consolidated budget so much.

The IMF’s financial resources are being hoped for by Ukraine to complete the bank minds: pay lines of 3-5 roks, ear of payment - through three rock, interest rates for the loan - 5.75% to 6.29%. On 1 year 2000 p. the sovereign borg of Ukraine to the IMF to become 2.8 billion dollars. USA, abo 22.4% of the sovereign state sovereign borg of Ukraine.

Credits, which are secured by the IMF, are waived to increase the national currency exchange rate and to finance the balance of payments of Ukraine and to support the implementation of the most important reforms. Without a program of economical changes, the financial commitment from official accounts is not sensitive, but for the most part there are no more problems of payment balance, and more time is needed. With significant significance, managers from the IMF, our country was able to obtain significant credit resources from the Svitovy Bank.