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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


The Svitovy Bank is a group of disputed organizations, that is why they often talk about the Svitovy Bank group. Before entering: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the very same name is shortened by the Bank of Ukraine), the International Association of Development, the International Finance Corporation, the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Oficial members of the Group of the Holy Bank - change of life and standard standards in the country with a member in order to save the remaining resources and disburse them to the extent possible. Of course, the main interest of the Bank and the IMF is mainly in the fact that the IMF concentrates more on the nutrition of short-term financial stability, as well as the fact that the number of projects is middle-term. economy krai. If I want to talk about financial stability in Ukraine, then the main thing is to stop the IMF’s commitment beforehand. If I’m talking about structural and reform reforms, then here comes the first plan of the mid-international financial institutions, the Bank of Ukraine, which concentrates its respect on overhaul in the microfinance sector, in the public sector, in the public sector skinny.

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (MBRD) on the cob of its own activities and the need to promote private investment in Western countries from other countries.

The IBRD has granted pre-paid loans to member countries and guaranteed loans, as well as granted loans to private banks and foreign creditors on a bilateral basis. The right to take the fate of the bank’s bank may have the IMF’s members. The right to vote in the bodies of the IBRD is to be recognized as a rosimary offspring to the first capital.

The statutory capital of the IBRD is formed by the name of a subscription. Quotas of powers at the capital bank are established on the basis of quotas from the IMF. Behind the camp for 1 linden 1998 p. The statutory capital of the IBRD was established at 1581724 with an authorized nominee rate of 0.1 million SDR leather. Overwhelming sum of capital signed to become 186.4 billion dollars. Vote in the IBRD, like in the IMF, it’s rooted in the future. Member power of 250 votes plus 1 additional tribute to the skin of the dowry of her share. The Ukrainian public register will become 10,908 shares ($ 1,315.9 million), so there won 11,158 votes in the IBRD (0.7% of the total number of votes). Bonded deposits - 79.3 million dollars.

The bank’s activity is concentrated on two spheres - macroeconomic stability and institutional stability. Actively MBRD in the institutional sphere: I will help in the implementation of privatization, in addition to the forms of power, and the antimonopoly approach of that state. Poziki are reckoned on 15-20 rockets, including pay-as-you-go terms and pay-as-you-go payments.

The IBRD will deny the greatest resources available to its customers on their own financial markets. The Bank sells bonuses and guarantees of strangulation to pension funds, insurance companies, corporations, banks, as well as individuals.

On the cob 1998 p. Sum posik IBRD to the member countries of the bank was 107 billion dollars. USA. Up to sums of bank posi- tions, the bank shall include commissions - 0.75% of the uncollectible excess loan.

Pevna chastina of credit to the bank is hoped to develop low-margin galleys with a long line of payback viti, where private capital is not to be invested: infrastructure, state sponsorship. Ale without rozich tsy galuzey ungodly ekonomіchne

bud_vnitstvo at the country, scho are developing. The IBRD takes a fee for loans to the temple - on the basis of market intelligence.

International Association for Development of Social Development (IDA) of the Republic of Belarus was established as 1960. With the method of saving, you will be overwhelmed by the flow of the more abandoned powers beyond the borders. IDA grants interest-free loans for lines up to 50 rokiv (since 1986 p. - lines on loans have been revised to 40 rokov for the name of the most advanced country to 35 rokiv - for those who have lived in the third third place). Paying off loans is repaired from the 11th year of writing on the cob of Victoria. IDA grants loans to private organizations and private organizations of most of the country, which are developing. The right to repudiate such loans in May of the country with a fixed per capita income, but I do not overdraft $ 835. USA.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) Bula was established in 1959. for the US initiative I want to develop private property in the country, which I’m developing. IFC grants loans to highly profitable private private enterprises without a guarantee for rows of up to 15 rubles per umov, which part of the share company-posichniki sell IFC. Riven interest in interest rates, which is clear on international financial markets.

The IFC statutory capital has been adjusted from outside the country, the proportion is proportional to the outside of the IBRD. IFC to take the fate of only the members of the IBRD.

Bagatornaya agentstvo garantuvannya іinvestitsіy (BAGі) zdіysnyuє insurance кап capitals deposit in the form of political riziku on the issue of export, win, see the contract.

The International Center for Urelevyuvanny Іvestitsіynih konflіktіv (МЦУІК) was founded in 1966. for spirits I’ll spill the international investment with a whip of mind-building; for spirited and unsettled disputes among the ministries and foreign investors. Behind the mill on a worm 1997 p. members of ICSUK buli 128 krai.

The most effective group of the Holy Bank є The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Vin є the main posic organ organization. For the most part, I have to find pozits to distribute to countries with a middle income, as well as the role of the head catalyst for financial inclusion. Poziki Svitovogo jar є to finish with a free dzherelom of the outstanding financial resources as a deficit of the sovereign budget, so the reform of the economy of Ukraine. Think of the financial situation, such as the Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, and Ukraine, available to Ukraine at one o'clock.

IBRD projects in Ukraine are available on the system and investment.

Systematic designations for restructuring the largest sectors of the economy, and penniless tranches behind them are sent without delay to the State Budget of Ukraine. But more than that, it’s MineFin’s own budget who is responsible for transferring funding allocated to the project programs — which is the main method of crediting the IBRD. For investment projects, the scheme of repatriation of the IBRD koshtі deshov іnsha. Now, in the process of preparing the project, the packages are purchased, which are necessary for the future, and that is the financial support. We’ve been shut off by the Ukrainian side by working with the project management group (including the participation of IBRD consultants), the tender documentation, the fragments of all purchases, working on the principle of conducting international competitive bidding.

Participation in the bidding may be all the company’s brothers, as well as the availability of sufficient international prices and the legal support for the competition. All the same, there are more than one virobnik, moreover, we have to wait a little for 15% of the contract price. Tobto, however, the Ukrainian Ukrainian virobonnik has won all sorts of supplies, more than 15 percent supply of supplies, but only 15% of the competition, he himself can be all overwhelmed by the contestant. Competition to be held by the Ukrainian side and prepared by it. Tender documentation Obov'yazkovo Uzgodzhitsya with the IBRD. Credit and investment projects are managed by the Ukrainian Bank and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is designated as the representative of the clerk. In addition to credit, parts of the poses are recognized as credit, as well as be transferred to the next sub-owners, as well as categories, as well as the best opportunities within the framework of the project. By the next call є preparation and writing of sub-credit lands between the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and sub-owners - beneficiaries. Sub-credit pleasures include the sum, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the loan to which the sub-manager is set, and also the term for repayment of the goiter’s service to the state budget is established.

On the cob 1993 p. bulo hardened persh posik on іinsti-tutsіyna rozbudova in the amount of approximately 30 million dollars. USA. Nadal, from 1994-1995 pp., Sweet Bank on Ukrainian Recycled Posy in full liability (approximately 500 million US dollars), also bullets are hidden for financial support of the budget, and a guarantee for paying the budget is closed. Rozmіr institutitsіyno posiki, assigned by the Bank for the whole period, becoming 27 million dollars. USA. At 1996 p. about 600 mln. dollars were transferred to transfer money to the Bank of Svitovy. The United States, including the position for structural re-entry of the sectors of the economy (the position for the development of enterprises) - $ 200 million. USA, for structural re-awakening of the Sylsky statehood - $ 150 million USA, for structural re-awakening of the vugilny sector - 150 million dollars. USA. Prote for 1 year 1997 p. 401.8 mln. dol. USA, for that, 150 million dollars each. The United States has invested in reconstruction of the Vugilnaya Galuz and restructuring of the state gratitude, and on the development of enterprises - $ 100 million. United States, institutional posiki - 1.8 million dollars. USA.

At 1998 p. I was selling my money with the Bank of Russia for preparing for the implementation of such projects:

1. "Posika on the structural re-awarding of the financial sector" (FSAL) at Rosmir 300 million dollars. The United States for the purpose of reforming the global banking system through the transition of banks to the transition to a new form of reserve funds and insurance funds, as well as a large capital budget.

2. "The project of financial services" - at Rosmir 250 million dollars. The United States, a kind of industrial poses on the structural awakening of the financial sector. The project includes the following basic projects: a credit line for a small and medium loan at a cost of $ 100-150 mln. USA; technical assistance to commercial banks; automation of bank dyalnost; Establishment of a rating agency.

Realization of these two projects, by all means, is completely covered by the banking system of Ukraine. In addition, in 1998 p. Sweet Bank paid Ukraine $ 340 million for system projects US: $ 150 million - for the re-awarding of the Sylsky statehood (two trenches); 100 million dollars - the first tranche to the Project for the development of business (only three tranches); 90 million dollars - The first tranche of the loan for the re-sale of the financial sector (only three tranches). At the final stages of preparation, you may have to retrieve even three dozen investment projects, the fate of the financial banks of the Svitovy Bank. A practical leather project is supported by a grant. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the proposal for the reinstatement of the PED project for the rehabilitation of the HES and the management of the electric power system, the project for the implementation of the experiment, the experimental project for the industry; project for the restructuring of the volugal galuz. There are different types of clothes for realizing projects:

* More comfortable heating of metro station Sevastopol;

* rehabilitation and expansion of the centralized heat supply of metro station Kyiv;

* shcheto system treasury;

* Sharing to export;

* schodo pіdtrimki social zahistu (living subsidies);

* free suspension of Ukraine; * for the development of the private sector;

* for the reform of the administration of statistics and statistics.

Loans to the Svitovy Bank є an affordable loyal dzherel zovnіshnogo fіnansuvannya. For the classification of the Bank of Ukraine Ukraine should be ranked up to the third category of country (middle income). For such krai lines, repaid loans become 17 days with 5 periods and 5 places, with a stretch of which they unite for less than the rate. The betting rate may be fixed or floating at the rate of LIBOR. Percent on the posits of the Svitovy Bank, as it was before ten o'clock heaped up by Ukraine, rallying for a floating rate. With urahuvannyam marginal Svitovogo Bank interest rate for Ukraine to become close to 6.5% of the current. On 1 year 2000 p. State Borg of Ukraine before Svitovym Bank Dorivnyu 2.0 billion dollars USA, abo 16.0% of Ukraine’s state-of-the-art sovereign borg.

Is it possible to deal with problems from the Ukrainian side of the goiters at the borders of the closed projects? Of the eight grants for a separate project and a healthy work, most of the robots were assembled through the active interest of the Ukrainian Parliament, and it was approved by the Verkhovna Rada. The Ukrainian side has not yet completed the registration of membership with BAGI, and it has made it less difficult for the victorious resources of the organizations to numerically guarantee the foreign investors, as well as for the international community development.

Such a camp of obligations due to the lack of effectiveness of the project portfolio of the Svitovy Bank and, in addition to the convenience of our part, assimilate the cost, it’s hoped.