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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


Regional international credit and financial institutes may have similar values ​​- in addition to economic, economic and regional integration. They have the same type of form, passive form, identical form of rule, identifiable credit and credit — infrastructure, strong gratitude, and good promises. Usi stinkyuyut credits less than member countries.

Appearance of these institutes is associated with acceleration in 60 years of the development of the colonial system, with the expansion of regional integration and economic integration, which are developing. Prior to the most important regional credit and financial establishments, we will transfer to the United States Development Bank (IDA), the African Development Bank (ADB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Mіzhamerikansky Bank for Development (MABR) bouv adoption in 1960 кinvestitsіyn_institutsiya_ for financing of the krains of Latin America. Members of the є 27th Krai American region and 17 non-regional Krai-members. The majority of votes at the IDB are to enforce the United States and the rest of the world. The headquarters of the bank is revenge at Washington. The most prominent body is да glad keruyuchih ’, in Yak the skin region of the direct representative.

The resources of the bank are formed from outside the country-member and those that are available, but they can be mobilized on the markets of bank accounts. The Bank grants loans to the government and guarantees for private loans on sound and intelligent minds, as well as guarantees for government loans. The greatest loan oversight by a bank on the territory of the Great Britain - Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Three countries will occupy three first places for the liabilities of the population, and the average average income per capita of the population is 20% higher than the average indicator for the continent. Aly golosuvannya v_dbuvaєsya v_dpovіdno to participate in the statutory capital. Sum of votes of the representative of the skin region dorogneє 135 + 1 vote for the skin action vartіstyu 10 thousand. dale I have a statute, I’m glad to take the decision less than that, as well as the present representatives may be no less than 75% of the total amount of votes. The United States may borrow from one bank 25% of the vote, so without a representative I’m glad to get in trouble. A portion of the powers that come before may become 45% of the total number of votes, which may help me to de facto veto the law, more than 2/3 of the mandate is needed for the adoption of important decisions. It is possible to respect this, that the IDB is practically interrupted by the control of the prominence of the Krai.

Bank of organizations in the form of joint-stock partnership with a capital of 850 million dollars. The order of capital investment in his own orderly group of funds, which is necessary to enter before. Tsі establish install interchange with a technical bank to the bank.

Credits, which is necessary for the IDB, are based on sound and public relations. Sound loans are granted for financing profitable projects, that is why you need to know more about them, and lower at posilgovyh posic. Lines canceled zavichaynih posik - vіd 7 to 20 rock_v. Dzherelom of bank loans є special funds, for a jaunt of some kind of finances you can design, who are especially important from the social point of view, but unprofitable and unprofitable from the financial look. Behind these poses are taken low prices (2-4% of the average). Rows canceled posik-15-40 rock_v.

African Development Bank (AfDB), after operating on 1 Lipnya 1966 rubles, I want to please you for the first time I’ve got a bulletin written by the Ministry of Finance of 23 non-resident African countries in 1963. Until 1983 p. Bank ucnuvav exclusive to the pan-African organization. As a result, we have seen similar analogous institutes and higher regions, which are developing. At 1978 p. for the sake of Keru AfDB, there was a lot of acceptance of a loan for a bank of non-African countries with a clear statutory capital; African continent. Qi umovi put with me through saving the African character of the bank.

AfDB members є 50 independent African powers and 25 non-regional members. AfDB resources stockpiled from outside the country and members.

Statutory Capital Bank of Appointments at Rosrahunk Banks (ROB), as a rule for equivalent SDR. I won’t be able to reinsert the warranties on the exchange rate of the dollar. Credits are credited for bourgeois bourgeoisie in viln about converting abo to national currencies. It’s okay to pay for the payment of a foreign exchange wartost to the project and that it will randomly wrap 40 to 80% of the entire foreign wartost. The private party is financed by a detachment, private or international organizations. AfDB can apply for loans so that we can arrange the organization, so the private company is a krai-member. With a bank, I won’t need an advance guarantee for the government of the posichnik.

The maturity lines and the percentage of interest lie in the profitability of the project, which is important for the development of the African economy and that. Lines of credit credits - from 5 to 25 rubles, in addition, the period will become 1 to 6 rubles. Bank vikoristovuє two rivny interest rates. One, the other - for loans, which is hoped for in the industrial sector and in other countries with a quick payback. The interest rate is different. Insha, nizhchaya, to get a loan for a healthy project in developing a socially-respected virobnitstva, a link, power engineering and that. In addition to the percentage, the bank will accept the commission: I will set the commission in the amount of 1% of the total and 0.75% of the non-public part of the posic.

The main problem for the bank is the lack of financial resources. With the method of replacing 1972r. The African Development Fund (AFR) is on sale. Independently of those who often have AfDB capital from the fund, become less than 2.8%, and 50% of votes belong to you. Vote among the previous members in proportion to the share of the capital Fund.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) after disbursing its operations since 1968 pislya ratifikatsії Good for the construction of the ADB 15 countries-partners. The members of the є country of the Asian-Pacific Region, as well as the USA, Canada and 13 Western European countries. At 1986 p. to ADB members China entered. From the statute to the regional members of the State Assembly, there is a statute for capital and at a graduate institute. The ability to pay for investment in a bank is indicated in the statutory capital. It is not guilty of having a statutory pitoma in the Vaga of a be-a-member Krai member of a capital bank to retake 0.5% of GNP.

The ADB itself, as a result of the development of a bank, grants a loan to a part of the project, and in the second part to guarantee for the poses of those who have got a loan or a loan to a donor with a hat, please take care of the loan. Percentages for posikovlyuyutsya, as a rule, on the level of private rates of private market capitals. For dey kraїn nadya p_lgi. Lines are repaid for loans of 10 to 30 rubles, for pilgrims - up to 40 rubles. Grazіonny perіod trivaє 2-7 rokіv, behind the pilgrims - up to 10 rokіv. Most of the time a posik (ponad 60%) is needed for the bank to develop infrastructure, which I’m trying to think about for the tide of private foreign capital. The largest loan oversight by the ADB in five countries: Indonesia, Pivden Korea, Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand.

There are also the following regional and subregional banks and development funds. Nayvіdomіshі of them:

  • 1. Central American Economic and Integration Bank, Honduras.
  • 2. Caribbean Bank of Rosvitku, Barbados.
  • 3. Andska Corporation for Development, Venezuela.
  • 4. The Islamic Bank of Rosvitku, Saudi Arabia
  • 5. OPEC Fund of the International Institute for Public Relations, Austria.
  • 6. The Arab Bank for the Economic Development of Africa, Sudan.
  • 7. The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait and India.

At the intervals between the European Economic Banking and International Currency and Credit Establishment - the European Investment Bank ()ІБ), the European Currency Exchange Fund (ВФВС).

ЕйEuropean Investment Bank (БІБ) Bulo was founded in 1958. country - members of the ЄС. For the purposes of establishing a bank, the bank has gone to a fiddling camp (20–25 Rocks), financially weakly separated regions, healthy projects in the territory of Ukraine. The Bank is pleased to hear from you, to the warehouse of which there are ministries of finance, the Ukrainian party and the Directorate. Nіmechchina, France, England and Italy may have the most money from a statutory capital bank, which will become approximately 15 billion euros.

ЄІБ can get a koshti on the European and international markets of capital for rakhunok emіsіі oblіgatsіy. The main things to do is to invest in energy, transport, telecom-and-telecommunication. As a rule, koshti ЄІБ upgrade koshti, which are contributed by the project leaders. Credit can not be less than 50% for the project.

For cooperation with the countries of the Central and European Europe, the established market economy of the European countries was established in 1991. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (div. 13.4).

The Chornomorsky bank with a regional bank has a state-owned bank of 1 state-owned bank in the region of the Chornomorsky pool (Azerbaijan, Albania, Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Ukraine). For the sake of the goal, the bullion was written by these countries of the 30th red square of 1994r. at metro Tbіlіsі (Gruz_ya). Vіdpovіdno to the point of interest To BSTDB mav almost honored by 1995 r. However, through marriage, the krash-participant and the political instability of active negotiations and the process of ratification of the party-participants were more vulnerable to 1996 p. Operational duty is usually less than 1 worm 1999r. The headquarters of the bank Rostashovana u Salonikah (Gretsіya). The contribution of Ukraine to the Statutory Fund of the BSTDB is 10%, and it will become 13.5 million SDRs (18.15 million US dollars).

The BSTDB is accomplished by the method of loss of integration and integration of sounds between the countries of the Chornomorsk Economic Competition (CES). Priority for the bank is guilty of food, it’s possible to get hold of transport goods (sea and land), energy, state gratitude, bidding. Bank proponuvatime kraїnam BSEC tehnіchnu th Advisory Relief from viroblennі efektivnoї ekonomіchnoї polіtiki, zasnovuvatime spetsіalnі Fondi spriyatime іnvestuvannyu in ekonomіchnі that sotsіalnі projects nadavatime garantії that bratime fate in garantіyah i fіnansovih structures sovereign st private sektorіv, pogliblyuvatime spіvpratsyu mіzhnarodnih fіnansovih SET rozvitku of natsіonalnimi agentsіyami finance and development krask-participant skinny. Vrakhovuchi special features of the Krai-participant, as well as changing their retirement plans and transitioning to market channels, the BSTD will help them to carry out structural economic reforms, to allow for private, private,