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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


БанкEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development (ЄBRR), regional and international bank, which has now disbursed its business from 1991 The bank was bustled with a special method - to transfer to a private economy, owned by the market, and to develop private business in the Central and Western regions of the Republic of Karelia. Vidpovidno to Ugodi about the creation of the RBDR in the world in quiet countries, so as to understand the principles of bag-party democracy, pluralism and market economy and to provide them with life. Dotrimannya this principle is closely controlled by the Bank.

London Bank of Interests, set the status of an international financial institution, 60 members are included in the warehouse: 58 countries, including all European countries, countries of the United States (USA, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Japan). І European Investment Bank (БІБ). Statutory capital bank to become 20 billion euros. The leather member country is represented by Radi Keruyuchih and Radi Directors of the Bank. In Ukraine Є RBR, the diplomatic status and the status of a privileged creditor.

The main specialty of the RBDR, which is the right to enter your own bank’s business, and your private account is private. The main reason for this is the diurnal nature of the RBD, I’m talking about it, at least 60% of the burdened oath of finance is for the Bank to confess to the private sector. At 1997 p. goiter’s involvement in the whole sector also became 76% for obedience and 86% for the indebtedness of the obscene oath of financing of the RBD.

The bank is operating at the operating countries, the number of which is 26. By coordination of activities at the RBDR, there are 28 representative offices at all of their operating countries, behind a vignette of one (Virmeniya). Representatives to take part in the process of scrutiny of new projects and visions and solidarity, with special arrangements with public organizations. At present, the minds of organizing the structure of the Bank are transformed, they tend to develop in full range of activities. Such a decentralization, at the thought of the Bank of the Bank, to give the bank the opportunity to more effectively react to the winter market conditions and to take advantage of the criteria. Representatives celebrate at the territorial office. Ukraine, at once from Rumunіyu, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, enter the warehouse of the group of Pivdenno and Scheduled Europe (BGCEE). Dyalnistyu Territorial Group Keru Banking Department.

Enhanced re-management of the RBDR placed on the cherubic Rada at the right of the head and the house of two defenders. There is a warehouse with the Ministry of Finance, as well as the central banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the representative office of the Central Bank of Ukraine. I’m glad to cherish the delegates a number of important considerations to the Radi directors, as vidpovid for the bank's business.

Prior to the sake of directors, the President, three vice presidents and 23 directors are included. Kozhen Vice-President of the Coordination Department of the Group of Territorial Groups.

Zbori actions are carried out lightly at the quarterly and at the same time at London (at the non-paired rock) and at the same bank in the country (at the paired rock). Syomі shchorіchnі zbori (1998 p.) Vidulisya at Kiev.

The Bank will be in charge of the strategy of the carved zrostanny, based on the hard-core add-on of healthy bank principles.

The functions of the RBDR, which mean the priorities of the government, є:

- spryanynya transition to the market economy and evaluation to fill in their projects for the process of switching to the market to understand the state grant;

- Paytrim of private pidprimnitsіnitsіnі Initiative;

- the desire for private financing of projects and those of direct investments in private and sovereign sectors;

- mobilization of internal and external capital;

- Helped in the activities of the institute.

Financing of the RBD to lay down the specifics of the project and hoping for a substantial financial institution as well as structural reorganization of the great companies, so I have to look at the other companies for crediting them.

The best resources are available on international markets, the order of your own resources, the RBDR offers its servants for commercial values, often often at once by partners (spivfinansuvannya). ЄRBR spіvpratsyuє with bugs by international institutes, and in front of the Group of Holy Bank (SB).

ЄBRD health_ is straightforward, so і are mediated by financial means.

Directly - there is no need for the Bank to finance it, it is possible to finance great behind the bargain of investment as well as private infrastructure, as well as for the share of central government. There is an intermediation of financial assistance through financial intermediaries (bank accounts or investment funds).

Depends on the order of financial development of the RBDR Vikoristov’s financial science of financial instruments.

Prior to direct financing of RBDR, follow:

1. Loans. Hope for specific needs with the credit and payroll of a posichnik. Loan riser, if not, take care of the Bank, but often syndicate. The loan can be used to secure the May of the clerk of the abo’s commitments with active capital.

2. Investment in equity capital. The Bank will buy a subcontrol package of shares, as well as a guarantee of a limited edition of shares. When directly invested in the share capital, the Bank often appoints its representative at the next committee to ensure the transparency of the internal management, the effectiveness of the package and the implementation of the package of the real package.

3. Guaranteed ЄBRD to support the clerks in denied access to financial support and to provide free access to financial support of the РBRD and their partner with financial support. There are no guarantees for export loans and bank loans.

The minimum amount is direct credits, now you are hoping for RBD to become 5 million euros, although you want for the singing minds of sum can buti skorigo-vana - it is changed a lot. The average sum of such loans is about 22 million euros, the lines of loans - for the average 5-10 euros, for the vinyatka vipadka - 15 euros. The interest on loans can be fixed, but floating, set at a margin up to the LIBOR rate.

Overexposed funds to stagnate for giving insignificant loans with an oath of credit. With yogo tools є:

1. Credit lines of the RBDR of the mid- and pre-settlement nature of financial intermediaries, such as banks, for satisfying internal loans for loans on the minds of RBD.

2. Investments in private equity capital are recognized by the bank as a sign of subscription to the sound and privileged shares, but in the higher forms. On the whole, the contribution є, as a rule, was invested in funds, as well as on your own funds in private medium-sized companies, but in the capital of banks with the help of funds and development of the financial sector.

3. Program bank development. ЄBRD should be rewarded with help to the banks of the Republic of Nabuta above the reputation, as if I could have helped the banks at international financial markets, mother access to the investment resources. ЄBRD may have a role with the guarantor. Zdіysnyu р program of technical assistance to the banks.

4. Spіvfіnansuvannya. Private investment RBD in private sector projects, as a rule, will disregard 35%. That is why the Bank has a role in the role of the catalyst of the investor. The main partners of ЄBRD at spіvfіnansuvannі vistupayut:

* commercial banks - with a glance to participate in EBRD loans, re-enrollment of rights, trade goiters, parallel loans and credit lines;

* Oficial partnership set up - state organizations and financial establishments, specially tailored on the basis of medium-sized land;

* export credit agencies - on the basis of direct financing of export credit and investment insurance guarantees;

* Set up international financial support - credit economic and social infrastructure with the private sector and credit the state guarantee for the implementation of great projects.

At 1997r. The partners of the Bank for Reconstruction and Development Bank on bank loans were 115 commercial banks, the share of such loans in foreign countries was 48%. Official establishments took part in 30 projects (23% of the total foreign loan "loan"). Special loans became 13% of the total loan amount. General operation, of which 16% were available.

Ukraine entered before ЄBRR 13 sickle 1992r. Male and middle age in our country forgive good deed, i

International Banking with the Bank, as much as possible straightforward to direct the development of one promising sector of the economy. When I enter Ukraine before the ЄBRD ї б о о к к млн Є кредит Є кредит кредит я на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на. By priorities of the bank in Ukraine for today є:

- Pіdtrimka and development of the private sector;

- a significant position in the financial sector;

- syryannya that help in the restructuring and modernization of the energy sector;

- Development of malih and middle business (SMEs);

- assistance in the reconstruction of reforms of key sectors of the infrastructure, and itself: sectors of transport, telecommunications and communal services;

- Підтримка підвищення nuclear nuclear bezpeki.

Departed from the first credit facility between the RBD and the National Bank of Ukraine, 16th day 1994 p. Ukrainian Bulk Credit Report Malim and Medium Enterprises (SME-I) iz zagalnym obedom 120.2 million dollars. USA. Ukranian pіdpriєmtsі mali the ability to choose a loan with a loan of 50 yuan. up to 2.5 million dollars. Pid 14% of the number of lines in a row is not greater than Ya P'yat rock іz dvoma Pіlgovymi rock. SMEs-pozavichniki guilty of a number of dates in the Vimog Є RBR, middle:

a) SMEs may lie down to the private sector;

b) the mother is not older than 500 pracivnikov;

c) funds of the government may not be more than 2.5 million dollars; (before the project upgrade);

d) the legal relationship between those who have been acquired by the powerful cats is not guilty of re-enacting 70:30;

e) the coefficient of coverage of servants to the Borg cannot be less than 1.3: 1.

For the price of the program, 145 projects were allocated for a total of 133.9 million dollars. USA. The most expensive clothes are hidden in Kharchov’s industry (30%), in transport services (8.59%), in the lung (8.22%) and wood-cutting (7.88%), industry, thanks to the public (recycle galuz) (7.48% ), chemical industry (7.16%). The commercial banks Aval, Azhіo, Vabank, Nadra, Privatbank, Ukrainian Credit Bank, Ukraine, Zakhidnoukrainskiy Commercial Bank took part in the servicing of credit lines.

Oskilki project developed successfully, the RBD and NBU were disbursed in 1998. microcredit program for credit card surplus first credit line (6 million dollars С11ІА). The program is implemented at once by the Nіmetsko-Ukrainian Fund. For two rocky programs, bulos were seen ponad 1000 credits with an overwhelming oath of ponad 20 million dollars. USA. The program mіkrokredituvannya maє on metі:

* credit cards of the mikrot malim pidprimstvam;

* giving technical notes to commercial banks in connection with the development of the value of the largest group;

* brain drain for pre-string financing of the microcourse of small enterprises by Ukrainian commercial banks.

I look at the success of the implementation of the first credit line, 8 grass 1998 p. The bulletin was written to please the NBU and the проBRD about the provision of other credit lines (MSP-2), as well as it’s been realized. Take your project on the basis of mid-line loans to micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises through Ukrainian banks. Rozmir lіnії become 75.1 million euros. The price of money for small sums and the average private prices 66,192 ths. dale United States with two tranches and microcredits with three tranches (one - 11 032 thousand and two 5516 thousand US dollars each) Malim for private property and private privately. Rozmir tsikh credit_v becomes a form of 125 000 to 2.5 million dollars. USA.

At one go, robots ЄBRD with Ukraine є finance through venture funds. At the boundaries of the program in 1992. bulo was written for the benefit of the Ukraine Foundation; for such a bulo 30 companies were financed for a sum of more than 10 million dollars. At 1998 p. written for the sake of "Global Finance" with an overt sworn 60 million dollars. USA for financing at Rumunіta in Ukraine, the maximum funding is to become up to 10 million dollars. USA. The same Russian Bulo was written for the sake of ров ен ен ен ен ен ен Укра "" "" "" "" "об об ся г г 30 30 million dollars USA.

Vihodyachi zi strategii ЄBDR presented in Ukraine, the NBU, with the active role of ЄBRD, is getting ready to go through the Microfinance Bank with an oath of capital of 10 million euros. The middle of an investor bank mayu buti International financial corporation; The Trans-Nimetsky-Ukrainian Fund, the Western European Fund for the Development of the CIS. Ochkuєtsya, scho portfolio of loans is becoming until Kintsya 2000r. approximately 15 million euros. At its new business, a new bank will be incorporated at a company with a num ber of practical men yak 100 os.

The furthest development of the economy of the country stimulates the purchase of different forms of regional currency and financial loans. For all of Ukraine, it is not only with the RBD, but with the highest standards, a form of credit with the Nymetsky credit institution for credit card (KFW), as well as in the sphere of microcredit lending. After the official visit of the Federal Chancellor Nіmechchini Helmut

Kolya to Ukraine at the heresy of 1996 p. Bulletin of the agreement on the implementation of the credit of the Nimetsko-Ukrainian Fund (NUF) was accepted, by means of which there is access to loans for small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine for financial investments and reverse investments. There is a fund є additional to previous projects at the inter-program of the Office of Nimechchini “Transform”. The winnings at the newly-opened revolving fund are with a cob capital tranche Uryadu Nimechchini Ukrainian Rose of 10 million marks.

After 1.5 years of writing over the first loan on the basis of the PFM fund, the Bulo saw about 600 credits per soum, and I will transfer 21 million NIM marks. Vidpovidnymi for the weekend project є KFW і NBU. In Ukrainian banks, as well as servicing the whole credit line, it was done in the form of microcredit lending, there were great credit experts, and we went through the theoretical training at the Transform programs. Potential posichnikami є groups of enterprises, as a rule, we will guide them to the table. 13.1.

small 74

The main characteristics of the potency posichalnik NUF

Take the part of the program from the banks: JSPPB Aval, AB Azhio, BAT VaBank, CB Privatbank and AKB Kiev Privat. Behind the camp at 1 lipnya 1999r. banks - participants in servicing credit lines of the NUF saw 874 loans in the amount of 28 342 411.20 NIMs. 80% (700) of the total number of loans granted was limited to small enterprises, 17.8% - to micro-loans and 18 loans - to the Ukrainian-private loans. For the sphere of vikoristannya loans mainly came from the enterprises of the sphere of services - 54.3%, from the virology sector - 33.1% and from the enterprises of trade - 12.6%.

From now on, in Ukraine, I am trying to find a way to develop partnerships for building partnerships in small and medium-sized businesses. Private business is the foundation of market economy, the support of open democratic democracy, and the closure of fake effective economic development.