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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


The National Credit Institution of the Regional Type є Bank of International Risrahunks (BIS). Bulo Bank was established at the time of Jung’s implementation of the plan Persona Private News 20 September 1930 p. vіdpovіdno to mіzhuryadovih lands. The main meta-relocation relieved the regular problems of payments in Nimechchini. The BIS was appointed by the group of six central banks (Belgium, Great Britain, Nimechchini, Italy, France and Japan) and the group of US banks in the Morgan Bank House. For the sake of distinction, the Bank of the Boulevards of Switzerland has yak imposed the Charter, the law on international law. The new international organization is guilty of the bury to take account of the central banks ’krai-participants and pressures on international financial operations (article 3 of the first Statute). BMR after disassembling its dyalnost 17 grass 1930 p. at Baselі. Until 1932 p. More than 19 Krai Europe became participants.

The bank of international rozrahunkіv nezmіnne to be paid off by the central bank ustanovku on a private arena. It is up to the Central Banks to control and control the central banks, to them, by and large, a special supply of services to the central banks as members of the BIS, as well as the largest central banks.

One of the main goals of the international banking Bank in the world of international financial stability. Of particular relevance is such an essential nabuva in the current minds of the integrated financial markets. The price is the role and the role of the bank in the system of international loans: BIS is the representative of the central bank representatives; є by the bank of central banks - deposits, in order to become a significant part of the total foreign currency reserves, healthy deposits among them on a clear basis; є Agent Abo Dovіrenoyu special z іznomіnіtnyh mіzhіdnyh іnіdіvіvііvііvіvііvіvіyіvііvіvііvіvіyіvіyіvіyіvіyіnіyі fіnansovykh domodnosti.

By the BIS members there are є 41 Central Banks of Ukraine, Asia, Africa and the United States, a number of countries ’representatives of the Republic of Belarus. The United States is represented by City Bank Corp, and not by the Federal Reserve System (FRS). Odnak remains tieno with the Bank: on thousands of hardships at the Basel Club (Basel Club) and the zagrannyh fence in the BIS, wait for the present member for the sake of the Federal Reserve. The priority in managing the BMR is to establish the territory of Western Europe.

For the legal status of the BMR є company with an obmeshchennoy vidpovіdalnіstyu, scho mak otpuscheniya share capital. The statutory share capital of the bank of international banks will become 1,500 million gold francs with a viewer 600,000 shares with a fixed nominal fee (2,500 gold francs per share). Vidovdno up to article 7 Statute of the BMR, the shares, which are issued (517 125 shares), the amount paid is increased by drawing 25% of the nominal rate (625 gold francs per share). Behind the camp on 31 birch trees 1997 p. paid part of the BMR equity capital became 323.2 million gold francs.

On a Capital Bank, a country-participant, within the limits of its own patent application, can directly register for a share in the sale of foreign currency market. First way transfer, which central banks themselves will subscribe to shares, and the other - you can get a public letter of shares in your country. One time before another approach, a part of the VIP offer from Belgium, France and a new VIP from the United States should be owned by private shareholders. A portion of these holdings at the capital Bank is to become 14%, and nearly 86% of the issued joint-stock capital is registered at the Central Bank. Improve your right to excuse your shared dividends, at the same time reserve the right to vote (presence) exclusively to the central banks of the country, and the first national registration list was issued at the same time.

The administrative structure of the BMR is made up of three organizations: zagornі zbori aktsіonerіv, glad of the director and the government.

Zagory zbori click together, as a rule, another has a worm from a representative of central banks, shares are voted in proportion to the number of shares.

To the warehouse For the sake of directors, enter six main central banks. In addition, the skin one of them appoints more than one member, a representative of the country. For the sake of the members for the sake of directors of the central banks of Belgium, Nimechchini, Italy, Great Britain, France and the head For the sake of the US Federal Reserve. The provisions of the Statute of the transfer of vibe from Radu have no more than nine cherishing central banks-members. Infection by vibranim members є Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan. From the number of members For the sake of directors, one should turn one's head and the president should be appointed to the bank (since 1948 there are one person to plant a vicon). Z 30 of the red worm 1997 p. qi plant a chery Keruyuchy National Bank of Belgium Alfons Verplatse.

I am glad to see the director of the chief manager of the head manager (hereby, Andrew D. Crockett) and the senior members of the Board, as well as operational banking with the bank.

BIS vikonuє tsіliy a number of functions. Zokrema vin:

* Zdіysnyu з a wide number of bank operations with the help of central banks in managing foreign exchange reserves, to BMR є bank of central banks;

* a servant with a forum (organizer) of an international pennant-credit and foreign currency exchange, within the framework of the yanko periodically, currencies of central banks;

* vistupaє informational and pre-center with food of pennies and monetary and financial issues;

* Visa function agent and an individual from the weekend of international financial lands, including up to 1994 in the framework of ЄС.

Yak Bank of Central Banks of the BMR to Vicon I appreciate the function of the coordinator of the Bank of Ukraine. The water hours are not only central banks, but central banks (about 120), and also establish financial and international funds to establish a victorious BMR yak bank. In addition to the large international razrahunkіv, win nadє usіlakі financial services, you must manage the reserves of the central banks.

In addition, BIS accepts central banks in short-term deposits (up to three months) in foreign currency and gold. On Kinets Birch Forest 1997 p. the total amount of deposits at BIS was close to 113.1 billion dollars. USA, to become about 7% of all foreign currency reserves. From these BMI cats to Vikon є such an operation:

- operations with currency and valuable folders (in the main short-term power prices);

- deposit-posichkovі operations (for central banks to be secured with gold, and for deposits, loans, for unaddressed and non-guaranteed (reserve) loans for short lines);

- Adoption of government contributions for special pleasures (BMR is not allowed to lend money to the government, otherwise they are responsible for the flow of goods);

- investment services managing a portfolio of valuable folders;

- operations with the purchase and sale of gold and gold;

- Foreign servants on the private markets as an agent of a correspondent of central banks (industrial finance).

Yak has already entered, BIS - the whole forum, which is right for international banking. Win regularly organize at home (Basel zustrichi) a representative of the central banks in the Ukrainian member of the main central banks, with a group of ten. The head of meta zustrіchey - reaching a higher level for freezing power of a penny-credit and economical nature, func- tioning of a new currency monetary system.

BMR is possible for robots of different categories (such as special and special ones), which I need to discuss and discuss specific food: problems of international trade; improvement of financial innovations, more convenient financial instruments, structure of financial markets, a clear view of the bank, secure efficiency and stability of internal payment systems of international payments.

Pid ego bdm і for yogo piddrimki praciuyut three komiteti z razroblennya and pogorezhennya regulatory bank_vskih standards:

1) The Basel Committee with a clear view of the bank - the basic principle of effective banking view;

2) The Basel Committee on payment systems and rosrachuns - health review of the international rozrahunki and rozroblya new mechanics of the international rozrahunkіv. Naybilsh significant єyogo recommendations щ од роз роз роз роз роз за за за за за за for financial derivatives;

3) Post-comittee with Eurocurrency - vivcha and recommending a more convenient bank regulation of the eurocurrency market.

For the sake of the fate of the ISU, the BMR shifted to the provisional іn- / formatsyno-doslіdnitsky center with monetary and financial problems. Vin zbira і publіku іinformatsіy about stan at the international market of bank and financial services. The previous bank may have an applied character. BIS is ready to go through the bank database, access to central banks is possible. There is information about the activity of central banks at the foreign exchange markets and about the standard market.

BIS has its own mission to come to the end of the international financial lands, with the help of middle-aged and first-time servants. At the time of the win d'yak fiscal agent abo bank-depot-zitarіy from the international land about posiki. So, BIS has overlooked the role of an agent of a private clearing payment system and rozrahunkіv in the ecu at the Banking asocial ecu (BAE). Nini vin є agent for clearing payments in Euro. In addition, the Bank may provide additional functions, for example, an agent with a guarantee to turn the borg.

Ukraine is not a М participant in the BIS. Ale National Bank of Ukraine є лив лив є лив орган орган орган орган орган орган сп сп сп сп сп сп з з М М М. Adzhe Bank of international loans є a great corporate body, like a country є to the international monetary credit institution, є a bank of central banks.


1. International and regional monetary and credit establishments appeared at the XX century Pong stvorenі that dіyut on osnovі mіzhderzhavnih lands that poklikanі regulyuvati mіzhnarodnі ekonomіchnі vіdnosini, їh meta - spriyati rozvitku zovnіshnoї torgіvlі th mіzhnarodnogo that regіonalnogo monetary and fіnansovogo spіvrobіtnitstva, pіdtrimuvati rіvnovagu platіzhnih balansіv kraїn scho incoming to them regulyuvati Courcy їhnіh currencies nadavati loans CIM to the countries and guarantors of private poses behind the cordon.

2. International and regional monetary and financial organizations to maintain their own strengths, to expand their activities on the global and regional markets, as well as to provide important warehouse and regional supplies. Ukraine, which is developing more and more with them, is reckoned to integrate with the economic system.

І 3. The role of middle names of international organizations іdіgraіyut International Currency Fund (IMF) і International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (MBRD), which is the main institution of the Group of Holy Bank. The IBRD is surrounded by the structure of the Group of the Private Bank and includes the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the International Development Association (IDA), the Third-Party Guaranteed Investment Agency (BAP), and the International Insurance Center.

4. The IMF - the international supranational monetary and credit institution, which has the status of a special representative office of the UN. IMF spriyaє mіzhnarodnomu currency spіvrobіtnitstvu that stabіlіzatsії currencies pіdvischennyu stage їh konvertovanostі, pіdtrimuє rіvnovagu platіzhnih balansіv kraїn-chlenіv Fund nadaє korotkostrokovі loans kraїnam Member Fund for pokrittya timchasovogo defіtsitu їhnіh platіzhnih balansіv on lіkvіdatsіyu Monetary obmezhen, organіzovuє Advisory Relief of fіnansovih i Monetary food.

5. IBRD - one of the largest and most efficient international financial and credit institutions, as well as the majority of government positions for central banks and central banks of the Kyrgyz Republic. IBRD members may be members of the IMF. The main goal of the IMF and the IBRD lies in the fact that the IMF concentrates more on the power of short-term financial stability in the country, and as a result, the IBRD is mid-term in the middle of its two-year projects. For the most part, the IMF seems to be taking pride in its programs in Ukraine, where it is possible to add credit to the side of the IBRD until the program is closed.

6. Regional and international credit and financial establishments set up in a step-by-step manner, one at a time to the singing stages of the development of sacred sounds and the integrated processes of integration. Look at the similarity of prices - the development of economics, economical integration and integration in the region. They have the same type of form, passive form, identical form of rule, identifiable credit and credit — infrastructure, strong gratitude, and good promises. Loans are replenished only to member states.

7. Prior to the founding of regional credit and financial institutions, the Bank of America must be established, the Bank of Africa development, the Bank of Asia development. At the intervals between the European Economic Banking and International Currency and Credit Establishments, the main banks are the European Investment Bank and the European Currency Exchange Fund. For cooperation with the countries of the Central and European Europe, the established market economy, the European countries were established in 1991. Банк Europe Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Є RBR). The territories of the Chornomorsky pool are associated with the Chornomorsky bank of trading and development. Ukraine є one with a single-day bank. It was done through the process of integration and integration of sounds between the countries of the Chornomorsk economic economy.

8. Particularity of the ЄBRD є pay-off of the private private sector, often a party to the ЄBRD investments is guilty of becoming no less than 60% of the total foreign oath. Financing of the RBDD to lay down for specific projects, credits are credited directly, so it is reassigned to the replacement of financial institutions, structural reorganization of great and other companies.

9. The Bank of International Banking унк found the previous international organization, the main function of the bank is є regulation of payments in central banks and the fragmentation of regulatory documents from a bank's eye.

Self-control power

1. What is also the international monetary and credit establishment?

2. What does the "principle of reasoning" mean?

3. How to form the IMF capital?

4. What are the main types and programs of the IMF viktoristovym vidnosiny z Ukraine?

5. Do the institutes go in to the Group of Holy Bank?

6. How are IBRD resources formed?

7. Give a description of the international regional credit and credit organizations.

8. What is a loan to the IBRD in Ukraine?

9. What are the goals of the RBD? The main direct way to Ukraine.

10. Describe the main tools for financial support, what are the benefits of your RBD?

11. What is the reason for the specificity of the Bank of International Rosrachunks?

12. What are the main functions of the Vicon Bank of International Banking?