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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

1.3.3. Functional participants in the investment process

Development of possible organizational forms of mutual partnerships in the investment process for the acquisition of investment activities, the functions of special services and the wide range of services. With such a company, an investor can arrange a deal for a consortium, get one in the middle of an investment, and get it right.

Functional participants in the investment process may be able to:

The company-developer is a legal person, as I take care of the functions of a new realizatsii capital, which is to invest. Such a company, say it yourself on a self-sustaining basis, investing in an investor’s money, developing a project, financing it, realizing it and introducing it into operation. As a rule, for my services, the developer will deny 5 to 10% of the total investment. In the case of a developer, rely on the idea of ​​knowing how to invest in a project, and a company developer of a hundred years old who is an investor and a profit investor in a profit.

Okremі funktsіy with the realizatsii project to the whole whose whole environment you can take on the project manager (project kerivnik). A number of tasks for the investor are economically and completely in the form of alarm and assembly work and ready to work, equip the incomplete objects. Tsі services for the investor виконує фірма-ріелтер.

Firma-reelter is a company-intermediary for trading non -business. Realty pratsuyut for pleasing with sellers of non-property. It is noteworthy that the fee for the company’s services is limited by 3 to 10% of the sum; please pay a fall due to the complexity of the project and the market for non-bridges. By law, bagatokha kranitsa cannot be transmitted obmezhennya rozmіru komisіinyh, that the maximum percentage in a number of VIPs can be significantly more dangerous. As a rule, in contracts with the owners of uncontrolled lines, the lines of realization are transmitted. Realtors reckon with the authorities with exclusive customers to sell non-property sales, scraps from the opposite, all the robots to the non-business market can be used for a long time, and the companies are competitive. In order to build robots for the market of investment goods, a real estate agent needs a mother and a broader number of stable customers (sellers and purchasers). For the success of the operation of the real estate agent, we will deny the commencement of peace and quiet.

In Ukraine, the Association of Realtors has been established, the functions of which are limited to methodical organization of certification courses for their members. With Maybut, we’ve got a key element of infrastructure and the market for investment goods, I will need to develop computerized information measures, participate in privatization, real estate, and business

A wide range of services to the investor is given to engineering consulting and company.

Inzhinіringo-konsaltingovaya firma - the whole company, as a matter of preoccupation with negotiating ambushes of a different kind of documentation - informational, science-technical, design-koshtorisno і іншої. Such companies accumulate banks of information about the understanding of the economy of the largest regions, the factories, the territory of the region, the competition, the standards, the technology of the weekly assembly and installation, and the assembly and installation of the Zgodom stink to publish public information from special periodical customers. Such a company is inseparable from its own specialization; mothers can have their own wide portfolio of typical projects, as well as offer standardized standards.

Inzhinіringova firm for the changes of the okrema investor vikonu tehniko-ekonomіchne about the project, a detailed business plan, you can also monitor the project, copyright and technical review at the second time.

Virobnitstvo of the alarm installation and assembly work to conduct wide-range specialized business events.

The business center is open for the entire complex for an investment project (design, maintenance, installation, start-up and commissioning) and the investor is ready to prepare an “id key”. To market their services, there are also small and small enterprises, as well as special services for the types of repair and alarm work and installation work.

First talk about negotiating how to arrange negotiated interviews with any investor in an investment project, investor in goiters and attorneys, and the services of an audit firm. Audit companies are able to understand the investment process of the financial and state support of the investor himself, as well as of his existing partners. Audiences give an estimate of assets and liabilities in a company, more indicators of balance, a healthy estimate of investment values, an estimate of the capital of the investor himself and her.

Auditors may obtain a license for the right to grant financial and state support (audit) and engage exclusively in auditing services in the territory of such countries, as I will be granted special certification. In Ukraine, the Association of Auditors has been established, as is the activity of the auditors, as well as the functions of the auditors themselves, and are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Audit Activities”. However, auditing firms and auditors are certified lacking. In the process of developing the marketplace business and investment activities and the growth of the audit services.