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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

1.4. Directly that ob'kti investuvannya

1.4.1. Motivation and investment

The result of being an investment investment is that the result is a loss of social reach . In addition, it seems that all participants in the investment process are guilty of the butts of remaining in the current organization and efficiently completed. Itself such a rank is realized individual іnterestis participants in investіvіnі dіyalnostі:

  • Investor at the given time, clear the turn of the investment capital and transfer of dividends;
  • deputies to clear up the implementation of the investment project and return to it;
  • kerivnik to the project of the second team to clear the fee for the contract, to add the winery for the results of the work and form a profit, as well as a professional rating;
  • Organize to abolish the contributions from the participants, as well as the satisfaction of the huge, social and environmental consumers and consumers in the social sphere;
  • helping to clear the necessary comrade, products, servants, payment for the return of the necessary investment form and form, a way to express the active participants;
  • On the other hand, deny the satisfaction of our interests.

In order to achieve the most efficient and effective investment, you need to bring to your knowledge the following factors, as well as our main factors:

  • instability;
  • Deficit and obmezhenіst koshtіv resources;
  • інфляція и зростання вартості;
  • belts and the strength of competition;
  • social problems and vimogi;
  • Ecological zmіni and vimogi;
  • problems of a living market;
  • zrostayuchі vimogi to yakostі robіt.

As a matter of fact, you can’t get analized and don’t get lousy when managing an investment dyalnistyu, then you can bring to negative results, but itself:

  • low income and income of participants;
  • re-establishment of the contract for the newsletter, trial and line completion of the investment project;
  • іdvіshchennya instillation of limіtіv for surviving labor and that material-technical resources;
  • zbіlshennya fines for the destruction of goiters'yazan;
  • Record of the introduction of new technologies, introduction of the new technologies and practical results of scientific achievements and preliminary design funnels;
  • introduce new products to the live market;
  • ill-conceived acceptance;
  • low efficiency and investment and great lines of payback projects.