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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

1.4.2. Ponyattya about investment project

The Methodological Recommendations for evaluating investment projects and the third category for financing require the following projects: “on the right,” “on-going”, “on-the-go,” transmission of the entire complex. Closer to the understanding of the term “state grant”, “robotic complex”, “project as a system of legal documents and financial documents, as well as necessary documents for any kind of information”.
Based on the analysis of the guidance and the sign of the business project, it is possible to formulate a more meaningful understanding of the investment business project. An investment project - it is secured for an hour; the system is closed and installed by the ability to achieve results, by the possible intervals between the resources and the specific organization of the implementation and implementation.

Classification projects. A lot of business projects can be classified behind winter signs. Obviously, the scheme of classification is not shown below, but in most cases, we see the appearance of cinnamon.

The principle of the classification of business projects is violated :

  • type of project - for the main areas of dyalnostі, in such a project;
  • class to the project - behind the warehouse and to the structure of the project of this subject galuzu;
  • the scope of the project - beyond the rosaries of the project itself, the number of participants and that step by step to the middle of the call;
  • triviality of the project - for the term of the healthy project;
  • the complexity of the project - for example, beyond the stage of financial, technical and technical complexity;
  • type of project - the nature of the subject galuzi project.

Rozglzhenemo basic design projects:

1. Type of project - technical, organizational, economic, social, social.

2. Class project - monoproject, multiproject, megaproject.

3. The scale of the project - dbn, medium, great, great. Abo business class: mid-life, international, national, regional, regional, middle-class, corporate, corporate, design of one enterprise.

4. For trivial design, you can get butti of short-term (up to 3 rock), mid-term (3 to 5 rock), pre-heat (5 rock).

5. Type of investment projects: innovation and organization, science-based, primary-knowledge, entertainment.

Most business projects are of investment character. The size of the investment, which is necessary for a healthy business project, is to lay down the first and the second sign on the scale, the cost and the degree of complexity of the project.

Before investing in projects, call to establish the project, using the main method as follows: see what you see in the business with the help of a deceitful way. In this large business project, we intend to innovate and design, to some extent, establish a system of innovative innovations, and to ensure uninterrupted development of organizational and economic systems.

One of the most important cases is to introduce standardization of financial statements to assessment and analysis of investment projects of the International Center for Industrial Reporting at UNIDO. At 1972 p. Bulo was published “Kernivnstvo z ostsinki proektiv”, since it became significant achievements of the whole nutrition. Vrakhovuyu will go to the western countries for the implementation of the international methodology in the country with a short-term economy, as well as form, and also call for the fact that the international banks took part in the renovation of the UNIDO methodologies (international banks) , The International Monetary Fund) is not wonderful, but the methodology itself has become a standard for analysis of investment projects, as well as for the use of SND, closed in Ukraine.

Nineties for the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development Bank (EBRD) deeds of Ukrainian banks to finance investment and small enterprises of private property, which are public Klіnti bankіv, yakі bazhayut, by the way, by the way of the credit line of credit cards of the RBD, submit a bank account for taking out a loan on loan, wrapping up a business plan and necessary documents for such a loan.

Prior to investment, for some kind of detailed project, invest in such projects:

  • pre-projective non-innocent re-activity of 2.5 million dollars USA (for a vignette of sport equipment and Budivel);
  • kіlkіst pratsyuyuchih not guilty of redefining 500 osib;
  • dyalnist pіdpriyamstva mak vidpovіdati vimogam guard Dovkіllya, scho visuvaє RBRR;
  • the maximum satisfaction of the secret borg (loan to RBR) is up to 70:30% of the capital capital and the project contribution is not less than 30% for the project;
  • a number of servicing opportunities for the Borg (one way to pay a fee, amortization of expenses and a fee for paying a loan for the entire amount of the loan to the third person: 1);
  • Vartіst compel innocent buti at least for 120% of the total amount of foreign bargaining for a loan.

Credit cards are not direct:

  • at refinance even of private goiters'yazan of private business and private finance; but financial support of private households and private business and non-residential property;
  • on the implementation of projects, related to the business, viral relations, but to the extent that it’s worthless.

The business plan before the investment project is divided into the standard form, as it is, given to the bank client (div. Supplement 1).

Wash credit :

  • minimum loan amount - 50 thousand. dale USA;
  • maximum loan amount - 2 million dollars. USA;
  • term of a short-term loan - from 6 to 12 months;
  • the maximum term of pre-loan credit is 5 rokіv;
  • the maximum line of repayment of the main sumi-borg is 2 rooks (the triviality of the minimum period);
  • orіntovna vіdsotkova rate - 15% of the average;
  • loan loans are co-sponsored by a member bank member quarterly and often (with a short-term loan) for the principle of a pooled bag.

An investment project, which requires analysis at a Ukrainian participating bank and a positive posting guide, will be submitted for review to the special NBU commission and the RBD financial advisor. For a quick evaluation of such a project, you can take a positive financial decision.