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The sound of low-cost installations - Tkachenko I.T.

Rozdil III. The method of folding koshtorisіv budget installations

Basic terms and understandings: costoris of low-cost installations; budget appropriation; proprietary fund; special fund; budget asignment; budget goiter'yazannya; roses orders of budget cost; overpriced budget items; lіmіtna dovidka about budget asignuvannya .

Vidpovidno before the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "About shutting down the procedure for folding, reviewing, fixing and the main ones until the end of the budget of budgetary installations" vid 28.02.02. No. 228: costoris budget setting є the main planning document, a better budget setting that should be more profitable and healthy, visitor budget and direct budget for the second budget setting.

The budget is reappointed - reinstatement is given to the main order of budgetary expenses by the Budget Code of Ukraine, the Law on the State Budget of Ukraine, as well as on the budget, on average, and on budget.

Koshtoris maє dvі warehouses:

a foreign fund , a kind of oath of responsibility, from a foreign fund to the budget and a view of the budget for the renewal of the budgetary budget setting of the basic functions;

a special fund , a certain oath of oversight, and a special fund budget for a specific budget, is allocated for a new class, a separate function is required, and it is governed by law that

Form koshtorisіv, the plan asignuvann, the limited amount of supplements, the typical forms of staffing list, donovki about the winter pay-as-you-go budget (koshtoris), donations about the monthly pay-as-you-go budget fund (budget plan, the budget) the asignuvan list to the budget and the monthly asygnuvan list (div. pp. 51-75).

The plan of signing out of the zagalny fund - all the thousands of donated asignuvann, which was held by the koshtory for the igniting fund, for the shortened form of economic classification, taking some kind of regulation by taking the goiter’s knit outstretched rock.

Budget asignment - reassurance, given to the order of budgetary expenses in the same way as the budgetary award for taking the budget governing and payment by the specific method in the process of completing the budget.

The plan of signing є nevid'д with my own partial koshtoris and hardening at once with this koshtoris.

Establishment is independent of the fact that you are completely independent, who needs to be serviced by a centralized accounting department, to protect your own warehouse and to have an end-to-end cost plan and plan for a budget program.

Knowledge and plans are signed - all indicators and plans and plans are kept in order in the budget of the lower city, they are stored in the main order for the Ministry of Finance and Social Security

Zoshdenі koshtorisi not harden.

Establishments can be seen on a budgetary basis for appearances of solidified plans and plans.

Establish the right to take the budget goiter’s obligation to spend the budget on the price between the intervals established by the fixed costors and asignu plans.

Budget for work - whether it’s the best way to get to the budget, get the contract, arrange the contract, get the goods, the servants who need the same operation, they have to pay for the budget, they have to pay

For a healthy program and calls, they are carried out for a budget in the budget, budgetary calls are given to budget checkpoints.

Budget karaoke budgets - establish budget ones in particular kerivniks, be more confident in eliminating budgetary expenses, taking budgetary goiters and health benefits from the budget.

For the oath of the above rights, the order officers follow the top order officers in the budget and the order officers in the budget clothes of the lower rvnya.

The main budgetary orders of budgetary costs - establish budgetary ones in particular rivals, so that you can see all the details of the first article 22 of the Budget Code of Ukraine and are covered by the Law on the State Budget and the budget for them.

The roster of the budget for the budget of the lower rivnya is the roster, a kind of assimilated order in the main head order and that of the coordinated one through the new.

The lower ranks of the lower ranks, up to the sphere of control, are obligated to establish the lower ranks of the lower ranks, in the process of folding, looking, hardening and the rest of the store, to lock them in the right order, which is marked for the main rostries.

Maintaining budgetary funds — a lot of business and government agencies, large and large organizations, who don’t change the status of budgetary establishments, as well as maintain budgetary terms and conditions, but also

Hold on to budget budget items before the plan for budget budget items.

Typical form of the plan is the budget of budgetary benefits, so that you can become a member of the Ministry of Finance, and if you need more money for the order, it can be updated with the latest indicators.