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The order of folding projects koshtorisіv

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea To increase the number of budgetary obligations for the main budget project, to inform the main budget managers of the budget project,

For the correct and regular organization of work, related to the folding projects, main orders, the main orders, the Ministry of Finance, the Independent Office of the Republic of Belarus

  • establish for the order of the lower level of the border the number of liabilities of the fund to the budget, the term for the draft of the project and give the instructions for folding;
  • I’ve scanned and verified the orders of the lower ranks and the indicators, such as the stricter compliance with the law and the necessary regulations for the proper designation of projects for projects;
  • to secure the folding of projects on the budget programs (functions), which will go around without interruption with the head routines.

Golovnі rozporyadniki rozglyadayut pokazniki proektіv Costa risіv rozporyadnikіv nizhchogo rіvnya schodo zakonnostі that pravilnostі rozrahunkіv, dotsіlnostі zaplanovanih vidatkіv, pravilnostі їh rozpodіlu for ekonomіchnoyu klasifіkatsієyu, povnoti nadhodzhennya dohodіv, doderzhannya dіyuchih rates (Posadov okladіv) standards tsіn, lіmіtіv and takozh іnshih pokaznikіv It is up to legislation that they stock up designs for koshtorisіv.

On the basis of the projects with the most important goals, budget managers can formulate budget funds, submit money to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and the budgetary authorities for inclusion in the budget.

Termin the eye of the indicator in the project of the koshtorysiv rozporyadnik in the lower rivnya become the head of the orderly so that you can design the budget koshtorysiv butyu at once issued a budget.

At different times, the term form of budgetary expenses is paid by the main order managers of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Ministry of Finance and the Organization of the Republic of Belarus have authorized the main order of payment to be paid without any delay.

Design koshtorisіv is stored in all settings for the upcoming budgetary rik, so you should install the functionaries to the ear of rock, on which you can plan the video recorders. At times, if you install approvals without an ear of rock, koshtorisi is stocked up and hardened for a dermal install from the hour of approval until the end of budgetary rock in the title order.

In more than one part of the project, koshtorysіv are included in the plan, oversight is needed, so that you can be transferred directly to the public, set up a special fund for special projects in budgets.

In the process of folding and consolidating the project koshtorysіv surplus koshtіv for special fund koshtorisіv not plan.

The form of the remaining part of the special fund for the project is koshtorys zdіsnyu наtsya on pіdstavі rozrahunkіv income, yakі be stored behind a leather necklace income, scho plan for the upcoming river.

The following indicators should be taken as the basis for these rohrakhunіv:

  • the oath of oath and quiet of the most paid services, as well as the most important indicators (the area is the most important, the most is available for rent, the most is available at the guest house, the most are always available) He was guilty of standing-up to the law before legislation;
  • prediction of the need for funds (of obligatory payments) to the special fund budget.

On the set of indicators, you can see the amount of income for the upcoming period for the skin necklace, which you need to install robots with specific brains. The first hour is the form of indicators, the first is the scheduled income, the total amount of the actual week of stay for the remaining week, and the second time of the scheduled date. Indices of guilty are imposed in the liability assigned to the rosary, and the indices of accountability for indices of accountability for indemnities.

In the process of formulating the special fund project koshtorisu plan for the highest level of budgetary requirements, please follow the rules set out in the legislation for these categories.

A special fund for the project koshtorisu transmission ен zvedennya indicators for all the dzherely nachodzhennya koshtіv to tsogo von-vidpovidnymi strands ikh of vikoristannya.

The special offer to the special fund project koshtoris will be held exclusively between the parties and for the participants of the meeting, scheduled for the future in the designated fund.

Vidovdalnist for the winnings of the bargaining, who was hiding behind the vidatki of the special fund, carried an exceptionally misguided order, forgiven it for good reason.

For the first hour, the number of attendants is lower, the lower order is lower, the higher order is obligatory for cats, for the most part, for school, and for school skinny), an oath of viconuvano robots, staffing numbers, the need for realizing the program and giving us a quick visit to the planned period.

Obov'yazkovim є vikonny vimogy schodo perchchergovogo care with budget cats vidatkіv to pay pratsі narakhuvanni, and also in gospodarskoy utrimany installation. For one hour, the visitor’s projects are set to determine that it’s guilty to protect the economy and the mode of economic and material values. Until night time you can turn on only the widgets transmitted by the legislation, the need for which is enriched by the nature of the establishments. Vidatki for possession, overhaul repair primitively, but not percherchagovyh, can be transferred less for the reason of being protected by cats of short-term vitrates and the absence of trade. If you want to pay a fee for paying a special fund, it’s worth to pay a fall for the total amount of money, to fall for the bank of things, if it is fixed by the law, and the rules are similar to those of the same profile.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has the right to signify the leather goods procedure for the settlement of bills for storing at koshtoris established.

Asigned to the centralized entrance, come in with the main order makers, turn on until you get one at a time, if such calls are made for a budget, you can’t cross the law.

Indicators of views, which are included before the project koshtorisu, guilty of the most oborudovanіvіvіdpovіdnymi razrakhunami for vіdpovіdіnym code economically classically.

Vidatki special koshtorisu fund for rachlony Vlasnaya nadhodheni plan for such a last posture: for the designated method; For repaid bargains, establish that performed visits, having connected with the main functions, as well as not being secured (but often secured) by the irregular fund gadgets. Oskіlki such vidatki plan to miscalculate the need for special fund for rachunas, stink to be transferred to special fund koshtorisu.

Koshtorisi and staffing lists establish how to manage to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and the specificity of relations with the functions of the cordon;

Pislya confirmation of the sovereign and the most budget budgets in the design of koshtorisіv are given at the end of the year with indicators of their budget.