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The order of looking and hardening

In tizhnevy termіn pіslya opublіkuvannya Reigning Law about the budget of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada vіdpovіdnogo rіshennya Avtonomnoї Respublіki Krim, mіstsevih glad Mіnіsterstvo fіnansіv Ukraine, Mіnіsterstvo fіnansіv Avtonomnoї Respublіki Krim, mіstsevі fіnansovі organi shall communicate to the head rozporyadnikіv lіmіtnі dovіdki about byudzhetnі asignuvannya.

Lіmіtna dovіdka about byudzhetnі asignuvannya - Tse document yaky mіstit zatverdzhenі byudzhetnі priznachennya (vstanovlenі byudzhetnі asignuvannya) that їh pomіsyachny rozpodіl and takozh INSHI pokazniki scho zgіdno іz zakonodavstvom povinnі Buti viznachenі on osnovі normativіv, i vidaєtsya vіdpovіdno Mіnfіnom, Mіnіsterstvom fіnansіv Avtonomnoї Respublіki Cream , mіstsevym financial authority, the main order guard. Indices of the limited liability shall be communicated to the head of the main order, the order of the lower order for specification of the project and the development of the project asignuvann.

The lower ranks of the Riviera specify the design of koshtorisіv, store the design of the plans asigniv and submit documents to the main orders for more precise indicators of the projects of the greenhouses and the folding of the projects of the planned plans of asignuv.

Lead your own Vitrati checklists for business with low-budget and low-cost indicators, which have been brought in by low-cost customers. For the most part, establish that you are required to make sure that you are approved by regular listing;

Design koshtorisіv і planіv asignuvany installation at times і consume роз роз роз голов голов голов голов голов голов голов при при при при при при ци х х х х х х х х х. Head orders at the first hour I’ll look at the project of koshtorysіv і planіv asignuvann zobov'yazanі:

  • take care of suvore vikonannya vimog legislation, as well as instructions on how to store koshtorisіv on the upcoming river;
  • reach the regime of economy, prevent the inclusion of asignus to koshtorisіv, not clouding the need;
  • care in projects of projects and plans, as well as improvements in the number of monthly expenses and plans for weekly visits and visits;
  • not to accept the sum in koshtoris not summarized by rose-trees and economical ones.

Golovnі rozporyadniki in dvotizhnevy termіn pіslya possession lіmіtnih dovіdok podayut Mіnfіnu, Mіnіsterstvu fіnansіv Avtonomnoї Respublіki Krim, mіstsevim fіnansovim bodies utochnenі projection Institution koshtorisіv that projection Institution planіv asignuvan for skladannya i zatverdzhennya rіchnogo rozpisu asignuvan vіdpovіdnih byudzhetіv (rozpisu asignuvan zgіdno of budgetary priznachennyami, zatverdzhenimi in vіdpovіdnomu the budget for the secret and special funds at the top of the main order, for the new class, the standard Je Institution vsіh koshtorisіv) that pomіsyachnogo rozpisu asignuvan zagalnogo fund vіdpovіdnih byudzhetіv (rozpisu asignuvan zgіdno of budgetary priznachennyami, zatverdzhenimi in vіdpovіdnomu byudzhetі for zagalnogo Facility rozrіzі bunt rozporyadnikіv for skorochenoyu ekonomіchnoyu klasifіkatsієyu pomіsyachno scho vіdpovіdaє Institution vsіh planіv asignuvan).

Refined design koshtorisіv that folded design plan asig-nuvan vіnpіvіdpovіdati singing limіtim dovіdkam.

The Ministry of Finance for the restoration, the region and the week of confirmations of the financial register of the sovereign budget and the monthly list of the capital fund of the sovereign budget to the State Treasury, as well as a stretch of three working days for the completion of the order of completion koshtorisіv, plans asignu usa razporyadnikami that plan vikoristannya budget koshtіv obscheuvachami.

Mіnіsterstvo fіnansіv Avtonomnoї Respublіki Krim, mіstsevі fіnansovі organi shall communicate to the head rozporyadnikіv vityagi іz zatverdzhenogo rіchnogo rozpisu asignuvan vіdpovіdnogo budget that pomіsyachnogo rozpisu asignuvan zagalnogo fund vіdpovіdnogo budget SSMSC Je pіdstavoyu for zatverdzhennya in the prescribed manner koshtorisіv, planіv asignuvan rozporyadnikami that planіv vikoristannya budgetary koshtіv oderzhuvachami.

Koshtorisi, plan asignuvna that plan vikoristannya of budgetary costs of guilty buti of the closed with a stretch of 30 calendar days from the day of the fixed day to the budget.

Koshtorisi, I plan to get signed and staffed lists to be confirmed by a clerk of a vidpovidnogo vyschastoostochnogo establish, for the vignette koshtorisіv okremikh establish (as a rule the law does not establish the final order of confirmation).

Koshtorisi, plan asignivan and staff list okremikh installation harden:

  • mіnіsterstv that іnshih Central organіv vikonavchoї Vladi for budget programa "Kerіvnitstvo that upravlіnnya" - kerіvnikami vіdpovіdnih Central organіv vikonavchoї Vladi for pogodzhennyam of Mіnfіnom for іnshimi budgetary programa scho vikonuyutsya bezposeredno aparata mіnіsterstv that іnshih Central organіv vikonavchoї Vladi - kerіvnikami vіdpovіdnih Central organіv vikonavchoї own;
  • koshtorisi, plan to sign and staff a list of the organs of vicinitarian authority, which should belong to the area of ​​government of the ministry of those of the central authorities, be cured by the core of these ministries of the other central authorities;
  • regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol city governments - with the heads of the government states for the weather;
  • mіnіsterstv i vіdomstv Avtonomnoї Respublіki Krim, upravlіn, vіddіlіv, іnshih pіdrozdіlіv oblasne, Kiїvskoї that Sevastopolskoї mіskih, district derzhadmіnіstratsіy - Radoyu mіnіstrіv Avtonomnoї Respublіki Cream Oblasnaya, Kiїvskoyu that Sevastopolskoyu mіskimi derzhadmіnіstratsіyami pіslya determination of price, provedenoї Mіnіsterstvom fіnansіv Avtonomnoї Respublіki Krim, head oblasne i bunt Kyiv city and Sevastopol city financial management;
  • management, viddilіv, іshih pіdrozdіlіv rajadpadadmіnіstratsіy - rajadpadadmіnіstrastsіmi pislya expertise, conducted by the regional financial management;
  • the sovereign and health management for the budget program “Kerivnstvo”, the presidency of the sovereign academy of sciences for the budget programs “Science and Organization and the Presidency” - of which the winners for the weather come from the Ministry of Finance; for the most low-budget programs, which you can get an eye out for without a hitch the apparatus of yours, - ix of the cakes;
  • for budget programs of the special fund of the sovereign budget, which will go round for a 30% share for a poll for a natural natural remedy - the main order for the winter season with Minsk;
  • national main principal mortgages, without any delay being assigned to the sovereign budget, - those who bore these mortgages for the winter holidays with the main order, have not been transmitted by law anymore.

The plans for the budget budget holidays to be confirmed by rivals of the season for the orders, through some stinks to get the budget budget.

Koshtorisi, plan to sign up and establish a regular list of installations, so as not to change your order of residence (central district, central city and city), to be hardened by district authorities as well as clerical authorities.

Koshtorisi ’plan to sign up, transferring to centralized visits, getting hardened by leatherwork by ministers of the ministry, the central authorities of the past, state authorities, and others.

So koshtorisi i plan asignuv can be buti hardened behind the obscene sworn vidatkіv.

For a specific skin-specific approach, no more than one month is stored for the okremiy koshtoris on the last calendar plan.

Koshtorisi I plan to sign up as a clerk; establish a centralized accountant and a clerk for financial finance; as the head (senior) accountant.

Immediately with koshtoris the plan is ascertained and the staff list is established, including structurally, so as to make up for the breech of hairy shoes. Assigned documents are approved and hardened at two primaries, one of which is turned around, and the other is lost in installation, the core is solidified.

Koshtoris will shut up behind the back-end special funds on the river without giving away periods for the total amount of funds.

Koshtoris, plan to sign and staff the list of attestations to be confirmed by a clerk install, to confirm that you have approved such documents, to be written with a stamp, and to be indicated for the dates.

Tizhnevy term pislya confirmation of the regular registration of the main head orders to submit to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the financial authorities have more detailed indicators, the regular lists and the contingents have established the form of payment,

Governing the right of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the State governing the right, Secretary of the Authorized Supreme Court of Ukraine to human rights, Rakhunkov Chamber, Central vibration commission, Supreme Court of Ukraine, Constitutional Court of Ukraine, The Supreme Court of Justice, the Supreme Court of Ukraine I’m surely before the legislation to self-confidently certify the cost, plan to sign up and staff lists, at the three-month term, take over the sovereign budget for the second-hand budget to donate to the Ministry of Finance atverdzhenі koshtorisi, rozrahunki to them kalendarnі Plagne, plans asignuvan i shtatnі rozpisi.

On the third day I have plans and plans, as well as a safe view at the sum, I’m going to reinstate the budget appropriation, I’ve been forced to go beyond the law.

Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Finance of the Autonomous Autonomous Republic of Crimea, many financial organizations with a long stretch of three months in order to receive their best budgets, to reassure the correctness of the fixed plan.

The speed of registration, manifestation of the result of correctness of the added value, carried out by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and the financial authorities for the presentation of materials.

Vivilno asiagnuyannyah straightforward to carry out the first priority visits, who plan to be a routine, a hat introduced to the established order before the previous order, the Ministry of Public Relations, Automatically