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The sound of low-cost installations - Tkachenko I.T.

Main vimogi schodo vikonannya koshtorisu

For zdіysnennya control over vіdpovіdnіstyu asignuvan, viznachenih in koshtorisah i plans asignuvan rozporyadnikіv, asignuvannyam, zatverdzhenim rіchnim rozpisom asignuvan sovereign budget that pomіsyachnim rozpisom asignuvan zagalnogo fund sovereign budget organi Sovereign Treasury conductive reєstratsіyu that lead Obl_k Institution koshtorisіv i planіv asignuvan rozporyadnikіv vischogo rіvnya in rozrіzі roster of lower rivne and possessed.

The order holders have the right to fail in business exclusively within the limits of asignuated by koshtorisami and plans of asignuv, for the appearance of a vignette brought by the authority of the Sovereign Treasury, which guarantees that there is a treasury of documents. Due to this method, order managers who have taken away the organs of the Treasury of the Treasury, are obliged to give these authorities information on the distribution of indicators and the plans for the signing of orders for the lower order and the lower order. Assigned indicators shall be reported to the official bodies of the State Treasury for the month of the Rostashuvanny order of the lower rivnya and the state regiment.

Organizing the Sovereign Treasury, we will control the development of indicators and the quality of the plans and plans we will give to the Treasury.

At times there are no more plans and plans to get to the right of the treasury, the other bodies of the Sovereign Treasury are dismissed, the order of responsibility is subject to reapproval of the valid documents with the order.

A good view of the installation and maintenance without any changes in the established order is one, plans for the budget and plans for the budget of the budget, after 30 calendar days, the list of the monthly budget is signed.

Before closing in the established order of costs, plans and plans for the budget of budgetary expenses, for the purposes of designing, plans and plans for the budget of the bookkeepers, and notifications.

Upon completion of the 30-day term of the organization of the Sovereign Treasury, there are more operating operations for the cash and treasury staff of the sovereign budget, as well as the last authorized office in the state budget.