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Folding list

Warehousing to the list to fix із to folding to the list of income and to the list of finance.

The income list is stored for management of budget revenue for the Ministry of Finance for the share of the most important financial institutions of the Ministry of Finance and the main order.

Rozpis fіnansuvannya skladaєtsya Department sovereign Borg for the involvement of the Department zovnіshnіh ekonomіchnih zv'yazkіv i Department fіnansіv virobnichoї spherical Mіnfіnu that for pogodzhennyam upravlіnnyam s sovereign budget that byudzhetnoї polіtiki Mіnfіnu of urahuvannyam neobhіdnostі zabezpechennya svoєchasnostі th povnoti platezhіv repayment of sovereign osnovnoї sumi Borg mozhlivostey schodo obsyagіv i terminology of acquisitions of the powers that be, the graph of the privatization of the sovereign lane, as well as the consumption of the state-owned cash registers ignorant fund sovereign budget.

On the basis of the accumulated lists of income and financial management of the sovereign budget and budget policy, the Ministry of Finance and the State Border Fund have been insignificantly allocated to the state budget for a different period of time.

Keruyuchis tsimi clarification, vіdpovіdnі strukturnі pіdrozdіli Mіnfіnu viznachayut bunt rozporyadnikam pomіsyachnі obsyagi asignuvan zagalnogo Facility rozrіzі budgetary programs abo in tsіlomu rozporyadniku the head of the program's budgetary timey, SSMSC nalezhat to kompetentsії vіdpovіdnogo structural pіdrozdіlu, that time of lіmіtnimi dovіdkami about byudzhetnі asignuvannya nadayut їh managing the sovereign budget and budget policy of the Ministry of Finance. Tsey pidrozdіl of the Ministry of Agriculture to open the ripped off lodges asigned to the ignition fund, to the warehouse to the deadline for the decontamination of the skin head warrant to the deceased to the main guardian of the whole year. At the time of necessary structural information, Ministry of Education is to be given to the head authorities of the orderly materials at once with the necessary clarifications.

The main orders for the part of the lower ranks of the lower order are clearly recognized and refined, are stored, and the plans are presented, and the project is presented. Strukturnі pіdrozdіli Mіnfіnu vіdstezhuyut pіdgotovku bunt rozporyadnikami materіalіv to rozpisu, zabezpe-smell svoєchasne filed bunt rozporyadnikami Tsikh materіalіv Mіnfіnu, analіzuyut zaznachenі materіali, bringing in razі neobhіdnostі to them korektivi i podayut upravlіnnyu sovereign budget that byudzhetnoї polіtiki Mіnfіnu svoї Offers schodo Included їh to rozpisu.

Management of the sovereign budget and budgetary policy of the Ministry of Finance to establish a different type of structural materials of the Ministry of Finance, to make for the necessary corrections and subscription to the approved Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The original of the completed list will be transferred to the paper and electronic noses of the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine, one copy will be transferred to the Committee for the Supreme Sake of Ukraine from the budget, and the second will be to be managed by the sovereign budget and the budget policy of the Ministry of Finance.

The State Treasury of Ukraine, by stretching out three working days to confirm the list, to bring the top order officers to the first list, which should be the first place to be fixed in the established order of costs, plans and plans for the budget of Ukraine.