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Submission of a notice before listing

The entered date before listing is at the time:

  • Necessity to re-view the video for the economic and software classifications;
  • Adopting the normative act on the transfer of priority to the weekend function and the above service, at the same time the budget assignment has been approved, one of the main order of the order to the old;
  • Accepted rishennya about rozpod_l nerozopodlennyh budget asignuv mіzh with the main rozporyadnikami;
  • Necessity of asignuvn special fund of the sovereign budget;
  • introduction of the amendment to the Law on the State Budget of Ukraine.

Submission of the pay-as-you-go account before the listing for the state fund of the sovereign budget transfer є confirmation of donations about the payment of pay-as-you-go funds to cash and plan asigned in accordance with the procedure established for provisional documents.

Vіdpovіdnі strukturnі pіdrozdіli Mіnfіnu for obґruntovanim filed bunt rozporyadnikіv abo on pіdstavі priynyatih normative aktіv not pіznіshe nіzh 20 of stream mіsyatsya podayut upravlіnnyu sovereign budget that byudzhetnoї polіtiki Mіnfіnu Offers about Contributions for Change to rozpisu for perevіrki that vіzuvannya in one primіrniku for forms zgіdno of dodatkami 1 that 2. At the time of receipt of the loan, it is necessary to submit an order of disposition to the party due to being reserved by the head order officer of the order, as well as information about the appearance of the card and state-owned budget programs that are based on the sovereign treasury of Ukraine.

At the vinyatkuyu hitchcock for the wrapped up subordinates of the head checkpoint, there may be a better understanding of the redistribution of budgetary assignments for budgetary programs within the bounds of the general oath of overshoots with the Supreme Committee for the sake of the budget.

At a time of such a need, the main order is presented to a separate structural code of the Ministry of Finance sheet with the unbroken propositions, which must be entered before the list. A detailed structural analysis of the detailed order analysis of the head order is made at a different time. The draft sheet in the obyazkovo order to be seen in the management of the sovereign budget and budget policy of the Ministry of Finance.

At times I’ve removed the permission of the Committee of the Supreme For the sake of food to the budget of the state-financed structure of the Ministry of Public Relations of Ukraine on entering the list before the listing in the zagalny order.

Зміни before the monthly list Mayu vіdpovіdati such vimogam:

  • to be balanced over months, so as not to ruin the igneous oath asigning to the ignorant fund of the sovereign budget for a month, so as to stand back;
  • don’t forget the obscene oath of committing to the ignorant fund of the sovereign budget in the Republic of Rіk;
  • vrakhovuvati in fact the appearance of the cat for the anterior period;
  • vіdpovіdati vimogam law on the sovereign budget of Ukraine and those of the normative legal acts;
  • entered on the correct and offensive period.

Upon completion of the revision of the budget before the list of detailed structural documents, the Ministry of Finance shall be granted the original budget and the three budget management date and the budget date of the month. For five working days before the end of the month (revised period), the donors about the entered amount are not reinstated.

Pislya reєstratsii stinks are recorded before the registry (supplement 3), which is stored in two primaries. One example of the registry at once with the originals and copies of the donations is transferred to the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine (the shares are transferred to the shareholders and electronic noses), another example with the reserves of the budget, there are a lot of budget Мінфіну.

Management of the sovereign budget and budgetary policy by Ministry of Finance to the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine before signing up for electronic calls for a weekly period (weekly, monthly) on a regular working day up to 29 days.

Before signing up, you’ll be registered as follows:

  • sign up as the head of the sovereign budget administration and budgetary policy of Minefin and as the head of the structural structural department of the Ministry of Finance as individuals, who are able to conceive the necessary information;
  • become a defender of the Ministry of Finance;
  • re-register for that number by date;
  • brought to the sovereign treasury of Ukraine.

Yakscho s ob'єktivnih obstavin vinikaє neobhіdnіst anulyuvannya dovіdki about bringing up rozpisu for Change, the vіdpovіdny structural pіdrozdіl Mіnfіnu in dvodenny termіn pіslya otrimannya origіnalu dovіdki Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine gotuє dopovіdnu note on іm'ya patron Sovereign Secretary Mіnfіnu, yaky zatverdzhuvav dovіdku, i vіzuє Ії in the management of the sovereign budget and budget policy of the Ministry of Finance. Pislya pogodzhennya iz patron of the Sovereign Secretary Mіnfіnu additional note is handed over to the government of the sovereign budget and the budgetary policy of Mіnfіnu to carry out the designated annulment, and the copy to the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine.

From time to time, the required amount has been paid before the last fixed and taken to the oblast The State Treasury of Ukraine has a supplementary request, technical approval has been granted, a new request has been requested, and additional requests have been requested.

The State Treasury of Ukraine regards the registration and registration of the government before the listing and the supreme authority of the head order, which is necessary for the completion of the registration process before the reservation is made.

Head orders at the Tridenny terminum to give to the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine supplements about the introduction of winter loans to those plans that have been signed at the lower orders of the lower order. Leading ropes of prizes to bring the ropes to the roster of lower races, so that, from your own house, bring ropes to koshtorisu and plan asignivan.

Particularly to the fourth part of article 23 of the Budget Code of Ukraine, the Special Fund of the Sovereign Budget should be allocated a separate budget allocation, as well as the right to carry out them exceptionally between the rounds of the state budget and the special state budget.

With a stretch of rock, the checkpoints make payments to the special fund koshtoris for the most reliable needs on the established installments, so that they can be cured by the curiosities of the set, they have confirmed the koshtoris, without making any additional payments before signing up for the special fund. Organizations of the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine keep the district of oblasts of such loans, hold video cards on the bank cards with the contributions made to them without payments until the list is signed, and provide an overview of the budget for the budget schedule.

Entered pay-as-you-go before the list for special fund for the most appropriate requirements to be registered with the order of the day, for such as pay-as-you-go pay-as-you-go add-ons about the pay-in to the koshtoris. As a matter of fact, the oversight of the special fund of the sovereign budget was actually overreported, insured when the sovereign budget was hardened, then the Ministry of Finance for the subordinates of the head orders and the indications for the special fund with the order up to date. For the whole head, the order officer is guilty of natati Mіnfіnu detailed detuning rozrakhunki and properly explained, as a rule, the required amount of money before signing up.