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The sound of low-cost installations - Tkachenko I.T.

Rozdil II. Zobov'yazannya

At the second “ Zobov'yazannya ” izdobrazuyayutsya stream and that dovgostrokov_ goiter'yazannya budgetary installations.

Row of "Dovgostrokovі goiter'yazannya." It’s necessary to establish goals, so as not to blame the processes of the vernacular activities that are not characteristic of the installs (total loans, bank installments and more financial installments, more than all available ones) will be held completion of rock music.

A row of “Short-line poses”. I’m imagining short-term loans and pointers won by the budgetary setting of banks and their financial institutions more than once up to the law of Ukraine.

Row "Flowing bargaining for pre-gostroitovy goiter'yazanny." Imagine the sum of the bargaining of stream rock for goiters, terminology to pay for yakim as a whole nastan in offensive rock.

Row of “Short-term promissory notes”. A sum of promissory notes was introduced, which was seen in a budgetary order, presumably with the rest of the legislation of Ukraine, the term for paying back was established by the extension of one budgetary fate.

Row “Creditors zaborgorіst”. Imagine the sum of creditor bargaining budget set before physical or legal persons. The row sum will assimilate from such rows:

  • “Rozrahunki with post-shavers, fiduciaries and deputies for vicar robots and servants.” Of values ​​for the imagination of science-based precepts (that is similar to them) sums of creditor bargaining to post-shavers, contractors and deputies for vicarious contracts with science-based robots, overseas, ready-made contracts. In addition, the creditor’s image is stolen from the legal entities and organizations for capital business and for robots, vicarious studies in the process of virological duty;
  • “Rosrachunks for special types of payments”. Creditor bargaining for special types of payments: for dad for utter children at children’s mortgages, for donation for children at music schools, for donation at children at schools, before robots and services for children . Behind this, there is also the image of bargaining for insured assistance and compensation to the masses, who have suffered from the heirs of the Chornobil disaster;
  • “Rozrahunki iz podkіv that payment”. Vidobrazhaetsya creditors ’bargaining of budgetary installments with payouts and payments to the budget and lower prices for the budget;
  • “Rosrachunks iz insurance”. Indulge in bargaining in front of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the Social Insurance Fund with a half-hour loss of rights, the Fund for the Compulsory State Compulsory Social Insurance of Ukraine for the unemployment insurance fund, the Fund of Social Insurance
  • “Rosrachunks iz zarobitno pay”. I’m imagining sumy over the lottery with people who want to change and don’t change from the state budget, for all kinds of salary (in addition to the Law of Ukraine “About the status and social disability, I’ve only got to know more about it) zvyazku with timeless impartiality;
  • “Rosrachunks with scholarships”. I’m imagining the total number of students and graduate students of universities, science and higher education, and those who study at technical schools, schools, schools, students who are studying for scholarships (including those who have been discharged from the laws of Ukraine;
  • “Rosrachunks with praznikovniki for bezgotovkovy rerachuvanni”. Sumy sums for rozrahunki with priests for a comrade, sold on credit by trading organizations, for salaries and payouts for special contributions to establish a bank, for regular memberships, sums of money, and regular payments documents
  • “Rosrahunks for deposit sums.” Deposit sums, like after the camp on a fixed date, have been chosen on the budget, set up on the basis of the minds of the government, and on the other hand over the schedule for the designated ones;
  • “Rosrahunks for the highest operations”. I’m imagining sums of creditors ’bargaining for all of the higher budget operations that I didn’t enter in the ranks of“ Rozrahunka with hired workers, fiduciaries and deputies for robotic and paid servants ”,“ Frauds for special payments, ” “Rosrachunks iz insurance”, “Rosrachunks iz wage pay”, “Rosrachunks with scholarships”, “Rosrachunks with priests for non-repayable re-purchases”, “Rosrachunks for deposit sums”, including the number of razrazhuni zd Small persons, for transactions with centralized posting of material values, for sums of deposited salary. For this series I can also imagine that there are summaries of bargaining for cats, rallying with participants of regular dyalnosti at the forefront paycheck, viluchenimi (confiskovanimi), zdanimi zberigannya to skinny.

Row of Rozrahunki for okremy programs. Set the values ​​for the total image of the bargaining set for the official period, the wikipedia for the official part of the program for the regional programs transferred to the State budget of Ukraine (for the payment of the required costs). To make sure that you are not bogged down, set the widgets to rivals.