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The sound of low-cost installations - Tkachenko I.T.

Rozdil III. Income

Rozdil III “ Revenge ” the designations for the image of all budgetary requirements, so that I’ll remove it for the Vicon Kostoris; rychny financial sound can not be forgotten (except for the series “Reach for Maybutnich period” strata). Oskilki all get pid-sum turnovers in winter to write off the result of the weekend koshtorisu for rick, then writing down at graph 4 “To Kinets Roku” is not a fault (except for income from the windows of Maybutny period).

For the series “Revenues from the MayButton Periods Vitrats” for the financial financial resources for the May 3 Rates for graph 3 “On the ear of rock” we can imagine the amount of income to the special fund, which was rejected by the budgetary installment in the last year, I have already increased a little. Count 4 “On Kinets Roku” - the sum of a special fund, was removed in a stream that has passed, and will be twisted in offensive rocks.


Tsya dovidka is designated for decryption of the operations of the accounting region, having carried out on subrachokah rahunku 70 “Revenge the zagalny fund” and subrakhun 681 “The internal razrakhunka for the zagalny fund”. For a period of time, I’m imagining operations, with the results of some budget income, but set a lower budget income for the following fund:

  • at row 490 there is a sum of written-off shortages of materials, take them to the rakhunok;
  • at row 500, a sum of induction of internal rosrahunk for subrahun 681;
  • at row 510 there is a mess of money, which is transferred to the installations of the latest ministries for the weekend program. Beyond the sums of money handed over to the last ministries, there are warehouses around;
  • at row 550, an amount of income is recorded, which has been written off with pid-sum turns on the financial result of the endorsement of koshtorisu for the ignition fund;
  • row 570 is driven by raising funds from the capital fund to the budget, which are eliminated by budgetary installments by extending a good period, by way of imagination, and by sovereign and sovereign budget. As a rule, the surplus of budgetary asignuans was reinserted by stretching the period to the budget, because they were introduced to change the asynchronous flow of goods, then the asynchronous ones, which were found, were imagined to be reinserted to the budget of the budget;
  • at row 580 there is an excess of material, an indication of the hour of inventory and attribution;
  • in row 590, a sum of dootsinki materials is induced;
  • in a row of 600 there is an image of a sum of costumes, of which there are no longer necessary ministries for a weekend program;
  • Increase the operating costs, as much as possible, and change the subraunner 701 “Ascend from the sovereign budget to the video cards, set that in advance” (702 “Asigned from the big budget for the video cards, set up the first and foremost”, go to the main page); go to Rahunku 70 “Reach the underground fund” of form No. 1 “Balance” in rows 520-540 and 620-630 and be decrypted in the explanatory note.

In the row “Hail behind the rahun on Kinets zvitnogo period”, the surplus is innocent buti.

ACCESS TO RAKHUNK 71 “ REVENUE OF THE SPECIAL FUND ” (for some of the most important ones)

Tsya dovidka is designated for the image of kosht, which should belong to the special fund:

  • at row 660, a sum of inducing internal razrakhunkіv behind subraunk 682 was induced from the parts of the most necessary;
  • row 680 will record an amount of income, which is written off as part of the maximum financial result of the financial result of the endorsement of koshtoris for those who are required by the special fund;
  • at row 710 there was a mess of money, actually they went for the tickets as the main fund for the special fund;
  • at row 720 there’s a mess of money, but you have to go ahead of time on ime’s, install (possessed without any help) a yak іnshі need for special fund;
  • at row 730 there is a picture of a sum of money, which was wiped away by the representatives of international financial organizations;
  • at row 770, “Hail behind the rahunk on Kinets Zvitny period”, the excess is innocent buti.

Forms No. 2d and 2m “Set up a picture of the outreach to the Koshtorisu Ignitious Fund” are stocked up with orders and holders of sovereign and state budget budgets in the middle of a donated budget plan that has been closed. Sounds are stored behind the skin program at different codes of economical classifications. In addition, I keep the name of all the codes of the program classifications of the sovereign budget.
Zapovnennya okremikh graph zvіtіv forms number 2kd and number 2km zdіysnyusya to be in this order.

At graph 4 “Confirmed by koshtoris on rik” affixed to hardened in koshtoris richna the sum of the planned allocation of funds to the capital fund with the introduction of a long stretch of rock to koshtoris.

In graph 5, “Asignuvann plan for the first period”, a plan for asignivan from the capital fund is budgeted for the first period with an accumulated amount of money.

At the same time, the plan is to get the picture for such codes of economical classifications: 1110 “Payment of the most practical budgetary installments”, 1120 “Narakhuvannya to pay wages”, 1132 “Medicines and re-payment”, 1132 “Products and services”, 1132 Payment of utility bills and energy ”, 1340“ Stream transfer to the population ”, 5000“ Inshid vidatki ”.

At graph 6 “Limitation of the good period”, planned indicators are imposed on the budget of the congress fund, as well as the adoption of the legislation of Ukraine.

Earl 7, “Harbor on the side of the rock”, has a surplus of innocent buti. In vinyatky vidadka there is a surplus of money on the registration (flow) market for the cob of live rock in different codes of economical classifications. At the end of the sum, the row is guilty of providiating a surplus for vipiska from a registration (flow) rachunku on the cob of rock.