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Penny-credit systems and foreign countries - Ivanov V.M.

4.2. See credit installs

Install credit for such criteria:

• for the form of moisture - on the state and private;

• for the form of organization - in such a way that I can change my authority (one shareholder), a partnership (shareholders - partners), a corporation (особо legal specialty, capitalization of the kind of capitalization of the authority);

• for viconuvannymi operations - on universal and specialization (leasing, insurance companies and on.);

• for territorial dyalnosti - on the international (IMF, MBRD, European Development Fund), regional and national (in connection with the national credit system, which can be used to develop state credit institutions);

• per day and in complementary functions of the credit system - at national (central), commercial banks, special financial and credit institutes.

The current commercial bank to Vicon has nearly one hundred mutual transactions and services. Banks operate from a foreign capital, that’s why the scale of credit and investment of bank money fall into place for the sake of credit and credit. Establish a better capital and protection. Water time from the bank of the banking system and the accumulation of active operations of the passive ones will be relaxed due to the wider practice of the creation of active deposits with credit cards. At such times passive operations are based on active ones. However, the process is small, zoomed in on the structure of the operation of commercial banks, on the other hand, so on the camp of the state, phase of the economic cycle. It is divided in the main areas of commercial banking in the commercial bank to a small bank in a large capital (this is for an insurance investor). In all regions of Ukraine there is a significant indicator of capital / activity, which is regulated by the state, and lags between 0.04-0.08.

Coverage of the zagyazkoy zv'yazku assets and pasivіv іsnuє zalezhnіst mіzh with okrimimy types of operations. Competition between banks of the fighting to fight for the client through the provision of new forms of servicing, the provision of supreme services (navigate without shipment). A view of a flow-wise racket will be completed on a weekly basis, an operation with a break-out and a re-entry of koshtov, a view of short-term loans (at an overdraft view), a credit card loan, and an automatic payment can be made.

Regular credit calls by a bank and a proponent disagree with investing bank capital in order to save money, save money for the middle of the day, take advantage of the main management, Bank, duly supplemented servants, paid and other depositors, as a rule, may be more favorable than the right to obtain or prolong a loan.

4.3. Special financial and credit institutes

In addition to the credit system, banks include special financial and credit institutes (FCI) . In the country with fiddled with banknotes nonbank FKI є pension funds, insurance, leasing, investment, financial company. In Ukraine, before non-bank credit institutions, there should be mutual assistance, pawnshops, a pension fund, and sovereign and joint insurance.

Kasa vzakomodomoga - tse gromadska credit institution, as a result of voluntary ambushes and Akumulyu koshti gromadyan for nadannya imey materialnoї help. Kasi is assisted by professional organizations and public servants and services for members of the professional school, for colleges and colleges, and social insurance for pensioners.

Managing by and by means of help to catch the fence of the 17 members and we shall protect them. Kassi members rallying memberships and monthly memberships at the time of installation.

Koshti kaschi mutually assisted are formed for introductory and part-time openers, penalties for unprofitable rotation of pre-entry positions, subsidized professional organs and non-deductible pennies. For clowns of this kind of clothes, they get hasty (up to six, in okrimich vipads - up to 10 ms.) And short-line (up to the hard-won earned pay) poses. Border rozmіri posik vstanovlyuyutsya to the rules of Kasi, the lock of pre-hosted accounts - fallow is the sum of the out-of-time, with the members of Kasi.

Posiki are rejoiced without the need to attend for Victoria. At times of irregular rotation, poses are reduced to a fine for rosemy of 1% sum to the excess borg for leather stitching. To the fact that you have to register with a member of Kasi, you will rotate one member out of school with all the restrained postures.

Lombardy is a company, which may co-operate in a cooperative form of organization. ix of capital is secured for the insurance premiums okremich osb. The leather insurance policy is governed by the rules of the organization of the company and the insurance company. Tariffs for higher companies, lower interest rates. The capital company is aiming for the sale of insurance, as well as giving the right to a share of profit. Leather insurers make insurance payments in advance of the transfer of the total amount of the insurance company. As a result of insurance operations, the company has a surplus of money, more members are required to pay, but they can directly pay for the payment of the May insurance amount.

Lombardi - tsezh also establish a credit, as well as give penny posi pid outpost rukhomogo lane.

Pension funds in the neighboring countries are managed by private and powerful corporations, companies and funds for payment of pensions and help robots and services. The cost of these funds is adjusted for out-of-office workstations, services, pensions, as well as additional investment funds.

On the basis of the proprietary social insurance system, which can be grounded on standard minds, the security system and the services provided by the pension fund are provided with the necessary benefits, the separate pension system Pension can be calculated on the basis of a sum of earnings for a month before leaving for retirement, but I have the experience of working robots.

Pension funds are reckoned to earn great money, as well as investing more prominently in the action of private companies, as in the national, so in the international markets of postal funds. Pension funds є self-supporting bank credit system. The department wants to retire pension funds, so that part of the reserve reserves are in short and pre-existing state prices.

Health insurance is held by the state insurance companies, insurance companies, insurance cooperatives, insurance companies for the share of foreign insurance companies. Dyut also organic sovereign insurance look.

Існує Mine and Specialist Insurance. Health insurance in two forms - both binding and voluntary. Main insurance is indefinite of all categories of insurance, as well as for the types of insured lane - insurance and insurance, crops, creatures, vehicles, ribal boats, home mine.

The insurance officer must take out life insurance, including insurance for children, child insurance, love insurance, insurance for a second death or a loss of time (loss of service) organization, insurance passazhirіv.

Coshti of insurance organizations are stocked up from the statutory fund, more accurate work from insurance operations and the fund of special assignment.

For example, in Ukraine, at the world’s development of market-based vision, we can identify new forms of insurance, alternative to the sovereign. For analogy and powers of the other countries, the joint stock insurance and insurance companies are approved.

Coshties of public insurance organizations are formed through the formation of individual investment funds, the organization of private operations. At the hour of the establishment of a joint-stock partnership, a leather shareholder is guilty of making a singing groshov bag. The share of the okrug shareholder in the joint-stock company is to turn around with its shares, as well as to give the right to gain a proportionate share of income. Aktsionernі kompanії vіdmіnu vіd vzamєnim zasosovojut solid tariffs.

Mutual insurance companies are involved in the purchase of property, vehicles, transport hardships, and expensive equipment for renting and renting them for rent with the right of a fake wickup.

Investment companies - a type of financial and credit institutes broadened by foreign countries. ix of capital is adjusted on the basis of shares (shares) mainly on the basis of private investment for the additional valuable shares (zobovyazan). Formations of capital are invested in the shares of regional enterprises at their home country behind the cordon. Ozhe, investment companies еред intermediaries between the individual and the individual investor. Stink to buy, to earn and sell valuable shares with the method of gaining a profit on capital investments.

Income, gain from interest and dividends, administrative and state subsidiaries, form a share of investment companies, and distribute middle shares (shares). Pributok, observances vіd pіvdvishchennya bіrzhovogo exchange rate of valuable folders, zarakhovuetsya at the reserve.

Depends on the method of formulating the investment and investment companies according to the two main groups - closed and closed type. First of all, fixed capital, third-party shares are quoted on the market and do not pay off until the moment of liquidation of the company. Another government has a fixed capital base, so that they can be sold and bought at a premium by participants in the company, as well as renewed investment assets and investment. Prior to the sale price of such a share (share), a Dodatkov premium is included, as a rule, rosemary has 6–9%.

Investment companies may be browning in obmeshimi rozmіra posichkimi cats. Companies with a type of credit may have the right to receive a bank loan, while a type of credit may be issued with the same type of credit.

With the development of market-oriented investment companies investing in Ukraine.

Financial companies - for financial and credit installs, as well as special loans for credit centers, as well as for singing types of loans (live, investment and financial operations), healthy financial operations. Virіznyayut so see the financial companies :

• for credit, sale of lively goods of the trivial coristuvanny for sale - to give poems not to the right of the day, but to buy their goiters from the wholesale dealers and dealers with the lowest price (as a rule, 7-10%);

• if you are engaged in servicing of commercial loan systems - give advance payments to companies, who will help you to change the goods, if you have the right to buy a bortzhnik (buyer);

• schoitat dibny pozichki іndivіdualnymi pozichnikam pid high (lihvarsky) percentage.

Resources of financial companies are formed for a row of string deposits (as a rule, 3-6 ms.). Stink akumulyut penny koshti promislovih and trade companies, deyakih financial attitudes and a small world - the population. Financial companies rallying to depositors at higher interest rates, lower commercial banks.

Dosvid function of special financial and lending attitudes of certain rozvinenich kraj in such a specific area, as it is lively, thoroughly, by the way in Ukraine for the development of livelihood problems.

France has a partnership partnership with a fee for not paying a fee. Hours of Other svitovo viniy stink volodiyut a significant part of the social life and building it for hire. Proteus will signify that it is impossible to discern as financially.

The first financial mortgage of France, which is in praise of the public, є Bank of credit for non-property, foundations of 1857 p. for ease of land by farmers. For the sake of the establishment of the financial support of the great operational hours of the Other Empire. At the XX century a bank, not implicitly significant in the non-operational space, health and financial benefits, as well as refinance of deactivated public investments (for the development of retail and public transport).

Recovering from the 50s of banks The credit bank was out of balance since it was possible to receive loans to earn money by the middle class, and partnerships from food for a fee were paid for living, we had a large room for rent. All in all, the Bank has a loan that does not have to be extended. Financial services are available to banks and banks, which will provide additional short-term loans.

Credit Bank non-custodial zberigga monopoly on credit loans for investment in the home.

Bank "Enen" (fіlіal Suetskoї fіnansovoї kompanії) Єvropeysky іpotechny Bank (fіlіal Vzaєmnogo insurance tovaristva MDDR), Bank budіvnitstva that Gromadska robіt, yaky yak mainly aktsіoner Got dosvіd at tsomu sektorі i krіm fіnansuvannya budіvelnih of companies fіnansuє pridbannya Zhitlo, traditsіyno orієntuyutsya in dіyalnostі on financial life and life. Prior to the group, there should also be a Credit Account for Business (ІІСВ), as a member of the Banking Company - a large private group with special loans.

Nіmechchinі have to save money for meals - "Baushpar-kasen" - a huge amount of private pledges, which can be earned on the basis of your credit for living with a minimum loan term.

In addition, N_mechchin_ has 27 private mortgage banks - “Privat Ipotekenbanken”, as well as offering pre-paid lines for financial services and modern living. The stink also give loans to the lands, cities, large organizations, establishments of the EU. The remaining rocks have the view of dyalnost іstotno expanded.

In Іtalії dіyut mortgage of power kredituvannya neruhomostі that budіvnitstva (avtonomnі vіddіlennya kredituvannya neruhomostі great bankіv she Savings kas BNL, Neapolіtansky, Sitsilіysky, Sardinsky banks that іn.) Spetsіalnі organіzatsії for fіnansuvannya Gromadska robіt (avtonomnі vіddіlennya great fіnansovih zakladіv, SSMSC fіnansuyut budіvnitstvo Zhytlo )

In the USA, credit is overpayingly overpaying for positivities , as well as for banks and insurance companies.

Control food

1. Understanding the credit system.

2. Processes, power credit systems.

3. Competitive struggle between credit institutes in the 70-80s.

4. See credit installations.

5. Interchange of bank operations.

6. Special financial and credit institutes.

Testi Evil self-control

1. Understanding the credit system є:

a) the interest of credit-rozrahunkovyh vidnosin and non-bank-financial-credit institutes;

b) banks and the number of credit vidnosin;

c) mobilizatsiya timshovo hourly pennies, ix the banks and banks;

d) the amount of credit and rozrahunkovyh vidnosin, forms and methods of credit and institute, as well as the organization of vidnosini.

2. The competition at the bank can be seen among the following:

a) banks and non-bank financial and credit institutes;

b) the private banking system;

c) banks, banks and non-bank financial and credit institutes, non-bank financial and credit institutes;

d) the credit card and banking systems.

3. Active banking operations - tse:

a) operations, for the help of some banks to form the capital capital;

b) the sufficiency of various types of operations - credit, debit, loan and credit;

c) operations, for the help of some banks, to increase power and profit capital;

d) credit operations, for the help of some banks form their resources.

4. Passive banking operations - ce:

a) operations, for the help of some banks to form their resources for the completion of active operations;

b) operations, for the help of some banks to form their resources for the end of credit operations;

c) operations, for the help of some banks, to increase power and profit capital;

d) operations, for the assistance of some banks to form their resources for the healthy investment and the most active operations.

5. Credit establish a group of fallow signs of such signs:

a) the economic sphere of stagnation;

b) the form of moisture;

c) form of registration;

d) the formation of the organization;

e) territorial dіyalnostі;

f) the function and nature of the viconuvian operations; є) day and that function of the credit system.

6. Banking operations - ce:

a) rozmischennya vlasnogo and healed capital;

b) credit operations and banking and investment;

c) active and passive operations;

d) a statement of active and passive operations.

7. Banks may have less of such basic operations:

a) active;

b) passive;

c) the acquisition and distribution of penniless deposits and loans;

d) health care and maintenance services;

d) usі vіdpovіdі wrong_;

e) correct vіdpovіdі c), d); є) usі vіdpovіdі correct_.

8. Special financial and credit institute - tse:

a) fat banks;

b) leasing, factoring, investment, insurance, financial company;

c) pension funds;

d) federal funds;

e) pawnshops;

f) banks;

є) Kasi for help;

g) usі vіdpovіdі correct;

h) correct vіdpovіdі b), c), d), e), є).