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Penny-credit systems and foreign countries - Ivanov V.M.

6.4. Special financial and credit institutes

The great group of individuals behind the nature of the vicarious functions of private, powerful and cooperative establish to establish special FCI. Look at 30 investment companies (trust-banks), three banks on pre-term credit, 29 companies on insurance and 58 companies on insurance, 283 brokerage companies, on-line companies and other companies.

Investment companies (trust banks); order for investment and general operations; as well as further dealing with the banking sector. The stink is controlled by the brokerage companies operating with valuable folders. Most of them are more and more associated with the great commercial banks of the country, which were inherited from a variety of acquisitions. Yak and commercial banks, investment companies through fili, formed behind the cordon at once with commercial banks of the country and it is independent, to expand your business in foreign countries. It is typical that they have a rightful way of functioning as a bank, establish and maintain a number of operations, power to banks and investment companies, as well as have Japanese banks.

Private banks of pre-government loans on a per-account basis for other private loans based on reorganization of private banks in pre-government loans. The main dzherelyami credit resources in banks є regional branches posiki.

Banks are available on the market for interest-bearing shares (for term five days for the highest interest rate for the second) and for discounts for the second row (for the first line; they are sold at a price reduced by the amount of the discount).

Insurance companies for a total of assets to pay a third month in the middle of private private equity and first in the middle of special. The main part of the assets of insurance companies is to establish companies and insurance.

Brokerage companies for resources are borrowed modestly in the middle of financial and credit institutions. However, a credit card provider does not have to be a resource, but a roll, like a win, like participants in a decentralized market, actively developing orders from stock exchanges in the country.

Leasing companies felt they were starting from 1963 p. One of them is н universal ’, stink to be rented for renting a car, possessing special ones for renting a song of cars and possessing cars, cars, computers, and so on.

State special FCIs are more important than credit in the credit system of the country. Before them nalezhat oschadnі kasi Bureau dovіrchih fondіv mіnіsterstva fіnansіv, Yaponsky Bank rozvitku, Eksportno-іmportny bank i fіnansovo-kreditnі korporatsії: Narodna fіnansova Corporation, Fіnansova Corporation Small bіznesu, Fіnansova Corporation sanіtarnoї ekologії, Fіnansova Corporation sіlskogo, lіsovogo that Ribno Gospodarstwa, Corporation Life Position, Finance Corporation of Power Companies, Hokkaido and Tohoo Development Corporation, Finance Corporation of Okinawa Island.

The categories of state special FCI are shown in Fig. eleven.

Fig. 11. State Special Financial and Credit Institution

Powers of the FCI will finance less than those spheres of economy, and for practical reasons, they will not be able to commercially use banks. A loan of this kind is a tradition of finding the right way to make sure that you can understand the terms and conditions of the Bureau of Reconciliation Funds and Reconciliation Offices low percentage and legal expenses.

Oschadnі kasi funktsionuyut at postal vіddіlennyah і that are called postal-oaschadny. To recuperate cash for kashi from the order of the Bureau of Donor Funds of the Ministry of Finance.

The Bureau of Donor Funds of the Ministry of Finance is one of the great FCI regions. Iogo resources stockpiled by contributions from the population at the state post offices and state pension funds and the unemployment rate, such as lending credit to the state enterprises and credit institutes.

Japanese Bank for Development , Foundations in 1951, zdіsnyuє dovgostrokova credit industry promyslovost. Credit resources to the bank are stockpiled for capital, paid for by the organization, budgetary loans, a position of the Bureau of Resource Funds and Resources of the most recent establishments. Bank of credit деб zdebilshogo such galuzі, credit of some, at the thought of private banks, є risikovanim.

Export-Import Bank was established in 1950. Capital bank to strengthen the powers. Vlasnі resources of the bank are stocked up with the first capital and asignuv from the sovereign budget. Healed resources to establish poses in government attitudes and poses of foreign creditors. The oaths and the structure of the passive and active operations are generously complimented by the parliament. Dіyalnistyu bank Keru Ministry of Finance.

Lines of credit allowance become six months to five rocky days, in okremich vipadki - 15-20 rockyv.

The Bank offers loans for the export of industrial property, black and white metals and primary goods. Zazvichay tse indirectly credit exporters, who want to have a good view of promissory notes, who are seen as foreign importers of Japanese goods. In addition, the bank immediately needs to give loans to Japanese merchants, I will arrange it for the banks of the local economy, as well as Japanese companies for healthy foreign investment. Vitrati on investment at a vidobuvnu a gallery of a country, scho to develop, are credited on pilgrim minds. In active operations, the bank often has to make loans to Japanese importers of money and materials, which may be more important for the economy of the country. The Bank also offers loans for financial imports of finished products. So, by repairing from 1987/88 financial rock bank I will exchange credit to export and stimulate credit to import trade and industrial products through a quick balance of trade balance. Appointed loans from a credit and credit bank are clouded by the vise of the United States and the great Western European countries, as they did not incite competition from Japan.

Іmporterіv japanese goodsіv bank, as a rule, to creditє at once with commercial banks. I often transfer 50% of the loan to an obscure loan. Such is the practice of playing the role of a familiar representative of the expansion of Japanese capital.

Financial and credit corporations specialize in lending to the okrug of galleries of state grants (government grants, fiscal industry and tribunals, live and business), registers, and others. Their budgetary and budgetary plans are to be consolidated by parliament, and the fact that there will be a change in control of the government’s ministry. Loans from corporations with loans from private banks are reckoned on with greater interest in minds and with an important role to play in developing minds for the economical growth of the edge and relaxation of social superlatives. Water hour on the cob of the 80s of rocky, an administrative-financial reform was carried out, as a result, I transferred the share of power to the process of suspension, expansion of the sphere of state private ownership and privatization of the corporation.

Credit cooperatives specialize in such a self-employed business, which is a financial and credit corporation. Behind the warehouse are members of credit cooperatives subscribing to the city of Moscow.

Members of the Silkospodarsky cooperative є mayzhe all the villagers. There are many cooperative societies in the prefectural community, as well as in the Central Cooperative Bank of the State Patronage.

The structure of the organization of credit is similar to that of the credit cooperatives, members of such branches are of the average number of trade and commercial enterprises, and they are shared with credit associations. For the total credit interest of the Central Bank of Trade and Trade Cooperatives. The capital of the central bank values ​​is often stockpiled with sovereign wealth. Control over these banks and the entire system of co-operative credit to a state power.

The order of national credit institutes in Japan functions is great for foreign banks. On the 1st quarter of 1995 in krai mali svіdіlenіnya 93 foreign banks. The pitoma vaga posic of these banks became about 3% of the foreign sumi posic, which was seen by Japanese banks. The sphere of international banking in Japan is divided into the sphere of international banking in such countries, as in the United Kingdom and the United States.