Groshovo-credit systems for foreign banks - Ivanov VM

8.4. Special Fіnansovo-Credit Institute

The credit system of the FRN is stored in the FKI, as well as in the special system. Tse oschadny kasi, mortgage banks, state credit institutions, banks lending to credit, credit partnerships, insurance of partnerships, investment companies.

Oschadnyi kasi. Mayge of all oschadny kasi from FRN is powerful. For їх зобов'язання відповідає the municipality of the municipality. For kіlkіstyu і the size of active wives nabagato перевищейть комерційні banks. Їх пасиви become an invasion of the population. The main active operations are managed before the mortgage loans are secured. Nadlyshki pribudku oschadnih kas nadhodyat at the budgets of the communities of that city. Сьогодні налічується близико 650 ощадних кас. Wongs postupovo rozvivayutsya in mali universal banks.

The central organ of municipal oschadnyh kas є 12 zhirotsentriv. Vony stvoiyuyut corporation, yak, perebuivaychi pid control of the power, oboseredkovuyu rush groschen mizh oschadnimi kasami, scho nalezhat ne nei, і pidtrimuyu payizhny turnover for dopomogo vzemozaliku. Ocholyuє system of landed houses, housing and utilities, Nimets communal bank.

Будівельні ощадні каси пов'язані з фінансуванням будівництва. In the 90s, Nimecchyna dyilo 18 private and 13 state-of-the-art oschadnyh kas. Tse spetsial'ny oschadny kasi. Akumulyuyuchi nadokhozhyunya depositors before the zagalnogo fund, stink nadayut depositors for the plan rozpodilu kostyv credit on budivnitsuto zhitlovih ob'ektiv i apartments. The investor is guilty of the terminological terminology to bring the sum of songs to the fund's foul. Тільки після цього він отририє right to the pose. In tsikh institutions take the fate and the banks.

Mortgage banks. Німеччина - батьківщина апопотечного to the credit. Після Другої світової війни у ​​Західній Німеччині діяли 33 іпотечні банки. Ninі nalіchuyutsya 26 privatnih і 12 powerful banks. Controlling the package of shares of private insolvent private banks to stay with the banks. The main active operation of mortgage banks - nadannya dovgostrokovykh posk pid neruhomist fun in the promyslova zhitlove budivnitsvo. Koshti for posk stany zaluchayut through sales of pincers.

Settling credit establish. Prior to such an installation, we must adhere to the problems in 1949. Bank vidnuvlennya, a kind of spaghetti having seen the credit for the admission of pidpriemstv. Починаючи з 60-х років bank видє також кредити підприємствам провідних галузей промисловості та експортує каітал у країни, що розвиваються.

Serednostrokove lending to the export of the building Export bank, file in 1952 r. 32 banks.

In 1949 r. Відновив діяльність Sільськогосподарський renting bank for догогострокового кредитування сільського господарства. In the 1967 r. Spravedren spetsialniy інститут для фінансування операцій з торгівлі між ФРН та НДР. Prior to the group of special credit lines, enter Provisions credit bank, Nimetsky communal bank ta іn. Peppers podarch private to the private sector, posiliuyuchi vplyv power on the process vidvitrenennya. Кошти to спеціальних банків to approach здейільшого з держбюджету відповідно to tsіlових призначень.

At the 1992 r. Soksonsky budivelny bank for safe access to access to cheap loans and financing of the OPT "SELLING" Saxony, which was acknowledged for overhaul of the sanatorium (in 1994, 145 pi-pri-units were saved and 40 tys- tems were robbed in the galoshes, they were injured in structural crises) .

Banks are cooperating with a loan. The first bank of a cooperative loan was registered with Nimecchin in 1926. Зараз їх налічується 72. До збільшення їх кількості urged hard to realize the products, зміни structuring of the lack of platospopromozhny popit population. Z 1987 p. Banks that do not lend themselves to credit in a self-supporting group are not viekremlyuyutsya: 42 of them were transferred to the regional banks, 22 - to private banking houses and 8 - to credit partnerships.

Credit partnerships vinikli at the XIX century. Process ідудустріалізації країни викликав the great popit on credit. Їх gastro required mali ta srednnі pіdpriemstva through obmezheny access to the market poschkovkikh kapitalov. Tomorrow in the cities and in the country, credit cooperatives were formed. The basic form of the їх operation - short-line credit of traders, other promises, remicelists. The central mortgage is the National Bank of Credit Cooperatives.

Insurance and partnership. Страхові компанії ФРН мають великі activator, I mean a part of yakih nadayut from the loan. The FRN dies close to 10 yew. Insurance mortgages, they are 9 tis. Not great. In the quarter of 1987 p. For 614 companies, the banks submitted data to the Bundesbank, 90% of the active assets of the insured companies fell: 105 partnerships were insured against insurances against assets, 329.0 billion marks, 317 - insured by insurance with assets of 77.8 billion marks, 30 companies borrowed reinsurance Assets of 39.1 billion marks. In addition, there are 114 pension kas, 48 ​​comrades, insurance for vipadok zahchyovannya. In 1996/97, Deutsche Kran Kenversicherung AG, a subsidiary of the insurance company, financed 281 million marks.

Інвестиційні компанії. The datacom of enterprise investment companies in the Federal Republic of Ingushetia comes to the middle of the 50th rock. The specifics of the operations of investment partnerships are in this way, that the wills are realizing their own certificates (abo accsії) і на залучений kapital kupuyut іtіzії promyslovіt іnіshih підприємств. In addition, investment companies under the law of 1957 р. Zobov'yazi mati not mensh yak 0.5 million marks of the main capital. The FRN has 35 investment companies, but there are 700 different funds. Більшість фонів у ФРН працюють за диреком "відкритої системи".