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Penny-credit systems and foreign countries - Ivanov V.M.

8.4. Special financial and credit institutes

The FRN credit system is stocked with FCI, as well as reading special services. All costs, mortgage banks, state credit establishments, live credit banks, credit partnerships, insurance partnerships, investment companies.

Oschadnі Kasi. May all the fortunes of the FRN є sovereign. For ix of the goats'yazannya vіdpovіdaє vlada of communities that a place. For kіlkіstyu and the largest amount of assets stink nabagato rewrite commercial banks. Pass them on to becoming a preoccupied population. The main active operations of public housing are reduced to pre-term mortgage and household loans. Surplus allowances from the budget of communities should be maintained from the budget of the communities. Nearly 650 cash estates are available. Stink steadily flowing into small universal banks.

The central authority of the municipal housing estates is є 12 zhyrocentrіv. It’s stinky to manage corporation, yak, intermittent control of the state, next to nothing more than pennies, to keep up to it, and pay money for the extra charge. I will clarify the system of housing reserves and the housing center of the Nimetskiy Communal Bank.

Weekdays for the benefit of the public. In the 90s, Nіmechchinі had 18 private and 13 sovereign alarm houses. Special specials. Akumulyuyuchi nadhodzhennya depositor to the capital fund, stink to give depositors for a plan to distribute cash loans for working life of apartments and apartments. The contributor is guilty of the terminology to bring the sums to the capital fund. Tіlki pіslya tsyogo vіn I will deny the right to a pose. In these institutes take the fate and grossbank.

Mortgage banks. Nіmechchina - father’s mortgage loan. Pislya Other svіtovo vіyni u Zakhіdnі Nіmechchіnі dіyali 33 mortgage banks. Ninі cash 26 private and 12 state-owned banks. A controlling stake in the ownership of private and mortgage banks is held by the banks. The main active operation of mortgage banks є nadanny dovgostrokovyh posik pid nerukhomist is overwhelmingly on promislov and zhitlov bu_vnitstvo. Coshti for stink poses can be obtained through sales of valuable folders.

Power credit establish. Prior to such an attitude, lay down on the front of the voles at 1949 p. Bank vіdnovlennya, a kind of spoiler seeing loans for vіnovnovlennya pіdpriєmstv. Recovering from the 60s rock bank of a kind є also loans to business enterprises of industrial activity and export є capital in the country, I’m developing now.

Sredniyostrokove credit for export zd_isnyuє Export Bank, establishments at 1952 p. 32 banks.

At 1949 p. Відновив діяльність Silskogospodarskiy rental bank for pre-term credit credit of the state gratitude. At 1967 p. a special institute was instituted for financial opera- tion and trading with the FRN and the PDR. Prior to the group of special credit establishments include Promislovy credit bank, Nimetsky municipal bank and that. I’ll stink to help the private sector, by forcefully pouring power on the process of creation. Koshti to special banks to go to the state budget in one way to the main sign.

At 1992 p. The Saxon weekly bank was set up for secure access to loans to cheap loans and the ATLAS state loan office was established in Saxony, which was opened for a total of 144 buildings in 1994. .

Live loan banks. The first surviving loan bank appeared from Nimechchin in 1926. Infectious diseases 72. Prior to the loss of income, difficulties were brought about with the realization of products, and in addition to the poor living conditions, the population would have to pay. Z 1987 p. live credit banks do not violate the self-group: 42 of them are credited to regional banks, 22 to private bankers and 8 to credit partnerships.

Wynclaw credit partnership at the XIX century The process of industrialization of the wikkiel the great drink of credit. Gostro was demanded by small and medium enterprises through exchanges of access to the market of postal funds. In fact, credit partnerships were seized in villages and villages. The main type of operations is a short-term credit to traders, other companies, remnants. The central mortgage є Nimetsky Bank of credit partnerships.

Insurance partnerships. Insurance companies FRN may have a great deal of activity, I mean a part of which I can give from a loan. The FRN has nearly 10 thousand. insurance mortgages, of them ponad 9 thousand. not big. At the quarter 1987 p. 614 companies, which gave tribute to the Bundesbank, accounted for 90% of the assets of insurance companies: 105 insurance companies with assets of 329.0 billion marks, 317 insurance with assets of 77.8 billion marks, 30 companies borrowed assets of 39.1 billion marks. In addition, there are 114 pension funds, 48 ​​partnerships with insurance for a hijacking allowance. For example, a part of the insurance company Deutsche Kran Kenversicherung AG from 1996/97 financial becoming $ 281 million marks.

Investment company. An ear of dyalnosti investment companies at the FRN seizures in the mid-1950s. The specifics of the operation of investment partnerships in Poland is that they won’t be able to realize their certificates (otherwise) and for the purpose of acquiring capital, they will buy shares of industrial enterprises. In addition, investment companies for the law of 1957 p. zobov'yazanі mother is not less than 0.5 million marks of the main capital. FRN has 35 investment companies, which may have 700 investment funds. The majority of funds from the Federal Republic of Germany are in favor of the principle of “open system”.