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Penny-credit systems and foreign countries - Ivanov V.M.

8.5. Regulatory penny-credit system

A forerunner of a penny-credit policy є Nimetsky Federal Bank. Win zdіysnyu її for such straights:

• regional politics;

• operations on vidkritomu market;

• regulation of norms of loan and deposit reserves;

• regulation of the size of the groshovo masi.

Operation with the re-issue of the problem of not having an engagement with the FRN has a special role. The law on the credit system in 1962 p. Having strengthened the regional policy for the additional privatization of interest rates of commercial banks to the percentage of the central bank.

Operations on a credit market due to short-term treasury bills, import-folding bills, and from the grass 1979 p. - also with the most valuable peers. The German Federal Bank, which buys and sells the state-owned bargaining governing bodies, is loyal to the liquidity of credit institutions in full credit policy.

Regulating the norms of the provisions for credit reserves for loans without delay for credit cards of commercial banks, which are worse than the current rate. The sum of the minimum reserves became in 1987 p. 61.2 billion marks, at least 5% of the contribution of credit institutions (1996 - 2%).

On the first plan from 1974 p. to enter the regulation of the groshy masi with a monetarist concept. 1975-1978 The German Federal Bank, having gotten goiters, didn’t allow the growth of the groshovo masi was 8% lower for the river. So win to achieve the stability of economic growth and peace of mind. Ale deliveries bank is not available and is 1979 p. Vin is installed on the leather skin between the veins for the winter season (6–9% for 1980, 3–6% for 1987). In such a way, the ability to maneuver at the time of the konjuncturi was hampered.

The main form of a penny-credit policy of the Nimetsky Federal Bank , as a rule, is stalled at once and in one straight line. For example, during the hour of restrictive policy of the region, the rate of growth, the power of bargaining goiters are sold at lower rates, and the norms for reserve reserves are higher. Synchronous development of all forms of penny-credit regulation is flowing to an economical development, because you cannot use this cycle.

Control food

1. Groshov’s system in Nіmechchinі until the 70s rockіv ХІХ century

2. Groshovі reform at Nіmechchinі in the twentieth century.

3. Why did the FRN repeatedly perform brand revaluation?

4. Functions of the Bundesbank.

5. Forms of a penny-credit policy of FRN.

Testi Evil self-control

1. Groshoviy obig at XXst. Mav takі special features:

a) the availability of a single penny system (with the lowest coin systems);

b) hyperinflation in 1924;

c) the issuance of three kinds of gold standard: gold coin, gold and gold and gold;

d) transferring money to the bank of bills and pink coins of gold;

d) usі vіdpovіdі wrong_;

e) correct є відповіді a), d).

2. Transition to the gold standard is recognized at such period:

a) 1864-1871 pp .;

b) 1871 - 1876 pp .;

c) 1873 p.;

d) 1871 - 1873 pp .;

d) usі vіdpovіdі wrong_.

3. The leader of the groshovo reform 1924r. We switched to a system with such a standard:

a) gold coin;

b) golden cream;

c) gold mining;

d) gold-dolar;

d) usі vіdpovіdі wrong_ (golden monetarism ceasing to exist).

4. Head of the Bundesbank:

a) the servants of the sovereign borg;

b) regulate the level of interest rates;

c) establish economic standards for commercial banks;

d) secure brand stability;

d) usі vіdpovіdі wrong_;

e) correct є відповіді a), c), d).