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Registration of the Unprincipled Attitudes

To register the unprofitable register, set it as specified in clause 7.11 of Art. 7 of the Law to pay back the surcharge for a ride.

For the introduction of a non-Butbutkoff order before the Registry, I am guilty of a tax (surcharge) to the tax authority for the registration of the state registration form I shall apply for Form No. 1-PH with an additional deposit before the entire Statute, as well as a copy of the statutory documents.

Derzhavna podatkova admіnіstratsіya Ukrainy can carry out a cross-section of posts, scho revenge in the submitted documents.

For the results of the review, declare the following:

- Insert a non-admission install to the Registry;

- Install the non-admission installment to the registry.

The registry of non-adolescent regulations is maintained in accordance with the law.

Klasifіkatsіynі dany formed from the victories of the sovereign classifiers.

Economic indicators are formed on the basis of tributary organs.

The Information Fund of Registry Including such a video about non-business establish:

  • Identification - Identification number of non-admission establishments from the United Sovereign Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (hereinafter - РДРПОУ), as well as the name, which is marked by the statute and is not included in the agreement;
  • Classification - information about Galuzeva, the Territorial Office, the order and order, the form of moisture, see the organisation and the legal form of state donation; Dovidkovі - information about the address, telephone number of non-affiliated establish, names and identifiers (from the State Register of Physical Entities) of the clerk, chief accountant, draftsman (investor);
  • registration - information about registration (liquidation) in the organs of the state sovereign power and the tributary authority;
  • ekonomichny - data, characterize financial and economic indicators of the state duality of the legal entity and that additional tax;
  • Dovidkov_ - information about the address, phone number of non-admission establish, names and identifiers (from the State Register of Physical Entities) of the core accountant, chief accountant.

The order of the territorial districts of the Register of Legal Entities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the regions of Kyiv and Sevastopol.

Derzhavna podatkova admin_stratsiya Ukrainy zd_isnyuс:

  • the development of organizational and methodological principles of the registry, the secure organization of the non-official establishment, which should be noted:
  • appropriation of the signs of the non-pributkovoy installations;
  • the development of technology and software and hardware concerns;
  • the appearance of the administrator’s base administration functions (accumulation, analysis, access to the regional authorities of the subsidiary service, control of the availability and actualization of the registration, registration, control of the right of access to skinny);
  • automation of the base of the Register;
  • organization in cooperation with databases of the National Bank of Ukraine, the Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine, the State Mitnoy Service of Ukraine. Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;
  • the development of instructive, normative documents on targeting, knowledge and corpus data by the Registry.

Regional organization of service:

  • completing the administrative functions of the database (accumulation, analysis of the rights to find out from the local authorities of the subordinate service, control of the availability and updating of the data, zahist, control of the right of access to the skin);
  • the region of non-military establishment, as indicated in paragraph 7.11 of Art. 7 of the Law to pay the surcharge to the benefit, that is, in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • transfer of ZMIN and additional upgrades to the Register to the central tributary authority of Ukraine;
  • in conjunction with the bases of these official bodies of the state authority.

Miscellaneous Organizational Payments Service:

  • receipt of registration application, control of the following requirements, regulatory and regulatory documents;
  • processing of these registration applications and the form of files for transmission to the regional organization of patronal service;
  • Formation of the base of these unprincipled attitudes:
  • in conjunction with the bases of these subsidiary organs of the government of power.