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Regulation on the Register of Non-Organizational Organizations


The order of the DPA of Ukraine

від 07/11/97 No. 232


in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

08/06/97 No. 291/2095

Regulation on the Register of Non-Organizational Organizations

The registry of non-proprietary installations is automated for the collection system, the accumulation and processing of data on non-proprietary installations is established, as described in paragraph 7.11 of Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On introducing payroll before the Law of Ukraine“ On reimbursing a gain of benefits ”, the wad is to pay a surcharge to a benefit.

Establish that you don’t have to pay a deed of the unapproved vіdpovіdno to the item 7.11.1 p. 7.11 Art. 7 of the Law, not obeying and reinstatement of these provisions.

The registry of non-proprietary installations is being closed vidpovidno to art. 7 The Law of Meta:

  • the care of the принципdinich principles іdentifіkatsіі непри non-adolescent attitudes, as well as the іh oblіku in the patronage organs of Ukraine;
  • the care of the subsidiary organs of Ukraine for information and registry for the control of the unforgettable installations of kostorin in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Organizational and vibrational analysis;
  • Depending on the one methodological ambush with databases of the Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine, the State Mitnoy Service of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine. The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Fund of the Sovereign Lane of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy and the Economy of Ukraine;
  • redemption of houses, which is to take revenge in the Register, by the other state authorities as soon as possible with the law of Ukraine.

When the non-ad-hoc install is turned on, install the sign of the un-ad-hoc install (set the Derzhavna podatkova administration of Ukraine) to the base of the Register by identifying number.

The building and the registry of the State Health Administration of Ukraine.