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6. (0013) - relіgііnі organizіzatsії

registered with the procedure transmitted by the Law of Ukraine (paragraph “e”, paragraph 7.11.1, paragraph 7.11, Article 7 of the Law)

The Law of Ukraine “ On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations ” stipulates that the church (Religious Organizations) in the Ukrainian state is a state of power. Art. 7th of the Law, it has been transmitted, which are provided by relevant organizations є related parties, governing and center, monasteries, related brotherhoods, limited partnerships, limited ones, as well as any other terms and conditions. Religion is represented by their centers (management). There is no extension to the Law of Ukraine “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations” on the basis of the organization’s approval for the Religious Oznakoy.

Religious organization is recognized by a legal special at the time of registration of the statute (position). Relіgіynі organіzatsії in order viznachenomu chinnim zakonodavstvom, toil right to vikonannya svoїh statutory zavdan zasnovuvati vidavnichі, polіgrafіchnі, virobnichі, restavratsіyno-budіvelnі, sіlskogospodarskі that INSHI pіdpriєmstva and takozh dobrovіlnі blagodіynі mortgage (pritulki, іnternati, lіkarnі toscho) SSMSC toil status yuridichnoї individuals.

The Law of Ukraine “On the Suppression of the Bid of Benefits” (paragraph “e”, paragraph 7.11.1, clause 7.11, Article 7) is designated as non-affiliated establishments and organizations that relate to unregistered organisms, registered with the public, and relocate to them according to the law organization ".

There is a possibility to receive income from non-admission organizations, canceled at the money-watcher and may be paid free of charge, but at the money-donor, they can receive unpaid financial assistance and keep them in good shape. The change of cult services and the subject of worship is marked by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On the completion of the transfer of cult services and the subject of worship, the operation and sale of those are issued on a weekly basis.

At the time of the predestination of the lower servants, nowhere, who have been transmitted by the decree, as well as the servants are liable to take a detour from the established order.

Butt 1

The Kiev Christian University of the All-Ukrainian Union of the United Christian Baptists is a reorganized organization established in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Freedom of Consent and Religious Organization”. Є by the spiritual and spiritual center that’s the name of the organization, the status of the legal person and the name of the non-organization organization is registered up to the paragraph “e”, paragraph 7.11.1, clause 7.11, Art. 7 of the Law.

For the first and second half 2003 pamphlets, the organization relied on underestimated income from voluntary donations, so as not to underlie. Sub-item 7.11.9 p. 7.11 Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On the reimbursement of a gain in business”, it is indicated that, at times, if unprofitable organizations are to be reached, they are expelled by a stretch of rocket (payroll) rock and roll, signaled for the first time on 11/11/2, from 7/11/11. for great rock, and forfeiting 2% of all foreign gross revenues, worn away by such a stately (payroll) rock, such as unprofitable organization of goiters, it is necessary to pay a surcharge for a non-paid sum of 30% of the cost of such a fee. The contribution to the budget of the designated surcharge is to be paid for the results of the first quarter, coming next to the paycheck, at the term established for the payers who have paid the surcharge.

Butt 2

University - a mortgage of sanctions, practices in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Sanctification” and the registration of a non-priest organization, up to the order of 7.11.10, clause 7.11 of Art. 7 of the Law. For pledges of 2003, the University of Universities having gained the gross gross income of the sum of 8,000 UAH for the money of the viewer, may be free of charge, but for the viewers of irrevocable financial assistance, they must be paid in full, the servant.

In 2003, there were 3,000 UAH in value, recognized by the statute of such a university. With the first quarter of 2004 drawn up in 2003, the total amount of UAH 8,000 was 8,000 UAH - for the whole price of UAH 2,000. Thus, the total amount of money for the first quarter of 2004 to become 3,000 UAH (8,000 - 3,000 - 2,000) and I will transfer money from the amount of 2,000 hryvnias, and a warehouse of 25% of the total amount of gross income (8000 • 0.25).

The amount of such re-distribution is 1000 UAH (3000 - 2000) and more than 30% for a rate of 30%, up to the norms of clause 7.11.9, clause 7.11, Art. 7 of the Law. At the application of the sum of the surcharge on the side, the yak should not be worse than 20 April 2004 to bring the budget to the budget, more than 300 hryvnias (1000 • 0.30).

If at all, if such a versatility is denyable, we’ll get to know more, less so, you can see the most detailed points (for this appendix, item 7.11.2), all the costs of paying the allowance for a ride, if any, I’ll be aware of such (Inshih) dzherel, changed to a sum of vitrats, tied up with the denial of such income, but not the sum of all income.

Assignments order to stash to all without a vignette of non-adolescent installation and organization.

At once, it’s possible to register, unregisteredly, establish that organization will be registered with the Register of unprincipled statement, then, at the time of such a settlement, you’ve lost money and you’ve got to go to work. Ododatkuvannya of such organizations zdіsnyusvatyutsya at the time of the winnings of the patrimonial goiter'yazannya.

Non-attributable organizations, signaled clause 7.11 Art. 7 of the Law, to rally a surcharge for a bonus of unreasonable activity in the igneous order (Section 16.10, Article 16). So payers of the surcharge self-identify the sum of the surcharge, scho pay.

Schodo inclusive of professional organizations to non-business. Professionals listed on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On Professionals, Rights and Warranties” dated September 15, 1999 No. 1045-XIV.

Відповідно up to Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Promulgation of the Population”, it is indicated that the specificity of the legal regulation of the activities of the professional profession is stipulated by the Law of Ukraine on the profession, and the order on the introduction of the law establishes that the procedure for the legalization of the public demand is established. Thus, the title of the prescribed Law shall not be extended to the professionalism of the profession.

Vrahovuji wikladen, diya n. 7.11 Art. 7 The Law of Ukraine “On the Suppression of a Benefit of Business” does not extend to professional organizations, because professional organizations do not enter into unprofitable organizations.

There are a hundred features of the subscription of professional representatives of the first organizations, then the Law of Ukraine “On the subscription of benefits to enterprises” (Clause 2.1 of Article 2) has been transferred, but from the number of residents paid by the payers, they are subject to a state budget, , conduct conduct dyalnіst, straightforward to clean up a little income like in the territory of Ukraine, so beyond the borders.

In this way, as a rule, professional organizations can accept income in return for rent, pay money on the bank racks of the bank, sell tickets, earn money, pay money, and pay them at once. Provided professional information on the article at the district at the other organs after the other month, the right to give the highest rating.

As long as there are no professional organizations to defer any other type of income (except for the benefits of professional and budgetary expenses), then you don’t have to pay extra income and do not have to pay a fee. If such professional organizations are deemed to be extended to income, the art. 4 of the law stipulated by the Law of Ukraine, the stench of goiters is associated with the lender’s body and the payment of surcharges to the surplus and the latest surcharges and taxes, as amended by the law.

Rose by professional organizations, memberships do not apply without payment.

The statement of the rules of procedure order to pay the surcharge to the lodging by the professional affiliated organizations zasosovuetsya before the introduction of the deposit to the item 7.11. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On the deferral of a profit in business”, which must be submitted to professional organizations to non-business.

Without a vignette of subsidiaries and organizations, you can include up to a warehouse of gross assets, include a total of May, voluntarily re-insurance (transferred) to the sovereign budget of Ukraine, as well as a budget of up to 11 times. 7 of the Law, but not more than 4% of the additional rent for the first time for thinking that such an organization has been registered with the State Administrative Office of the Republic of Belarus.

Відповідно up to the check point 7.11.10, clause 7.11, with the help of the central patronage authority, we will register the non-admission organizations, so that you can pay the surcharge to the side.

The registry of payers of non-admission organizations is automatically automated at the warehouse of the proprietary Automated information-analytical system of the subsystem “Legal Assets” of the State Administering Administrative Office. When I ask Dovidzh about taking a donation (non-admission organization) to the payer’s region, the discount is indicated, but such an organization is non-admission. Assignment of signs of non-admission to health management (direct) direct (indirect) income taxes to the local authority for the part of the legal service. At the time of the deduction to the authority of the appropriated sign of non-admission, the payer of the deduction shall be given a written notice, a clear explanation of the reasons for not being included in the Register.