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5. (0012) - lists, associations and legal entities, cooperative societies, goals for the presentation of interests

I don’t want to make up my mind for not going to such gadgets so that I don’t spend state gifts, for the vignette I’ll remove the passive incomes (paragraph “d”, paragraph 7.11.1, paragraph 7.11 of article 7 of the Law)

Art. 3 The Law of Ukraine “On Industrial Property in Ukraine” stipulates that commercial property can be negotiated in partnerships , corporations, consortiums, and the Concern for International, Territorial and Basic Principles .

Obedience to the agreement on the statute, which will be confirmed by their descendants or hairmen. Legal entities, such as entering the warehouse of the designated organizational structures, reserve the rights of the legal entity and extend them to the Law.

Obdnanny є legal special, may be mother of self and building balance, rozrahunkovy and the latest rakhunki in bank installations, a signet for his own name. The registration of obedience to fall into the order established by this Law.

The Law of Ukraine “On the Suppression of the Benefits” (paragraph “d”, paragraph 7.11.1, clause 7.11, Article 7) stipulates that prior to non-affiliated installations and organization, there should be adjudicative, non-obligatory business transactions , goals for the presentation of interest, it’s not worth spending too much time for such racers to don’t hold state gifts, and for the vignette it’s not possible to passive incomes.

P. 1.32 Art. 1 of the law envisaged by the law “state gift” to be sure that the person is donated, that he / she is remitted for his or her income in a non-cash, non-material form, and if there is no other reason to be paid regularly.

Sub-item 7.11.6 p. 7.11 Art. On the 7th of the Law it is indicated that the right to declare the income of non-ad-hoc organizations, that must be removed from one-time viewers and other regular acquisitions and members who are affiliated with income.

Butt 1

The All-Ukrainian Association for the Promotion of Real Estate and the Realization of Ocular Optics “Ukroptika” is an association for the presentation of interests due to the fact that it’s possible to enter 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On Industrial Property in Ukraine”. Assotsiatsiya my status as a legal person and registered in the bodies of the sovereign tribunal service as a non-Pributkov organization vidpovidno to the paragraph "d", paragraph 7.11.1, paragraph 7.11 of Art. 7 of the Law.

“Ukroptika” in the first half of 2003 rock denied income:

voluntary extra-curriculum vitae (don’t send back).

Butt 2

The association “Ukrholod” is aimed at increasing the number of overseas lounges at the best representatives, at the same time they will take care of the radio, maintenance, servicing and repair of the refrigeration equipment and installation. With its own statute of association, they have the right to abolish and dispose of an obsessive way, which may be shared by fellow-believers, which would cut off the clause “d” paragraph 7.11.1 and 7.11.8 para. 7.11.8 art. 7 of the Law. Thus, an association is designated, but the non-Pributkov organization is registered.

Butt 3

Zhitlovo-wake-up cooperative (ZhBK) No. 29 of the city of Kyiv, living in a residential building on the right of cooperative authority and on the basis of self-paid special funds, as well as being able to work out beforehand. Reinforced Concrete Reinforced Concrete Regulatory Organization of the Non-Pributkov Organization іпповідно up to paragraph "d" sub-item 7.11.1 para. 7.11 art. 7 of the Law.

ZhBK No. 29 for the first half of 203 fate has denied income:

- extra-curriculum members of the co-op for the rent and communal servants (do not pay a fee);

- subsidies, which are included before the gross income and the total financial result (do not pay back);

- bank vіdsotki (do not piddyagayut opodtkuvannya).

By the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On the consolidation of the Regulation on the procedure for organizing and diving activities, I’m going to manage hair attorneys, I’m not working and I’m closed on Friday, 9th of October. in Ob'dnannya spіvvlasnikіv bagatokvartirnogo budinka. Vrakhovuchi wikladen, reorganization of the ZhBK for umov dotrimannya position in the paragraph "d" n / a 7.11.1 p. 7.11 Article 7 The law may include but unannounced profits.