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4. (0011) - інші, іж iznazhenі in paragraph "b", legal entities, dyalnіst of any non-transfer є gaining a surplus in accordance with the rules of the laws

(paragraph “g”, paragraph 7.11.1, clause 7.11, Article 7 of the Law specified by law)

Paragraph “g”, sub-clause 7.11.1, clause 7.11, article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On the reimbursement of a gain in business” is marked by unauthorized installations and organizations, and there are no legal changes in the paragraph “first” gaining a profit from the rules of the laws.

Sub-item 7.11.5 p. 7.11 Art. On the 7th of the Law, it is foreseen that all unauthorized attorneys should be warned of their income, they must be removed from their clothes and they may be allowed to maintain such unprincipled business practices of their main income.

Butt 1

Garage cooperative “Pivdenny”, establishments on the law of Ukraine “On the Envoy of the Masses”, є Volunteer the Community Revolutions. Yogo dyalnist is hidden on the territory of transport hardships, which can be found at the private power of the population. The cooperative of restorations in the organs of sovereign ownership and the status of a legal entity, the same, the registration of a non-pributkov organization vidpovidno to the paragraph "g", paragraph 7.11.1, paragraph 7.11, Art. 7 of the Act.

The Statute shall be taken into account by the Zagrannyh zombies of the population, as well as to transport vehicles and to use their cats to equip a parking lot (garage). Members of the co-operative may have the right to rob and booty up to the core organs of the co-operative (right).

Garage cooperative "Pivdenny" for I pіvrіchchya 2003 rock having denied the income:

- member-in-person - basic dyalnist (do not poddagayut opodatkuvannyu);

- bank_vidsotki - passive income (do not pay extra money);

- nadannya servant (car repair is not a member of the cooperative) (piddyagayut opodatkuvannyu on the piddavnyh pontivy).

Butt 2

Garden-city cooperative “Economist”, establishment of one of the Laws of Ukraine “On Education of the Population”, voluntary education of the community for the organization of community education and public education. A garden-city cooperative has the status of a legal entity and that of incorporation as a non-organization organization as before paragraph “g”, paragraph 7.11.1, paragraph 7.11, Art. 7 of the Law.

The partnership has violated the representative and representative body of self-determination (right). The members of the partnership may have equal rights to participate in the management of the rights of the partnership.

Sadіvnicho-gorodnіy cooperative "Ekonomіst" for I і pіvrіchchya 2003 roku otrim otrimi profit:

- member-in-person - basic dyalnist (do not poddagayut opodatkuvannyu);

- bank_vidsotki - passive income (do not pay extra money).

Thus, as a rule, garage cooperatives and community partnerships fail to establish the basic status of the basic principle of legal order 7/11/13 p. 7.11 art. 7, then it’s possible for them to be registered as a non-admission organization and up to the point 7.11.6. When the main provision of statutory documents of such organizations is guilty of a position on those that are garage cooperative or garden cooperative society on the part of the Law of Ukraine “On the Enforcement of Masses”.

At times, more than one statutory document has the authority to transfer information, see what they can do, as long as they are in accordance with the dignity of the law to plan to keep a profit, then they don’t have to turn on until the Register of unprofitable organizations.