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3. Pension funds, credit cards

approved in accordance with the procedure established by law (paragraph “c”, paragraph 7.11.1, paragraph 7.11, Article 7 of the Law)

3.1. ( 0009 ) - pension funds .

Art. 8 The Law of Ukraine “On Retirement Benefits” stipulates that retirement funds є self-financed financial-banking system, better management of retirement financial benefits and remuneration.

The Law of Ukraine “On the deferral of a profit in business” (paragraph “c” of clause 7.11.1, clause 7.11 of article 7) indicates that it is necessary to establish pension funds before non-admission, approved according to the procedure established by law. Згідно з п / п 7.11.4 p. 7.11 Art. 7 of the Law, under the law of insurance, income from unprincipled attitudes is removed, you must be taken away from credit cards, you must go to credit unions on an additional pension, however, insurance must be secured for your consumption, transfer of income from legislation, transfer of laws and taxes.


The Pension Fund of Ukraine, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Regulation “The Pension of the Pension Fund of Ukraine” dated June 01, 94 No. 345, the central authority of the vested authority, we registered the non-pay-as-you-go organization on the first day of wednesday 11 p. 7.11 Art. 7 of the Act. The Health Insurance Fund manages the finances of pension care and exempt oneself from the insurers of insurance, as well as declare the right to pay the insurance indemnity in clause 7.11.4, clause 7.11, article 7 of the Law.

Out-of-insurance (insurance payment) - payment for insurance, for example, the insurer of claims for insurance to insure insurance with the insurance agreement (Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Insurance”).

3.2. ( 0010 ) - credit cards .

Paragraph 2 of the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the Timothy Position on Credit Sites in Ukraine”, September 20, 93, No. 377/93, is marked, which credit credit is a whole organization, which is primarily based on social security. Much credit.

Paragraph nine of paragraph 11 of the aforementioned Timing Hour provision is marked, which credit line cannot be taken into account by the Government, except for the provisions of the Law.

The Law of Ukraine “On the deferral of a profit in business” (paragraph “c” of clause 7.11.1, clause 7.11 of article 7) states that, prior to non-adherence, it is established that the organization should have credit splits that are in accordance with the order marked by law. In order to get paid, you should go to credit splits, as well as extra money for consumption, transferred by law, passive income, reprieve your credit, and the laws on credit splits.


The credit “Growth” split is a result of social and financial hardship for members who have acquired the most special interests for mutual lending. The split is the status of a legal entity and is registered as an unprincipled organization vidpovidno to paragraph “c”, paragraph 7.11.1, paragraph 7.11 of Art. 7 of the Law.

The credit growth Rost for the first half of 2003 denied the following income:

- dubbing out-of-the-box (don’t pododatkuvannyu);

- bank_vidsotki - passive income (do not pay extra money);

- Carrying out primary paid paid seminars (piddyagayut opodtkuvannyu on pagodnymi pidstavah vidpovidno to the paragraph of another subsection 7.11.9 p. 7.11 article 7 of the Law);

- Organization of the exhibition - a rental apartment for rent, a square. (pidlyagayut opodatkuvannya on the ignorant pidstav).