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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.



4.1. Understanding pidprimstva, yogo role osnovite effective robots in the market economy

On the cob of the 90s of rock Ukraine, Ukraine received the impetus of a baggage-laying economy and economy, so that it could be based on different forms of power and state grant. Alye її significant value to lay down in the form of a separate relationship between the non-market sector and the inter-sector. As a result of this, the market sector is guilty of a majority of the active people. Due to their dynamism and high efficiency, they are actively pouring into the non-market sector, which is safe from the backward high level of economy. All right, say what, such an economy є of market, the main lanca of what kind of business.

Підпрімство - as a matter of self-sufficiency state grant, a certain right of a legal person and his / her own duty (virobnichu, komertsіynu, naukovo-doslіdnu) with the help of gaining a bribe. Such viznazhennya pіdpriemstva є zagolozhenim. Due to the specific features of the state gratuitous state, we impose the required code on the number of organ forms of the state grant in the total number of gala, that is the need for the specified understanding of the agrarian (cultural).

Sіlskogospodars'ke (agrarian) pіdpridemstvo - all legal person, the main type of dyalnosti yako є virobnostvo that processing of sylskogospodarskoi products, the virus vid realization of at least 50 outlets. The enterprises in Ukraine function in accordance with the legal status stipulated by the laws “On enterprises in Ukraine”, “About enterprises”, “About rural partnerships”, “About public partnership”, “About state partnership”.

In the minds of the market economy, entrepreneurship cannot be effective, but it’s not more than economic freedom in terms of freedom of business, partners in life, partners, insurance, business partners, and others. Alya, economic freedom of business can be realized more than once for the understanding of the protection of economic freedom of people in the vibrant sphere of their own business, in the way of waiver of income, extra payment, by way of gaining a high interest in the bank. lane and land through the gain of income from income.

The enterprises in the minds of competition, such as the necessary power of the economy. Konkurentsіya - tse zmagalnіst of companies (pіdpriєmtsіv) of metoyu zdobuttya zavdyaki Vlasna dosyagnennyam perevag over іnshimi sub'єktami gospodaryuvannya, if їh samostіynі dії obmezhuyut mozhlivostі skin of their vplivati ​​on zagalnі Minds realіzatsії tovarіv on market analysis i stimulyuyut virobnitstvo quiet tovarіv, yakih potrebuє spozhivach. Yak bachimo, competition among the business is conducted, ahead of time, for living, for winning, expanding your position in the market. But you can reach tilka for thinking of the final satisfaction of the needs of our competitors. Tell me, let me see the competition, I’m important to think about the lively life of people, the greater virobility, the increase in productivity and the benefits of business.

Competition between companies and their supercompetitions is competition among women and men as representatives of their own work force. There is vlivlivє on the effectiveness of their praxis, breeding because of the ideal range for the commission of the robots and the protection of the working world.

For efficient business robotics and for those participating in the market, it is necessary to protect the autonomy of the dd, so that the independence of the dyalnosti, the health of the interests of the people. Reaching self-reliance here is impotent, that’s why the singing integration group is viral. These areas have skin autonomy and information about their partners. In addition, for the right decision to take the stink of the guilty mother, you can pay for the pay and pay the information for them. Our hack is about securing properly informed information of all economical sub-projects, without which we cannot be economical, and even effective. I play an important role in the form of such a market economy and the infrastructure in the future.

Enterprise and market economy as a whole can dynamically progress for the mind of factorial mobility. Vaughn is characterized by a constant collapse of viral resources among enterprises, galleys, and sectors of the economy. Tsey rukh vidbuvaєatsya perevazhno through action mechanism on the principles of self-regulation - resources to hide directly, it is possible to win the rate for the benefit on advance payment.

The role of enterprises in the economy of the country is to ensure that they have the opportunity to intervene with the work force. Being the main sub-entities of the state dyalnosti, it’s nice to take care of the important part of the population (in the USA, for example, 75% of the occupied population of the country) and the number of necessary public donations. Stink up to the singing world to finish the type of performance, to find your own products, to get the code and to secure the whole cycle of virobnitz.

The important role of social enterprises is important. The labor of people’s skills is formed there; The undertakings take on the function of satisfying a significant part of the social needs of their citizens (often secured by life, free or unpaid tickets, making small bets for children of their own).

Pridnepromstva vidigrayut virshalnu role in the form of the sovereign and the state budget, the fraud є about an opodtkuvannya. To this state, many organizations have an interest in effective work and business, are designed to do so through the legislative framework.