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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

4.6. Economy ambush the functions of the peasant (farmer) state grants

Selyansky (farmersky) state grants became masovic winikati on the first stage of agrarian reform. Svitovy dosvіd perekonuє, so it’s stinky to conduct virobnitstvo in a productive way and to increase the problem of food. One of the most feasible forms of private power is realized in the peasant state grants, regardless of which the majority of the government has experienced almost no regrets.

Selyanske (farmersky) statehood (SFG) є in the form of formalities for the people of Ukraine, as a result of the sale of bazhannya, it is important to have a special price for members of the entire statehood to take advantage of the sale of goods from the state, and will be re-used. All rights reserved, special name, name, signet, stamp, prazu печат on ambushes of self-sufficiency.

The economy and social and legal rights of ambush and the functions and functions of the rural government are governed by the laws of Ukraine “On the amendment of the law and the amendment to the law of Ukraine“ On the settlement of the land (farmers) state law ”,“ On government ”, and the government We guarantee the viability of the forms of state donation in the village and self-sufficiency of the legal and commercial commerce.

The head of the Selyansky (farmersky) statehood is the зас th Stepfather, I’m so kind of looking like a sovereign act on the right to bury the land of abo / і privately owned power. Members tsogo Gospodarstwa mozhut Buti podruzhzhya, їh Batko, dіti vіkom 16 i bіlshe rokіv that INSHI rodichі, SSMSC ob'єdnalisya for conducting spіlnogo virobnitstva.

Virobnicno-ekonomіchnich vidnosini with the sovereign, co-operative and those p_predpriyamstva, with the organizations and populists selyanske (farmers) state gratitude will be based on the agreement. Powers and organizations do not have the right to get involved in the state administration. Zapodіyanі vіd such a hand in the cogs vidshkodovuyutsya Winnie.

Zg_dno zchninim on the cob 2002 r. Legislation on land distribution for the SFG management allows the establishment of up to 100 hectares of lands of the Silkospodarskoye designation (land for private property and land, land for permanent settlement).

At first, after adopting the enacted legislation on the implementation of the Selyansky (farmer's) state thanks to such donations, land was transferred without payment to the land between the middle sections, which fell on one citizen of the territory for the sake of the People’s deputies. To the CSP and to accept the Presidential Decree “On the order of land acquisition, transferred to collective ownership” (dated 8.08.1995), a member of such a government has gained the right to enter into a new farm (for them) , the share of such a share was recognized for the nth principle, as long as the area of ​​financial and social security and the number of members included, including pensioners. To the dermal one, having entered the membership of the PCB through the practice of the Selyansky (farmer's) statehood, the land share was transferred free of charge. Tsya Zhinna norm was incriminated at the time of the restructuring of the PCB in private enterprises by the Decree of the President “On unannounced come in to accelerate the reform of the agricultural sector of the economy” (dated December 3, 1999). In the process of such restructuring, the boulevard was established, as vidomo, 1254 farmers' statehood.

The Selyansky (farmersky) state grants have been granted the right to add land, prior to the adoption of the legislation of the border area, rent land, as well as take on lease of technical land for expanding the scale of viral duty. Ninja bagato SFG zavdyaki tsyomu overdone to complete the great pіdprimstva with the flat sіlskogospodarskogo lands іd decіlkoh hundred to more than thousands of hectares.

For you think that the SFG will focus on the undeveloped territories, the German objects of the virologic and neurobiological appointments, the period of the establishment of such state thanks, the state will help in every way for the share of the sovereign centralized budgetary contributions.

Usі SFG zdіysnyuyut pay for land. Until 1999 such a fee was handled cautiously at the foreclosure of the land tax, the roaming rate was deemed to fall deeply in the form of land and land acquisition. З 1 Січень 1999 р. For the sake of agribusiness, for example, agribusiness of the most advanced forms of state donation in the village, to unite the one-time fiscal allowance. New SFG zvіlnyayayutsya іd pay off the surcharge by the stretch of the first three days of rock at the hour of the first land dilyany.

Selyansky (farmersky) state thanks to goats'yazan effectively vikoristovuvat land, seize ії від вівровії і water іrozії, villages, waterlogged and salty, overgrown with shrubs and other land, there is a lot of land

The land, the land and the production of products, pennies, the price of farmers '(peasants') state property shall belong to their members on the basis of the right total power, not previously transferred to the land between them. Own loyal prices for households can be arranged for a power loan: you can sell them, pass them on to other companies, organize, exchange, rent, press in the hour of bankruptcy. Selyansky (farmersky) state governments are given wide rights from the state authorities. You’ll be able to independently identify the specialty of a virological scale, on a high power rosary, arrange for their products to be freed, and get partners for economical calls. On voluntary ambushes of the SFG, it is possible to arrange contracts with different partners for the sale of their products with payment for agreed prices. At the solution of the production of stinks, you yourself independently establish the prices, if necessary, and those propositions.

Dzherelom formvannya income from these products є viruska іd realizatsії products (work, service), dividends on the price of the paper, a bit of the participation in the activities of the company and that is necessary. It is important that scholarships (farmers) of the state gratis donate income on their own, cherished by powerful interests. A bagato of such enterprises through the seasonal season of public relations is not in danger of being safe without the hiring of the largest people for a labor contract, which must be kept before the law. If you are transferred, you will have to pay the payment of the rights and the remuneration of the paid allowance of the hired don’t be guilty of those who have decreased for the minimum income, the ruling of the state. Payment pratsіchih pratsіvnikіv not to lay down in іd kіntsevih results і dіalnostі selyansky (farmersky) state thanks.

In such a way, if you establish a bank (state, commercial), there will be a bank with one bank and one with one, including foreign currencies. Stink on the power rozsud viryushut nutrition about the victoriousness of pennies, have the right to take short and pre-term loans, credit, mine, privatized land, guaranteed production, surety, guarantee that you have no worries.

The Law of Ukraine “On Selyansky (Farmer’s) Statehood” shall be transferred to the state social insurance and pension security of members of the entire state of thanks and recruitment, as a rule, it is necessary for the state to govern the country. An hour of work of the category of pracivnikov at the village (farmer's) state gratitude is turned on until the last and uninterrupted experience.

The dyalnost of the peasant (farmer's) state donation can be reinstated for various reasons, the view through voluntary reunion of the members of the state donation about remuneration, the bankruptcy right of the land, the right of land to land if you don’t get lost a member of the SFG chi spadkoєmtsya, a kind of bazhaє prodzhiti dіyalnіst state thanks.

On the cob 2001 r. in Ukraine there are 38,428 SFG, in the corridors there are 2,157.6 thou. ha sіlskogospodarskikh ugіd, at that number 1994 tis. ha rіllі. In fig. 4.1 the dynamics of the financial performance of the Central Federal District and the middle markets for the flat area of ​​the city are shown. Behind the previous dates, the date of the area of ​​Silkospodarsky coal on one statehood became 56 hectares. From now on, the first step is not less than the cost, but the first federal budget, and then the next step is to bring positive infringes to the development of the city’s bestowal. Due to the lack of security of technology and lack of start-up capital for the profitability of the unnecessarily excessive financial assets of the SFGs, they have not yet reached the effective efficiency of the virology in tune with the new organizational forms of state donation. Zaimayuchi 5.2% of Siberian-Siberian coal, virobi prices 5.1% of the grain of the main obyagodnogo virobnitstva, 5.7% of cereal weeds, 10.0% of the sleepwort, 0.3% of the cart, 1.4% of vegetables, 4.9 % meat, 0.5% milk, 0.1% egg, 0.3% outward.

Kіlkіst SFG

The self-respect and unbalanced self-balancing structure of the SFG are overwhelming: they have the leading role to develop the roslinnytsky goluzi and are less often - tvarinnitskі, are much more labor-intensive, and through the short-term there is a considerable increase in their number. The main reason is to negatively negatively affect the competitiveness of the system through the destruction of the fertilizer system - the change of regulation and the introduction of organic measures. It means that, according to the SFG, there has been a tendency towards the prevalence of creature. Yakshko in 1993 p. on one SFG 0.95 heads of great horny skinny fell, including 0.88 heads, pigs - 1.1 and sheep and sheep - 0.73 heads, then on the cob 2001 p. The average indicators were 2.7, 0.91, 1.4 and 0.14.

Bagato SFG, in pursuit of a seasonally friendly economic year, switched to the ruin for the land, the structure of the land area, and the highest cost-effective culture, cereals and sonashnik. So, in 1999 p. in the structure of the current state gratitude of cereals 56.4% and sonyashnik - 29.9% occupied. In the okrugs of the region, ри de ят ective ’minds for expanding the sonar’s viola, the SFG have brought up a portion of the structure to 40 and more than 48% (in Lugansk regions, 46.7%, 45% in Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk). ,4 %). This is not the case with the organization of virobnitsva, which is better to fix the SFG, to apply a great, irregular Skoda land, and to that it’s not guilty of a boot in Maybut. Let’s take it for granted that it was already announced earlier by adopting the law on land protection. I also have to pay attention to the fact that it is necessary for the SFG to learn how to develop commercial products and products. The price for the food is given to them for the given products and prices for it. Досх dosyagnuti іven already in 2000 p. Allowing for normal minds to grant the state to lead a twinned galley is cost-effective.

The farmers' state grants are not enough engaged in the processing of high-quality products (seamlessly through the organization of large-scale cooperatives), which means that I am able to gain an additional economical effect from them. A striking factor in the development of farmers' state thanks to the lack of technical equipment is ix, especially a combine park and a van. Protect by adopting the Law of Ukraine “On Stimulating the Development of Silsk State Kindness for the Period 2001-2004 years” (dated January 18, 2001), approving private property in the village and at the expense of the city’s local government farms With a small swipe of rented loans in the village and the landowners to the SFG, the landowners are the owners of the land and the main land in order to be able to securely keep the public, nnya and otzhe, i posilennya їh rolі in naroschuvannі masshtabіv sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva i pіdvischennі Yogo efektivnostі.

As a result, the SFG stockpiles serious competition for the most important types of agricultural enterprises. Zavdyaki such competition to play no less than virobniks sylskogospodarskoї products, and we are ahead of її сozhivachі.