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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

4.7. Economic ambush funded state partnerships. Aktsionernі partnership

In order to creep up the crisis appearances in our country and the form of socially determined economy of the important importance of the development of such new forms of organization of virology, as a state partnership.

State partnerships - as a whole (establish, organize), as well as legal and physical persons in ambushes in order to secure an opportunity to get in and out of the way. Look at the functions of legal entities with the right to establish subsidiaries and filials in the territory of Ukraine beyond the borders between the rivals transmitted by their main partners and the income generated by them.

The economic organization to ambush the activities of state partnerships is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On state partnerships” (zhovten 1991 p.) With up-to-date loans and supplements. Vidpovidno to the full extent of the law, the participants in the partnership may have the right to take part in the management, distribute a share of the acquired part of the forensic dividend, deny the information about the relationship of the partnership.

The participants and the founders of the state partnerships hereby contribute to the form of the Statutory Fund. Such contributions can include many bells and whistles, equip them with possession of all the material values, values ​​of the land, rights to land, water and all natural resources, free days and spores, as well as big money and money. Contribution, appreciation in any form, valued in national currencies, and the first part of the exchange to become part of the participant and the clerk in the statutory fund. The partnership can be opened with the same funds, transferred to the installation documents.

Kozhnaya gospodars'ke partnership on a voluntary basis to reserve (insurance) fund with rozmіrі not less than 25% of the statutory fund. Shchorichnі vidrahuvannya to the whole fund of health at rozmіrah, transferred to the establishment of documents, but not less than 5% of the sum of a net surplus, who will be lost in an otherwise disordered partnership.

Gospodars'ke partnership may repost its activity with a hat of reorganization (evil, reckoning, sharing, reprimanding, rebuilding) abo lіkvіdatsії. The reorganization of the partnership is welcome for the decision of the second highest governing body, as well as for the primus voucher, which is, as it were, rather vicious with its monopoly camp. Liquidation of the partnership shall be filed for disputed court (arbitration court), for subordinated bodies, which control the activity of the partnership, in case of systematic violation of the law, and also in case of bankruptcy.

You can also see so many state partnerships: joint-stock companies, partnerships with separated business, partnerships with pre-existing partnerships, renewed partnerships and command partnerships. Three first types of partnerships are negotiated and completed on the basis of a statutory agreement and a statute, and Rasht is less than a statutory agreement. Establish documents of guilty information about the type of partnership, the subject and subject of the duty, the warehouse of the founder and the participant, the order of approval and the statutory fund, the mechanism of distribution, the warehouse and the competence of the government.

Shares - as such a partnership, a statutory fund of various grants for a certain number of shares; one and the same nominal wartosts and yakty bear the interest in the duty of the partnership.

The practice of economically expanding the homeland with a market economy has eternally brought to the temple the effectiveness of the function of active partnerships, since they have become the dominant form of business here. In the United States, for example, 90% of the products of the commercial and industrial applications are owned by public enterprises. At the crucial form of ownership and functionality of wholesale trading, banking and credit and financial systems. With a smaller world’s capital form, they are locked up in the state thanks to them, and here they’re demonstrating the courage, especially with the great agrarian special virobnitsvah.

Significantly important forms of power should be seen in front of those who are rightly appointed by the newest members of the public, who, like some people, need to be aware of the laws of law. Vlasniki aktsіy mayuyut the right to accept the process by accepting a decision by an action partnership. Economically, your right of ownership of shares is realized through the sale of a part of a dividend - dividends, and if you take the water for a second, take over and for the robots of shareholder partnerships.

Krіm of zavdyaki stvorennyu takoї FORMS organіzatsії virobnitstva zaluchayutsya vіlnі Costa gromadyan that of companies in the i tsіy osnovі dosyagaєtsya tsentralіzatsіya is the smallest in kontsentratsіya іndivіdualnih kapіtalіv and otzhe, rozv'yazuєtsya protirіchchya mіzh require of great kapіtalovkladennyah i nespromozhnіstyu bagatoh fіzichnih that Yurydychna osіb zdіysniti tse through vіdsutnіst they have enough financial resources. Likewise, urahuvati, which is an active partnership, as a rule, are based on advanced technical and technological foundations, and their products are competitively distributed with similar products even earlier.

Dependently on the way to the rozpovsjuzhennya aktsіy rozrіznyayut vіdkrit aktsіonerne partnership and close. Shares of the first one can be distributed by way of credit lists and buying and selling on stock exchanges, and the other can be sold less than by the founders of the partnership. In both cases there is a nominal number of promissory shares for formulating a statutory fund for joint-stock partnership, according to the laws of Ukraine, is not guilty of a minimum of 1250 minimum salaries (due to index payments). For the necessary closure of the shareholder’s partnership, you can reorganize the account.

In case of open joint-stock partnerships, joint-stock partnerships are a slut of public discourse. There are organizers of marriage, like guilty bout holders of shares for a sum of not less than 25% of the statutory fund, in a row no less than two percent. All certificates of interest are indicated in all forms, which are important for potential purchasers - investors: a warehouse, metadata, statutory fund, a nominal number of shares, which are available for sale. The boundary terminology of the subscription is six months. As a result, they did not manage to sell 60% of the shares beyond the lines of the agreement; There are no exceptions for preventative vipadki, if they have a subscription to the share transfer certificate of the statutory fund. In such a time, the fellow soldiers can enter a credit list, but wait a minute with her, having taken a look at the established fences. Individuals who have subscribed to the shares are obliged to pay no less than 30 times the day of the installation of the installed fences to the rated number of shares. If there are rozpovsyuzhenny share among the founders of the closed joint-stock partnership, you can conquer the vimog, you must pay the guilty party with no less than 50% of the nominal number of shares until the day of the click of the established fence.

Aktsioner of grievances' obligations to pay the full share of the terminology, reinstatement of documents, ale not know the fate of registration of shareholding partnership. At the time of the reduced price, the shareholder will repay per hour of stitching 10 times out of the total amount of the stitched payment. I’m stitching, I’m transferring term three months, a joint-stock partnership, a right to realize the price of a joint-stock company.

Akciernerne partnership can buy in shares in Aktivion (only for the sum of soums, which can be rewritten the statutory fund) for their on-line resale, distribution of the middle of their rights, but anuluvannya in rows of up to one fate. You have the full right to reserve the statutory fund with a whip to launch new shares, exchange the amount of shares for the share, but pay the percentage of interest, and pay all the rights to pay the lower prices. For all the arrangements for a joint-stock partnership, the issuance of a special offer for the protection of zbitkіv, due to the third state administration is to be reserved. For the necessary changes, we can change the statutory fund for the lower rated wartosts, but for the smallest changes through the wikup at the owners with the help of a fake anuluvannya. Aktsionerne partnership zobov'yazane vіdshkoduvat volsniku share of zbitki, due to the statutory fund of the winter.

The other governing body of the joint-stock partnership альн zagornі zbori partnership. In third-party robots, the right to take the fate of the shareholder is invariably independent of the number of shares, which is in the hands of the authorities. Zagornі zbori virіshuyut najavlivіshі nourishment dіyalnostі Aktsіonernoy partnership. With the provision of such food - the statute of the partnership is accepted, accept the decision about the privilege of the partnership, the goal of the partnership and the privilege - the decision is taken no less than 3/4 of the vote. If you decide to eat food, take advantage of a simple, complete vote, and therefore you will be recognized as eligible, just take the fate of them in them, and you can win no less than 60 votes. Proposals, as a rule, as many as 10 votes, shall be entered up to the order of the last zborіv obov'yazkovo. Zagornі zbori aktsіonerіv click through no more than once to rik, but it isn’t transmitted by the statute of partnership anymore.

Vikonavchim body of the joint-stock partnership є rules, the robot is a kind of head є rules. Win is meant to be taken away as soon as the statute of the whole enterprise. The right to legal obscure fences of joint-stock companies and joint-stock company partnerships (thank you). Remaining to be taken away from the number of shareholders with the method of control over the control of the rules. Thank you glad to get together obyazykovo, as a joint-stock company partnership nalichuє ponad 50 aktsionerіv. Control over the state-financed dyalnіstyu right to be revisited revisited comission, so as to pick up the number of shares.

In equity partnerships the principle of voting is fair for the owners, with the adoption of the decision on the installation and ignition bills of shareholders: one share - one vote. There are many activities, in which there are more promotions, there is more than one opportunity to invest in government gifts. This is important, but the stench is most interested in having an operational and timely decision, and with the best results. Zrozumіlo also, who wants to know more and know the greatest gains for thinking zbitkovo robots of a partnership of bankruptcy in case of bankruptcy.

Aktsionernі partnership, especially vіdkritі, may mean a kіlkіst aktsіonerіv z іznymi interests and abilities. Tsim and zumovlyutsya ruh action shares, in the process of which packages of shares are formed. Rzrіznyayut virіshalny (control) package of shares, blocking that іnіtsіative.

A controlling stake in shares is two-sided: the first is absolute, as long as the hairline is 75 and more than 100 percent, it’s enough for you to take any decision, including 3/4. Another rіven - 50 votes, plus one action - I can help the representative of such a package to receive the decision de vimagas a simple big vote.

A blocking package of actions: three months: the first one - 50%, the same way I can block the decision, take up a simple voice; the other - 40% plus one share, I can help the foreman to block the right to ignore the zborіv partnership; the third period - 25% plus one share, I’ll protect the owner of such a package the possibility of blocking the decision of the partnership, for receiving a certain 3/4 vote. Initial package of shares may be two or two: first - 20% share, another - 10% share. For the first rivie, the vestidian of such a package will pay a click at the front door of the partnership, and at the same time - click on their own. Win also may vimagati re іrіnі financial-state dіyalnostі rulenіnnya. For another day, the owner of such an initiative package may turn on the power up to the order of the last fences of the partnership.

Joint-stock partnerships in the state thanks to the state became winikati in the 90s in the process of reorganization of colleges and radospos. On 1 September 1997 p. ix have already been completed 637. In absolute terms, the majority is closed joint-stock partnerships. The founders of such partnerships were the collegiate members of the PCB - praciuyuchi and pensioners. The statutory fund was formed for the ragas of the previous main laps. In the farther fate, the process of establishing joint partnerships with the state-sponsored gov- ernment may even be pricked, and in the baggage of the regions it seems like a great process is re-created for the type of business at the KSP. For one of the main reasons for this, those who are the protagonists of the main shares, when they fall asleep, will clear off the shares. From now on, when you enter the warehouse in the partnership, the shareholder cannot accept his loyalty in the be-form form (in nature, groshovy). Winner has the right to realize their own shares to the lesser members of the partnership, most of whom are ZAT, but they are some kind of big people, most of them are more likely to be part of the partnership (BAT), and therefore, for the most part, the price is significantly lower. camp on the Kinets of the 90s, ear of 2002). Neridko zagotlitsa zagaglі find it impotent. It is also necessary for the mothers to respect, who are included in the statutory fund of the partnership of land dylyanoks (shares) of the founders in exchange for shares to exclude impracticable the vulyucheniya of such land dilyans at the time of participation of the shareholder from the joint partnership.