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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


5.1. Mikroseredovische funktsionovuvannyaagrarannyh pіdpriєmstv

The kozhne agrarian society doesn’t have its own activity, but in singing contact with the middle man, represented by the forces of others, who want to work between them. With a new step of activity, it is uninterruptedly interchanged, it is clear, it is transferred, but it is not transferred, but it’s not enough to absorb on the living, to reap interest. At the same time, the company can reach the singing stage of absorption, they are encouraged to compete with them in their interests, and they are uncontrollable. Independent of the dissonant nature of the disparate forces, the opportunity for them can not help us as a result of their own activities, moreover we can bring them to negative hell.

The complexity of the middleware is identified by such factors:

  • kіlkіstyu zovnіshnіh forces, scho to pour on pidprimstvo і on a yakі vono by all means react;
  • let’s step up the pressure of the second best forces on the dyalnosti of the second and the second largest possible losses: if we have the strength, if the step is the first step to fill the same (strength) of the middle ground the strongest; neutral weakening, for a certain strength (relaxation) in the flow of one lanka zmenshu in the flow of the third (in) lanka of the middle man;
  • variative power of forces and speed, with which they can go through the steps in the level of energy to the power of business;
  • step of the unimportantness of the middle ground for business. There’s a change in the world of information, like Volodymyr’s business, and in fact. The great role here is the performance and qualification of the personnel of the company, a kind of analysis and information is given. In order to take the decision, it’s important to have a good forecast for the future middleware, so that you can transfer the winter and the winter and the winter season.

The diversity of the middle class is reliably violated, so I can take agrarian business, and I can see the two warehouses: a microcircuit and a macrocircuit.

Mikroseredovische is a combination of the best opportunities for subjunctivities and strengths, which can be infused without interruption by yoyality and yakі, in your clergy, you will be reinstated in full strength. In other words, microservice is a partner middleware, sub-enterprises of a certain kind, organization, who can have an uninterrupted relationship with a few members of the public, The price of the ticket is processed through business cards, which are not obligatory but legally registered. In the minds of a diversified market, de partnership I will rely on business, do business for an hour, work hard and converse with partners without any delay, more than please write letters.

Seriously, I’m in need of help in micro-broadcasting, recklessly conceive of economic interests of agricultural enterprises, and how much I can do with partner’s stink sounds to conceal a ride. Moreover, without such zv'yazkіv couldn’t be able to gain a profit and partners of the company. For the sake of interdependence of partners in the minds of the most advanced market players, leading up to the fact that competition is not just simple business, but also business partnerships and partnerships. In the cutaneous skin of such complexes, be-yak pidprimstvo is interested in the fact that their partner was effective. To that, for example, it is impossible for the agribusiness to have a chance to insure the insurance company, to take care of the servants, so it was unavoidable to go so far as to insure that the bankruptcy was offended.

Our partners are guilty of honesty and lack of respect, fraudulently agreed without any important reasons, intrigue, deliberate foolishness of partners to bring beforehand that we should not be afraid of any kind individuals, sub'kt of gospodar dіyalnostі.

Warehouses mikroseredovishchestva, in a certain function agrarian enterprises, є:

- Wellness and health products;

- middlemen;

- post-bedchilds of the necessary agricultural resources;

- agricultural services and organization, which can offer singing and viral services to agricultural enterprises;

- establish financial credit;

- legal offices;

- close competition.

If you have good health products (class) - you have a small market, you can buy at your home agricultural products good for fellow children. In Ukraine, the main salesmen of the Silk-and-Hospodar products are the processing of food products - cereal plants, ice-breeding, food processing and cereal production, cereals, oil and milk, oil and butter, Agrarian enterprises arrange contracts (contracts) with the named partners, in some way transfer the mind and the sale and the other parties for the non-negotiation of the agreed goiter.

Agrarian enterprises part of their products are sold to the population on the Silk-Gospodar markets, but directly on the streets (to the residents of the statehood, the social sphere of the village, to the larger populations - for a special living). By this channel, realistically overpricing vegetables, bashtanni, fruits, young creatures. Due to the large number of agricultural enterprises of the Vlasniy trade trade, the majority of the virobnosts (canning and cow shops, the first milk processing units, the so-called. You can get it right at the same time став pіdstavi for a visnovo, scho sіlskogospodarskі goods rybolniki zbіlshuvatimut oath realizatsії products production for a special residency. In total, practical terms are low for agricultural enterprises, which are directly tied to the development of an agroindustrial product with a new cycle: the product is sold - the product is sold.

Good friends and relatives can buy and sell goods for yakobychny and special living for any resale.

Intermediaries - for such purposes as organizations and organizations, for the assignment of agricultural enterprises to sell their products or to find a customer for such a sale. In the minds of the market economy, important intermediaries є commodity exchanges, most importantly, - - ян ян торг ’ At the entrance to the commodity exchange service, 25% of the gross national product. For real goods sold (for large parties with the same size and range), here are special products for sale. For example, in Chicago (USA) one of the commodity bargains is special for sale of products for sale of products, and for the sale of products.

In Ukraine, the bureaucracy for servicing the agricultural sector of the Bula was recorded in 1992. Heads of sales of goods for real estate sales. In the middle of 2001 There were already lost 43 agricultural commodities, 28 of which may change the right to export contracts for the sale of agricultural products. Stink roztashovany in the uzih regions of Ukraine, both are united in one electronic information measure. On the cob, the functionality of the operation was greater than the operation in them from the viewpoints of the spot land with real goods from the short term (up to 15 days), which was due to the low level of organization. In Denmark, there is a chance of a part of the forward land with a delivery term of up to 12 months. On commodity Sіlskogospodarsky birzhah near the country with a torn economy, they forward forward especially special deals, and the portion of spot operations here is small.

The activity of the agrarian markets was only actively activated when it was issued in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine; “About unannounced come in faster accelerated reform of the agricultural sector of the economy” and a restructuring of the PCB in private agroformation. Birzh is the main sub-component of the infrastructure of the organized agricultural market, to ensure the transparency of the operational purchase and sale, to develop the ability to sell products for real prices, to give them the opportunity to buy and sell products in real time. Such dіyalnіst bіrzh positively infused є on a half-year disparity of price.

The intermediary of the sub-infrastructure of the organized agrarian market is presented, except for the agricultural and agricultural trading at home. On the cob 2001 r. There are 388 functions, including 327 in the district district and 61 in the regional region (in 2000, there were 92 agricultural trading houses). The number of structures to form large consignment of goods (lots) for low-end sales on exchanges, through the last channels, to provide middle services, to arrange the spot and forward contracts, through which to sell sales resources, too. Farther away from the village of agricultural trading houses, I’m going to visit Maybuty.

The water hour will be the greatest number of sub-sectors of the agricultural market infrastructure. 291 wholesale and food market, 180 wholesale and fruit and vegetable market, 16389 procurement points have already been issued for the period. Zatochkatirovanny auctions of lively thinness, 90 of which on a permanent basis.

For polіpshennya dіyalnostі poserednikіv sub'єktіv іnfrastrukturi-agricultural market analysis, Especially in the district that oblasne rіvnyah, vazhlivo zabezpechiti funktsіonuvannya dієvoї sistemi tsіnovogo monіtoringu, zavdyaki yakіy agrarnі pіdpriєmstva matimut zmogu svoєchasno oderzhuvati th analіzuvati іnformatsіyu about rіven tsіn on sіlskogospodarsku produktsіyu, popit i propozitsіyu on neї skinny.

The characteristic peculiarity of the micro-series of the 90s and the current period (2002) is that those who win the bagato are quite middle-aged structures can be called smart partners. It’s stinky to buy in agribusinesses with high quality products, as well as sell my own products and my own minds to sell them to the last, somewhat short-term ones, and may ask for the middle price. Agricultural enterprises, at the same time, spend a significant part of their income, that is why they want to buy more directly by setting up business units as intermediaries for both agricultural and agricultural products and retail customers.

Prior to the middle, you must provide the same goods, especially specialize in moving (transported) goods from one month to the next, and you can realize a better commerce with a greater economy.

Postage-goers - for the whole business, environment for the individual, to protect us with the organization of state donations in the village with the material resources necessary for them - heat, mineral supplements, exhaustive supplies, technical equipment, stock.

With the development of market links in our country dynamically began to develop wholesale trade in these resources, as well as a lot of bagpid structures. Allow me to compete between them and water hours and expand the agility of agricultural partnerships, so be sure to have a better understanding of the business environment. Among the post-executives in the agro-industrial complex, winnings to complete the necessary private structures, as well as posting the village the necessary resources. So, in the middle of 2001, the middle of the post-chief of the mineral mining industry found the most suitable place in the market. borrowed from BAT Agrokhimtsentr, as well as its representative office in all areas of Ukraine. The main post-commencement workers are those with the name of the structure, ак close the shareholder association “Ukrainian business”, the private company “Raise Agroservis-invest”, the TOV “Obdnana agrotehnіvnі Agrіsіvservіs Kompanіf”,

The main post-hockey technicians on the cob 2002 r. boulevard such state power partnership, yak Ukratech (Ukrainian state power company), Ukrainian technical service (Ukrainian state technical, industrial service) . At the quarter 2001 p. one hundred of the share of these structures was transferred to the statutory fund of the new national joint-stock company "Ukrainian Leasing", one of the most important functions of the agrarian technology, and more.

I mean, the post-scholars - it’s very important that the middle structures are more industrial, they need more resources for the village, there are more goods and merchants, and you can buy more resources. At the operation G - T - G1, the owners of some of the most valuable prices on the resources of the structure have significant benefits, while the large number of agricultural enterprises is unjustified. In these minds, surroundings of such an economy are reckoned with independently of the power supply of the security of their consumption through material resources through the arrangement of direct agreements with industrial enterprises.

Agrarian enterprises are obligated to permanently follow the dynamics on material resources, assess the potential liability of their dowry. All of this is necessary for the sake of winter, so be it in the middle of the postal manager (growing and lower price, instability of the latest materials) are always available on the scale of the largest number of hospitals, the majority of

Agricultural services and organizations are encouraged to provide agricultural services and necessary services and regular staff to maintain normal knowledge for the functioning of the viral hospitality.

For economical crises, through marriage of couples in agricultural enterprises, for paying for viral servants, their servicing is much faster. Look at the sound of the complete list of organs in the middle of a micro broadcast. So, the structure of "Ukrsilgosptehnika" ceased to be hard-pressed, as I pressed, exceptionally, and repair services. The need for nadanni newfound the benefits of such services, svayayuchi at the edge of relations ix their main capital, є is clearly obvious. It is important for him, since 2001 the boole was shot at the Ukrainian corporation for repair, service and material and technical security of the agro-industrial complex "Ukragroremtekhzabezechennaya". Apart from repair, the structure of the above and the like services, rental of equipment, the completion of mechanical work, technical service, mechanical and electrical work processes.

People who are interested in the possibility of selling goods and equipment for industrial use, the problem of mechanical products in them has become more and more a part of the public transport industry. Stay in good health at ambush agrotechservice servicing the agrarian enterprises with a hat to help you with help from the working and folding work (picking, picking up the grain, and making your contribution). In addition, MTS will rent and rent equipment, carry out repairs, pay attention and see the technical service.

It is especially important to develop at the current state of MTS, one hundred business shares were transferred to the statutory fund of the national joint-stock company "Ukrainian Leasing". In the skin administration area, the mother and daughter would have one such MTS. These enterprises began to really absorb lower prices for mechanized, robotic, robotic pay for their regular work, even twice as much as possible with similar commercial structures. Zrozumіlo, in such minds the effectiveness of the activities of the powerful MTS is much lower than for private ones. But it’s not guilty of a reason to take advantage of the public relations, to find such a way to weaken competitively the middleware on the market of agricultural services, bring them to private monopolization of MTS, and from now on.

For agrarian enterprises, it is important that the wisdom of the agricultural services is low, and their yakity is high. Vihodichi zih criteria, stink of guilty vibrate, the very same viral servants are thoroughly bored, more often agroservisny food, and as a rule more vigidno vyshnyusnyuvat power. Tsey vibіr lodged among specific minds of agriculture and agricultural enterprises. Yakshcho, for example, the average repair of a tractor in the maysternі of the state grants is more expensive, the repair is on the agricultural service, then it is necessary to skorostyatsya the rest of the services. The water hour in the current agricultural situation can be consolidated, and the state thanks for the repair of self-esteem.

Фінансово-кредитні установи — банки, страхові компанії, кредитні та інші установи, з якими аграрні підприємства вступають у ділові стосунки при збереженні готівки, фінансуванні своїх угод, страхуванні себе від ризику, одержанні довгострокових кредитів тощо. Взаємовідносини з фінансово-кредитними установами є дуже важливими для аграрних підприємств, оскільки зміна процентних ставок на кредит, скорочення (збільшення) можливостей його одержання істотно впливають на їх господарську діяльність і економічне становище. Тому з цими партнерами господарства повинні встановлювати міцні зв'язки.

Юридичні установи (контори) є також важливими партнерами підприємств, у тому числі й аграрних. Адже для ринкової економіки характерні множинність і складність економічних взаємозв'язків, що виникають з різними суб'єктами ринку. Тому при укладанні ділових угод, їх виконанні, виникненні спірних питань підприємства змушені вдаватися до послуг юридичних установ. Такі послуги дають змогу підприємствам уникнути невиправданих втрат, досягти кращого зиску від здійснюваних ними ділових операцій.

Найближчі конкуренти — це ті сільськогосподарські товаровиробники, які виробляють на продаж однакову з даним підприємством сільськогосподарську продукцію. Проте в умовах її дефіциту конкуренти виступають лише потенційними носіями зовнішньої загрози для підприємства. З насиченням ринку сільськогосподарськими товарами на діяльність аграрного підприємства істотно впливатимуть насамперед його найближчі конкуренти, тобто такі сільськогосподарські формування, які реалізують свою продукцію тим самим споживачам і посередникам, входячи в ту саму сировинну зону. Якщо найближчі конкуренти починають виробляти більше продукції, ніж здатний використати відповідний споживач, то останній орієнтуватиметься на тих виробників, які пропонують продукцію кращої якості і в найбільш прийнятні строки. З цієї причини в аграрному підприємстві може виникати проблема збуту його продукції, якщо воно своєчасно не вживатиме необхідних заходів щодо підвищення її конкурентоспроможності.