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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

5.2. Macro sequence of functions of agricultural enterprises

Pіdpriemstvo і mikroseredovische, as a yogo otochuє, retake p_d with an infusion of macroshapes. Yogo lanka, often і uncontrolled factors такими uncontrolled factors, such as such contingent forces, who can be able to do something new for new opportunities and to shut up new ones. You can’t get into a macro-food chain , don’t scatter good things in a new one, stitch it with a winter servant or a senior rank for responding to them. As a matter of fact, you can take advantage of the right ways to choose the right product for your business, to save some money to add tactics to your tactics, but you can also maximize your wisdom. As a rule, they have to take macro-flesh with their own menace to threaten their livelihood, to live comfortably, so that they can have negative influences.

The main lanterns of macro-foodstuffs, which can be absorbed into the world, are: economic, natural-environmental, informational, scientific-legal, social-cultural, social-cultural.

It’s economical to use one of the most common macro-schemes and is characterized by the following parameters: equal inflation, deflate, step up competitive competition, less expensive, more expensive. In the subtle viglyad vonogo we can see but through the buying house the population of the population. You’ll earn money at the stage of an economical weekday, pay attention to the comrade, including the possibility to get available, speed up your unemployment, increase the security of the sale, activate the investment date. In the minds of the presence of a high-quality household product, the demand for agricultural products is a signal for agricultural enterprises to receive higher prices for expensive high-value goods. By stench, you can ask for additional resources, learn about the conservation of the land of the villagers, conceive new agricultural science and livestock science for raising crops and productivity of creatures.

In the period of economic recession, it is possible to reduce the price of yachts due to the small variety of special incomes, so through the growth of unemployment. When you pay interest rates on a loan, you will have to invest and receive an oversized loan, change your oath to sell your sales. Through the irregularity of new consumption for the non-paid change, the lower the number of comrades, the lower the number does not mean that the agro-business is not guilty of low prices for the population. Depending on the specific circumstances of the reaction, there is a chance to reznoy - the appearance of an hourly revision of the viral choices of the production of products to the discovery of new markets for the public, including those of the international.

By the application of the negative economy of the Middle Ages to the economy of Ukraine and Ukraine, the crisis in Ukraine . Recognized powers in regulated prices for high-quality products were called up before the agricultural enterprises became economically inevitable products and stolen goods quickly. To tell a story, scho in 2000 r. since 1990 the oath of virobnitstva milk has become less than 51.4%, meat and meat have been lost - 37.8%, and milk - 53.4%. The need for agrarian agrarian subsidies to the economy in the middle of the middle is such a butt. At sickle 1998 p. in the Russian Federation the guest of economical crisis, the yak, calling for the majority of the Ukrainian economy with the highest power, and could not negatively affect the stability of the national currency - it was in Ukraine as a whole, In Tsikh Minds Ti pіdpriєmstva, SSMSC svoєchasno analіzuvali i correctly otsіnyuvali naslіdki danoї crisis, Mali zmogu zapobіgti digit vtratam zavdyaki zavchasnomu pridbannyu energonosіїv (h hour stink podorozhchali vdvіchі) vikoristannyu svoєї gotіvki for nagromadzhennya virobnichih zapasіv, skorochennyu abo povnіy vіdmovі od eksportu svoєї produktsії in Of the Russian Federation to the stabilization of the ruble skinny.

An economical environment is characterized by a camp of economical development of consumer goods, which can be used for high-quality virology. The agrarian enterprises are guilty of nobility, like comrades and those who are in good condition can stink in their own country, and those who are abroad, in some very same regions are worth the price of them, so they can easily transport them.

The natural and ecologic environment is completely filled with the character of the viral nature of agricultural enterprises. You will be tempted to take advantage of the deficiency of the okrimich vidirov sirovini, the more expensive energies, the vimog to the zaberezhennya nastolishnogo middleware. The State increasingly began to get involved in the process of conservation and natural resources through the State Committee for Nature Protection and its regional representative offices on missions. Let me look at the price list for the legal (legal) legal interests of agricultural enterprises and institutions, which are for environmental protection. Inclusion of an update on the nature of the huge organizations for the protection of nature (for example, on the part of the party “green”).

Agrarian enterprises can not help but feel welcome in the natural-ecological environment and with these forms of regular regulation, at the moment they accept the state gifts, the fragments can be brought up to the very end. So, periodic deficit on naphtha products and almost the same price in the 90s rocked the agrarian economy of the economy, the mode of economy, accelerated the growth of transportation, and the loss of public transport.

Agrarian enterprises of goiters and citizens of environmental and sanitary-technical markets, of new and reconstructed facilities, of weekly facilities, of non-tolerant redundant concentration of economic activity,

A characteristic negative sign of the natural and ecologic treasure of Ukraine is the high level of yogh obstruction. Due to the special significance of the problem of developing alternative alternative statehood in our country, the country began to intensively develop in the USA and the countries of Western Europe in the 1980s. To go about virobnitstvo ecologically purely silnogospodarskogo products without zasosuvannya minerals and pesticides. By the way, for the winnings of the alternative statehood of the statehood, becoming a great drink at an ecologically clean food companion and a high price on them. I will look at the chornobilsky tragedy and the highest level of poverty, the worst middleware and the lowest prices for the population of Ukraine, which is ecologically clean products. To increase the need for a shvidka development of alternative Sylsky statehood in front of the base of the Selyansky (farmer's) state thanks.

Svitova practice, secrecy of dosvid of the USA, reconfiguration, alternatively to the state thanks to the sphere of duality of the very small farm. It’s stinky, it’s easier to solve the problem of deficiency of work, and it’s through the review of pesticides. For example, in the United States, a farm with an alternative state thanks to the government grants them contracts for the supply of ecologically clean products, while the rest of the count are waited for the farm to pay the necessary oath to the elderly. Hundreds of such cooperative cooperatives are already functional in all states of the country.

Victorist farmers in the United States, rural (farmer) state hospitals of Ukraine can take advantage of such environmentally friendly and water-efficient products, such as vegetables, fruits, towers, milk, milk. The state, obviously, should take upon itself the propaganda of the necessary, advantageous and vigorous nature of such a way of introducing the best possible state of the art, having resolved at the same time the necessary economic incentive.

Science and technology middle ground . Agrarian pіdpriєmstvam potrіbno good orієntuvatisya in zmіnah scho vіdbuvayutsya in danomu seredovischі, i zavdyaki tsomu priymati obґruntovanі rіshennya about dotsіlnіst that mozhlivіst vprovadzhennya in virobnitstvo novih vidіv tehnіki i novih tehnologіy, zabezpechuyuchi such rank konkurentospromozhnіst svoїh tovarіv that vischu dohodnіst od їh realіzatsії. If the company is not responsive to the influx of factors, it will be confined to stagnation and bankruptcy.

With the new agricultural products, the business needs were preserved in such a way that the products from the city did not spoil the health of the population. For example, victorious access to science in the field of biotechnology, the need to keep busy but reconciled, say, new stimulants for growth and development of goods do not shame healthy people, do not overpriculate them for some good products Neo, hell, do not become the cause of the mortality of the establishment of food production at the market.

Іnformatsіyne seredovische in Minds rinkovih vіdnosin i priskorenogo rozvitku NAUKOVO-tehnіchnogo Progreso vіdіgraє great role in svoєchasnomu zabezpechennі of companies neobhіdnoyu іnformatsієyu schodo kon'yunkturi market analysis, novіtnіh dosyagnen at the Branch tehnіki, tehnologії th organіzatsії virobnitstva, i'm tendentsіy rozvitku svіtovogo market analysis. Zrozumіlo, which is more important than the middleware more than zrosta in the minds of high competition. I won’t give you the opportunity for the small business to have problems with the “high school” of their own. Adzhe neridko pіdprimerstvamom ekonom_chno vigidnishe buy a singer’s idea for preparing the mechanism of practical practical realization, lower self-care and understanding.

The legal policy framework includes a system of laws and legal acts that regulate legal acts, as well as a system of legal and political institutes, which determine the full extent of legal documents. Significantly, in the form of political and legal middleware, there are a number of political parties, the needs of mass information groups, the largest groups of people, they have the right to exercise their freedom of rest,

Kozhne pіdpriєemstvo to buy butti is kindly recognized by the legislation, I regulate pidpriєmnitsku dyalnіst, fragments of yogo ruined, I’ll threaten with penalties as far as the fence, I’ll take care of the viral duty. For example, in Ukraine, regulatory legal acts have already been adopted, which protect the good faith of the competition, the interest of the good, guarantee the good practice of the goods (non-compliant packaging). Legislation, according to the regulation of business, guilty of seizing the same interests and interests of such activities, as I do not care for the necessary livelihood of people from the point of view.

As a matter of practice, there are more than one country in Western Europe, the USA, Canada, other powers, all the most important role is to restore the political part in the large part of the world, as well as in other countries At your own agrarian business, you have to respect the trend, the cost of planning the new products and the new tactics and strategies of marketing and marketing.

The social and cultural middle ground is being formed on the basis of demographic processes and the cultural and social situation of the population. In the minds of shortage of food products, low purchasing power of a significant part of the population, the factor is less than one. Along with the food supply and the agrarian export of agricultural products, we can take care of the objec- tive of the virobnitz at approximately the same pace as the population is growing. In the first place, non-residents are able to re-produce products as well as win defenses. The water hour of agribusiness is guilty of keeping the future of the population in the structural life of the population of large groups, as well as the amount of culture in the kindergarten, the share of the larger zoom is accelerated by the increase in the number of available products. For example, from the "old days" the population will drink on vegetables, fruits and change - on high-calorie products. With the well-being of the cultural and cultural community, the population is set to the material, because of the fabric and clothing. Zrosta is drinking on a comrade who has a wide range of natural fabrics, which is economically vigilant, agrarian and agricultural company, to hemp, hemp, go out. Extensive serotno-otnichnyh seizures cause a decrease in nutrition for the products of grubbing with high cholesterol skinny. Ignorance of the vivchati and vrachovuvati ’vrachuvati’ thin-mindedness ’thrills for the social and cultural middleware will be blocked by a second position on the market, shortened oath of virology and lower efficiency.

Entry of Ukraine into the world-wide economical space, the development of business relations, the need for the necessary amount of insurance, I will become liable for them to become the international treasure, and I will always be able to. Sokrema, it is important to know the market conditions of the world market, the price and the dynamics of prices to the comrade of the city and regional resources, which can be used in the import of agricultural goods, the scale of the international trade in Ukraine, They are political and economical in nature, which are important in these countries and are very important for food production. Volodinnya such an information can help people take care of the business at the time of export and import operations, and at the time of business, I have to go home. About the price of guidance and guidance earlier, the butt about the financial crisis in the Russian Federation and the Russian economy, which is adding to the economy of our country.