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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

5.3. Bankruptcy of enterprises and sanitation

Rinkovy ekonomіtsі pretamanne such a show, as the bankruptcy of sub'kktіv pіdprimmnytsky dіyalnostі. Please understand and govern the procedure for paying for such sub-areas (bourgeois) as a whole for bankruptcy, the procedure for satisfying claims of creditors and for supplying money, for dealing with bankruptcy, and being governed by the Banking Law of Ukraine 30 1999 p.).

If bankruptcy rises to business within the court of arbitration * 1 noncompliance of the bourgeois - submission of legal proceedings - increase their payment and satisfy the court in advance of the creditor not through the court. When a bourgeois is invaded, such a subpact is accepted, a kind of impotent viconity of his own pennies and a loan before three creditors stretched out three months after setting an established line of payment. On the right about bankruptcy, an arbitral tribunal will succumb to the application of the creditors, as a rule, they need to pay no less than 300 minimum wages to the bourgeoisie, so that they won’t be satisfied with the length of the term. The law has also transferred, so that a fellow worker can be excused before the court of arbitration in full financial security, but if you pay such money, you must be paid a fee. Obov'yazkovі payments і not іnakshe, yak through vіnovnovlennya platospromoznostі.

* 1: {The Law of Ukraine “On introducing the wages to the Law“ On the improvement of the wages and salaries of a bourgeois, but the bankruptcy has been lifted ”has been transferred, so that the power of bankruptcy can be violated and by state courts.}

We practice such bankruptcy as practicing bankruptcy, the lack of payment of some kind is not just hours, but a trivial character. For example, in the case of the Shvetsii bankruptcy lifelong process, you will be ignored if you can’t pay for six months to pay the pre-paid vimogi.

Bankruptcy in the minds of the market economy сл due to the unreliable control of economic activity, the lack of enthusiasm for various macro factors and micro-mediocrity, and therefore there is a fair amount of reasonable freedom to choose from,

Subact of business administration at the time of impossibility to pay before the destruction of the bankruptcy can be granted to the sanatorium. Tse - an important zahid, which can be very difficult to help bankruptcy disappear. Zdіsnyuє for the sanation of the owner of the house of May, the investor, with a grudge accept the systems of access - the organization-state, investment, technical, financial and legal, the legal industry. One of the most radical approaches to pre-trial sanitation is to give the bourgeois financial assistance on the side of the hairline, Mayna, sovniknikov, creditors of the bourgeois, who have completed sub-bills for paying off their trade goiters. Tse, in his cherkov, goiter’s goiters to take on themselves the most likely to goiters in front of the person, as if they gave such help.

If you are in good shape about bankruptcy before the bourgeois, you can get the most out of court and bankruptcy procedures: the order of the bourgeois by mine, world peace, sanitation (vidnovlennya platospromozhnostі) the bourgeois, the bankruptcy is bankrupt. In praise of the Arbitration Court about the ruined failure of the bankruptcy certificate, to pay attention to the introduction of the order procedure for the Borzhnik mine and the mine order to be marked on the lines for no more than six months. The first is a radical radical approach to bankruptcy proceedings, which should be kept under control of the duty of the bourgeois. The meta of the full call is to secure the main interest of the creditors. The Maypit checkpoint is scheduled for the bankruptcy certificate of bankruptcy until the time of the arrangement of the world ugodi chi accepting a message about the sanitation a borozhnik. Він має the right to click on creditors, analyze financial position of bourgeois and recommend to creditors' fees come in the next financial recovery. Obligations of the May lane checklist include an examination of the greetings of the Borzhnik copy of the application of the lenders about pennies, the most important register of the lenders, the chance to live again, the most important thing is the need to pay fictitious bankruptcy.

Keruyushchy mine of the bourgeois is not entitled to get involved in the operational-gospodar djalnist of the bourgeois, and that he was not appointed to remind him to remind the governing body of the bankruptcy administration. If you have no further rights, please note that the order of the order may be awarded, May I accept reorganization and residency, introduce new legal representatives, fill out a representative office, have a separate offer. It’s important that I cherish the mayor of bourgeois ’spree є settling the world’s favor with the bourgeois’ and the creditors, which means they’ve reached their homestay payments as much as possible, as long as they don’t want to go away, if they have to pay forgiveness. As far as the world is concerned, it was impossible to reach and for an hour the procedure for ordering mine bourgeois was not satisfied with the creditors' creditors, the court of arbitration for the bankruptcy committee of the creditors must have the right to charge the praise of the absence of the second line *. He shall be designated as a clerical sanction for the manifestation of a new licensed license.

* 2: {Tsey termіn mozhu butovyh promotions by the court up to six months of any speed.}

Sanitation - a whole system of calls, good day, hour of help, about bankruptcy, which is hidden on the banknote’s business by bankruptcy and that’s the same. You’ll be in a good mood for credit, business reorganization, restructuring and capital, capital structure. As a result of sanitation, a financial recovery of the bourgeois and satisfaction of all the other things is often ensured, and often vimog creditor.

Over the course of the day, the ministry celebrated the sanitation to take advantage of the bored warrior’s bureaucratic control and management, and to pass on to the clerical sanitation. Win the right to independently dispose of the bourgeois’s mine, lay down the first and last name for the world’s favor; With a stretch of three months, on the day of Vinnesen, they ignored the sanitation of the bourgeois, the clerical sanction was guilty of a loss and the submission of a committee of creditors for the purpose of praising the plan of the sanction of the bored, minds of creditors.

Sered zahodіv vіdnovlennya platospromozhnostі borzhnika scho vіdobrazhayutsya in planі sanatsії, mozhut Buti restrukturizatsіya (reorganіzatsіya) pіdpriєmstva, pereprofіlyuvannya virobnitstva i vіdmova od zbitkovih virobnitstv, vіdstrochka abo / she rozstrochka platezhіv, write-off (forgiveness) borgіv sales Chastain Lane, lіkvіdatsіya debіtorskoї zaborgovanostі, goiters “Investor’s opinion about the repaid to the borg of a bourgeois anyway, sales of a mine of a bourgeois as a whole mine complex is skinny. The investor can raise the rights of ownership to the mayor of the bourgeoisie for the purpose of washing them off with the goiter'yazan with the plan of sanitation. If the committee of creditors has grabbed the sanitation plan, then the remaining ones will have to submit to a closed court of arbitration. In the nth time, the committee of creditors is to be closed before the arbitral tribunal with clauses about the awarding of another cherished sanction, but about the bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings of the bankruptcy court. If the Arbitration Court hardened the plan of sanitation, the clerical sanitation of health and transfer to the plan come in. For your understanding of the practical and practical implementation of the warehouse, call and submit it to the court of arbitration. Such a confirmation вер pіdstavoyu for vinensenny by a court of law, they got a glimpse of the prinpennennial provision of the information about bankruptcy.

On the basis of the wicked one, one can sow the gadgets, including the legislation on bankruptcy, as well as the legislation on a number of developed countries, and on the priority of sanitation over liquidation of property. I ce is not vipadkovo. For lenders, most often I will inquire about the bankruptcy of a bourgeoisie. From the international practice of vidomo, which means koshti, are taken away as a result of liquidation of a bourgeoisie, they are overly competitive in the range of 30% of the total amount of creditor. From now on, й great ymovіrnіst of what, so such vimogi can be but far from being improved, but well as a whole are not satisfied. The first half of the age of business, if for the rest of the fate (1998-1999), the majority of the bankrupt banks lost more than 1.5–2% of their trading goiters.

For you can remind the arbitral tribunal to approve the name of the clerical sanction, as well as the non-submission of such a clause in the lines of the arbitration tribunal I accept the ruling on bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings, I can’t terminate the procedure. Beyond the specified number of lines indicated to the body, there may be more promotions for more than six months. The liquidation of the bourgeois means the initiation of the bankruptcy subdivision (bankruptcy) with the help of a good judge who is satisfied with a business court and may have a lender for sale of a yoy lane. From the day of accepting the arbitral tribunal, the court rulings on bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings shall be settled on the basis of the following: The Arbitration Court of the Appointment of the Liquidator (he may be the officer of the order of Maya, but the clerical sanction) and members of the liquidated commission.

The liquidator of the entire procedure, due to the protection of the mine and the order of the mine, the health of the old assessment is so thin. Win organisation is the revolving of trade and debugging, which is important, the form of masu. Prior to the warehouse, include include seeing the mine and the main rights of the bankrupt; . The liquidator of the sales lane, which is included in the liquidation list, at the latest auction, as a result, the committee of creditors has not established the final procedure for the sale of the indicated lane. Koshti vіd sale may vikoristovuyutsya for satisfaction vimog creditor u takі chergovostі:

  • in the pike perch vimogi are contentedly secured by an outpost; viplati vihidnogo help zvilnenim pracivnikam; Vitrati, povyazanі z provadzhennyam at the inquiry about bankruptcy in the arbitration court and that work of liquidated commissions;
  • a friend has vimogas, sho wins from zobov'yazan pridpriyamstva-bankrupt before yogo pracіvnikami, for a vignette ikh vneskіv to the statutory fund, that goiters yazan, yakі vinikli vnaslіdok zapodіyannya shkody zhyttyu zdorov;
  • in the third - vimogs щ о сп лат лат под ат ат ат ат ат ат ((об (payment of payments);
  • at the fourth - vimoga creditors, not secured by an outpost;
  • in p'yatu - vimogi often turn out to be members of the labor collective to the statutory fund of enterprises;
  • I’m at Shostu Chergu - I’m satisfied with all of the vimogi.

In case of a complaint of creditors, the following rules are shown: 1) vimogs of skin and offensive chergov are more than satisfied with less than one, if you have to be safe, I’m satisfied with the claims ahead of time; 2) at the time of lack of cost for the full satisfaction of the creditor of the offensive cherimi the vimogs are satisfied in proportion to the total amount of the leather creditor of the given cherig; 3) vimoga, not satisfied for the lack of lane, get involved redeemable. On the right, about bankruptcy, pay attention to the confirmation by the court of arbitration to the sound of the court.