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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

6.6. Spivvodnoshennya "factor product" and that analysis

The diversity of the varied vitrates, and the smallest of the different magnitudes and the combination of the different sizes and the different factor-product relationships, as well as the different nature of the deposits and the higher cost. For a better day and night, you need to know such people to understand: a boundary (marginal) resource, boundary (marginal) product, a higher product and an average product.

Boundary (marginal) resource - the price of the resource, the value of the products for the future products. Vіn vnaznachatsya vіdnіmannyam vіd skin offensive oath vitrachannya resource yoy front an oath. Yak bachimo, boundary (marginal) resource to form for think, if in the process of viral work, as a whole in real life, there are more and more sacred resources of the singing resource - good, nasinnya, zrosuvalno odyo, food.

Boundary (marginal) product - the price of products, observance of a well-lived (boundary) resource. Winnings shall be recounted in the form of offensive cutaneous skin of viral products of the forefront value. The boundary product may be of great importance. Boundary vitrati — is the primary vitrat, necessary for the single and single products.

A new product (an inland physical product) is a whole oversight of the viral products, possession of a deed of vitality to a resource. In penny virazі yogo name vartіstu viroblenno products. A mid-range product is meant to be a product of a second foreign product, usually for victories.

For a factor-product relationship, three types of deposits are characteristic: a) the unit of the boundary (marginal) resource is protected and the same value of the boundary (marginal) product (the same increase in product quality) is ensured; b) the skin is attacked by the unit of the boundary (marginal) resource, I will ensure that all the coarse boundary (marginal) product is secured; c) the cutaneous advancing unit of the boundary (marginal) resource is protected by an ever-smaller boundary product (Fig. 6.2, a, b, c).

Not a second thought, but for a more specific characterization, there is less one type of deposit than the minimum with vitrates (resource) and an obyazhenny product. In the state thanks to the process of viral production of any kind of products, as a rule,

Tipi of deposits between winter strata

Fig. 6.2. Tipi of deposits between winter vitamins and obyazhno virobnitstva products

there are three types of deposits. This is due to the law of declining profitability, which makes it especially peculiar to appear in the middle of a galaxy. In addition to the law, for the last-minute increase in the vitrate of the singing resource, if the boundary resource is underestimated the same, and for the unchanging minds of the viral products, there are only a few songs. After it, repairing the boundary (marginal) product is repaired. In the residual amount of money you can fill out zero, but it is more significant. Graphically, such deposits are shown in Fig. 6.3.

Dependence between the norm and the standard

Fig. 6.3. Dependence between the norm and the standard of culture

Just like, for example, for example, for example, the size of the bed is less than the productivity of the singing culture and the norm is good, but the norm is that there is no need to show that there is a greater need to show that there is no need to forget about the number of days that you need to go. 3 pic. 6.3 it is seen that there is a curve in the output of the product (virginity) of the image of all three types of deposits. As a rule, the intermittent growth of the boundary (marginal) product is equally varied with the boundary (marginal) resource at the minimum for the low level of vitrate given to the resource, for example, for low doses, adding the norms and the standard for the water, has low watering. This is also a growing concern for the factor-product approach in the first zone. It is not characteristic for a company to identify a factor product (the first type of deposit). The declining type of factor-product relationship is characteristic of another zone, such as ending at equal points, the curve of the marginal product is overtaken with abscissa. In the third zone, be-yak zbіlshennya resource to bring to a negative heir - the change of the oath of virobnitsva povnogo product (vrozhaynostі).

For the sake of visibility, in the local area, you can reach the most effective virobility, take the necessary thing to respect the law of formulating the middle, middle and marginal product. One of the most up-to-date products is the growth of dota, doki má mіsce be-yak positivno zbіlshennya marginal product. The crooked margin of the product is more likely to grow at a faster pace, the lower is the crookedness of the average product and pass food for the remainder until the moment of the return of your traction, which can form a recession. To the point where the curved boundary (marginal) product with the abscissa abscisses away from the best resource is brought to the point of changing the product. The curve of the middle product is reached to the maximum at the exact point of fusion with the curve of the boundary (marginal) product. Dalya qya kriva zmіnyuє the trajectory to decline, not overturning at tsyomu all abscis (in the minds of the "normal" state giving).

Now it’s become more dangerous, since if you add a contribution to the resource of zrost for the average product, then for invariable prices for them (product and resource), you can have the average income of the company. And it means that on all the dans of the first zone, the economy is very clear that you can contribute to the resource, I’m very much in favor of such minds. Tse rule dіє doti, docks zrostaє average product. At the point where the value of the average product is more expensive than the marginal one, the other zone is repaired, between the most important rules, the priority is to increase the product by one

Thus, additionally contributing to another zone would be more effective for dots, docks of a groshovka virus, I will wipe off the margin product, I will transfer the resource (in a groshny form) to the won product. Yak bachimo, a friend of the zone є the zone of effective state donation, in a yakіy pribіdno vіdshukati іkonomіchno nayvіdnіshy rіven іn dіdatkovyh contribution of a significant factor, for such a yaєaєyatsya the largest profit. You’ll need to get into shape if the profitability of the marginal product is expensive and the cost of the resource has been increased. The very same point is the optimal yield of the crop (productivity, creature).

From now on, the maximum economic efficiency is reached earlier, the lower is the maximum technological efficiency, as much as the culture of the hectare is based on the productive tvarin. You can come to terms with each other, as a rule, analyze the virological function of the success of the common beetles, I will be prompted for the actual data one by one until the method of the smallest squares. Functions

y = 230 + 36x - 2.5x2,

de y - the yield of tsukrovih beetles per hectare; x - the number of added minerals at the secondary level, t / ha.

The following is the maximum viral function for extremum, I can establish, which is the maximum yield of cereal buryaks in these minds (the maximum technological efficiency) is reached for introducing 7.2 prices of a total of 35 additional bargains. As soon as it is more effective to add 0.8 centners (and only 8 centners), then it is necessary to decrease by 2 centners and become 357.6 centners. The virobiotic function has been brought into view, the efficiency of the image is decreasing. The effectiveness of additional doses of mineral additives is reduced. Yakshcho, say, the third centner has added, having secured an increase in yield per hectare by 23.5 centners, quarters by 18.5, and then this is more by 3.5 centners. Oskilka, the centre’s wisdom is good for a penny, and I’m holding a pledge of realizing 3.5 times, but the obvious thing is that there’s a good reason for that technological effectiveness.