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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

6.10. Dosyagnuti riven sobartostі that technique її analysis

On the number of products, there are a number of factors, for which there are some forms of reality. In agricultural enterprises there has long been a tendency to formulate until the end of the year. Ale, especially at a brisk pace, outgrew herself in rocky inflation and hyperinflation. Yakshcho, for example, the share of grain centner in the government of the suspension sector in 1990 p. became 12.4 kb, then in 1992 - 1405, and in 1994 p. - 61 yew krb. From introduction to our country in 1996 p. national currencies - hryvnia growth of self-sustainability in the minds at significantly lower rates. So, in 1996 p. the interest of the centner of the type of product became UAH 8.63, in 1998 - 14.29 i in 2000 r. - UAH 23.62

In the minds of high rates of inflation and hyperinflation, there is an inflation. Independently, on the whole, the data of the given indicator are instantly in full swing, the most significant is the value of the bullion for the lower real time. This is due to the fact that for the most part in the world (1991-1994) the methodology for the registration of self-contained forms of living resources for living resources for the long term is extended. Alya oskilki for the next period, the availability of resources, most of which live together and are of good quality, tens of times, then the index of self-maintenance must be underestimated and lost in real life. The very same reasons for the winnings of the winnings of the inflationary move. Prior to supplying a winnings of such a profit and inflationary profitability, we can turn 16. Here it’s not significant, but for gaining a real value of wartiness in the minds of inflationary information about the cost of living

From the base on the basis of the restructuring of the KSP of new agricultural products of the market type, significant ones from 2001 the disparity in prices, taking into account the legislative range of important decisions that are needed to stimulate the development of the state gratitude and the profit margin of the merchants and merchants to change their minds for stable products. For a joke of reserves such a reduction is necessary, on the front, economically analyze the vitrati for articles.

To the percent of the vitrats for okrimny articles to the total amount of money, the structure of their own products is signaled. For the most varied types of products, the product is unique, it is enlarged by the technological features of the galleys and the unequal work of the work. A tribute about the structure of self-giving is given outside the notice of those who have the very same status to borrow the most valuable money and to give the most in-line flow to the form of the public. This kind of information is completely necessary to look at those that can reach this low price of their own products. We can redefine the result of the rational quick start of these articles.

For a better understanding of the possibilities of speeding up the vitrate, it is necessary to break the structure of the total number of bills in absolute terms, so that you can get the total amount of bills for a complete article about the overdue oath of products, but I’ll calculate it. The same result can be made by primitively calculating the indicator by the formula:

Bj = rozrahovuvati structure sob_vartostі

de Вj - virobnicheskie vitrati of the j-th element for 1 centner of production or for 1 UAH of gross product; S - sobvartіst 1 centner of products, UAH .; Pj is the pitoma of the carcass of the j-th element of vitrat in the structure of the sobartosti in the case of the viraznoy. For the sake of visibility, for the grocery of some elements, the number of products is changed, the number of gross products (as a whole), the absolute value of the j-th element of the basic When tsimu є р р ри р р р:

Partnership of product center

de Вj1 і Вj0 - virobnichi vitrati of the j-th element for 1 price for 1 UAH of gross product in the same period with basic rock; С1 і С0 - participation 1 cent. Of production or 1 UAH of gross production from famous and basic rock; - kіlkіsna zmіna sobіvartostі u zvіtnomu rotsі vіrіvnyano z base - kіlkіsna zmіna sobіvartostі u zvіtnomu rotsі pіvnnyano z base.

Riven of self- centered product center in Kintsevskaya rakhunku to lay down two separate factors: crop productivity per hectare (productivity) and total amount of output per product. Shchob viznachiti kіlkіsniy pouring these two factors for the sake of self-interest, you can speed up the index priyomom docluzhdennya:

Significance of the impact of these two factors on

de C1, C0 - participation of 1 centner of products in a fixed and basic period; У1 і У 0 - crop productivity per 1 ha (productivity of 1 head of tvarin) is identical to the standard and basic periods; W1 and W0 - vitrati on 1 ha posiva (1 head of creature).

The first part of the Yandex index can help increase the yield (productivity) on self-interest, and the other - by pouring the overt oath of vitrates on the river rivie. As if it were a small part of the index є smaller by one, then by all means, this factor was added to the lower number of products and products.

At the time of growing crops, crop productivity, on the basis of product productivity, I can absorb these factors, such as the productivity of the livelihoods, payment of the human life, the cost of living, the cost of the labor, the cost of the labor, the cost of the labor -nistvo of the center of production, part of the center of the feed unit, labor rate of the labor, payment of people-year, concentration of the workload, the level of complex mechanics.

For one reason, there’s a reason to reserve reserves because of the lack of reasons and the reasons why the magnitude of the vitrates was magnified, especially for these articles, the value of which is to keep the entire factor. Prior to such articles, introduce vitrati on feeds, and I’ll borrow the most money in the structure of self-supporting products. Qi vitrati in a razrahunka on the head of a thin man to lie down vidostarti centner of a Victorian poop, the oath of living with one head of a creature and structure of race. Shchob kіlkіsno visnachiti vplyv chih factors_v, razrahovyut Yandex vitrat on feed for the formula:

Yandex Vitrat feed

de K1 and K0 — spend feed per 1 head of creatures in natural virazit in a regular and basic period; B1 and B0 - wart 1 t feed in these periods.

The first multiplier of the legal part of the formula is the index of feed and the other is the index of oath and the structure of feed. Yak i in the front vipadka, be it anyway from frequent indexes за smaller by one, then it means, moreover, the factor is to zoom in on the lower vitrate for feed, and in advance. Vіdnіmayuchi vіd the numerator, the sign, denote the absolute inflow of the factors for vitrati fodder in the rose for the physically thin head. Distributors of the acquired gifts for the most frequent factor for the primary productivity of the creatures shall enumerate the distribution of vitrates of the virology as a rose for the centner of the gifts and the number of acquaintances. For more business, it’s economically justifiably done to feed vitamins to feed in the cut-throat on the head of thinness, as long as the productiveness is pushed through at the same time at the same rate.