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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

8.2. Land reform in Ukraine. Fundamentals of the Land Code of Ukraine

In the colossal Soviet Socialist Republic, and later, in Ukraine, I had been at the warehouse, the land of the Bula was nationalized and the single hairline became a state. To the masses, the Sіlskogospodarsky enterprises, organizations and establishments, the land was transferred to the corridors more. The panuvannya of sovereign power on earth has become one of the main reasons for the low level of effectiveness of the state of victoria.

On the part of Ukraine, and on the part of the market transformation of the winery, there is a need for a substantial land reform, as well as one of the central economic reform channels, which can be lost in our country. Land reform is a complex of approaches - legal, social, economic, technical and organizational - directions to the re-entry of land through the maintenance of land, approval of the new forms of government, and the new state-owned property.

Land reform in Ukraine has passed a number of stages. First take them on the cob to adopt the Land Code of the Ukrainian RSR (1990 p.), So that the land right is secured by the form of a redeemed volodynny, postyne volodynny, as well as permanent hourly corpus. Tsebuv important croc to vniznennya moisture on the earth. The prototype of the settled peace of the land implies unequivocally the right of authority over one’s resource, the fraud of the right to dispose of the land was lost for the ranks of people's deputies. Great importance for the development of land vodnosin on the whole this year was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Decree “On Land Reform” (15th birch forest of 1991), as it was blown away, the whole land fund of Ukraine was recognized as a small land plot. With the help of brain drain for equal development of the rare forms of state gift in the village. In the process of such redeployment, the land is small transferred to private power of the population, collectives of public and private institutions, attitudes and organizations; at timchasov koristuvannya physical and legal persons.

Another stage of land reform of memorialization in Russia 1992 With the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the Law of Ukraine “On the Formation of Power on the Earth” and the new law of the Land Code of Ukraine. With these documents, bills were brought in from the right to form moisture on the ground - in Ukraine three forms of moisture on it were procured: private, collective and sovereign, which is why it was legally imposed, now that these forms of moisture are equal. New zmіstu scored Orendny v_dnosini. The landowners didn’t lose out for the sake of the people's deputies, Ale and the landlords - okremі bulks, collective sіlskogospodarskі pіdpriyamstva, joint-stock partnerships, sadіvnitsky partnerships. On the whole, this is the most frequent part of the real life of private land ownership in the sphere of trade of the Slovskogospodarsky virobnitsva, the applicants have adopted the law of Ukraine “On Selyansky (Farmers) State Thanks” (1992 p.). They transferred the transfer of private power to such statehood to the middle land, which is per capita in the territory of the territory for the sake of the people's deputies.

The third stage of land reform was the adoption of the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On unannounced visits to accelerate land reform in the sphere of the city of Kyiv and Ukraine” (10 fall of 1994), “About the order of land acquisition that was granted to the public 8” .), “About the lease of land” (April 23, 1997), “About the abrogation of the rights of owners of land plots (shares)” (April 21, 1998) and “About the fixation of the Sylkogospodarsky tributary” (18 rubles, 1998). On the basis of the Decree about the land and land rent, the Sylskogospodarsky tribute will be adopted by adopting the laws of Ukraine with the same name.

According to the normative acts, the transfer of land is free of charge to collective and private property for the highest quality products, so that in this case there is real reality of control. Buv zdіsneniyu filed land, as transferred from the collective power, to land plots (units) without a view of natures, and to the viewers of the villagers certificates for the right to land (unit). Vlasniks of land certificates gained the right to dispose of their land pair, such as may be about obm_tom, donated, forced, declined, bought and sold (retained right to be left unlimited). Members of collective sylkogospodarskie enterprises were given the opportunity to leave free of charge from their own land plots (shares) and vidylennya її in kind with the title of the sovereign right to private property. The Law of Ukraine “On Land Leasing” overwhelmingly regulated rents of land, as well as transferred the possibility of renting land plots (units), which is necessary and important in the minds of the transformation of state donations in villages.

On the eve of the fourth stage of land reform (behind the thought of the author of the first hand), he became the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the unannounced approach to speedily reforming the agricultural sector of the economy” (1999). It transferred to the majority of the members of the PCB from a warehouse of their own land and land shares and their establishment on the basis of the new state grants, based on private property. It’s important, by decree, that the law provides for legal entities, such as land for the use of land, land lease agreements with a fixed rent payment fee. Simplifications have been introduced in the order of registration of land lease agreements, a view of land plots has been transferred to one of the largest groups of land plots (units), and Yaka has been banned from acquisitions of land and land in the country. It is important that the people of the world have the right to expand their own special rights of thanks for the partnership of land plots to be given to them, to see them before the land share, and not to incur a legal person.

In 2000 p. became realizmovatis vimoga Decree on deputy certification on land (share) on the State Act on the right of private property on land. In this way, the real mind was taken for our own sake to take us to our land’s continental market. We are important for the land reform for the whole year, becoming the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On Basic Directly Land Reform in Ukraine for 2001-2005” (30 grass 2001 p.). Transfers by Decree, a complex of mutual legal, organizational, financial, scientific and technical and technical assistance, accelerated completion in the Ukrainian land reform, as well as the effective management of land resources and land management. Ale is of particular importance for the completion of land reform in our country, and the adoption of the new edition of the Land Code of Ukraine was adopted.

The Land Code of Ukraine is the main document of the land legislation, which regulates land provision through the use of the necessary minds for the rational protection of the land, equal development of all forms of land moisture and state donation.

New edition of the Land Code of the Bula adopted by residents 2001 r. Vin is stored for 10 days, 37 chapters and 213 articles. We knew that there was legal closure of all progressive land reforms, which were appreciated in our country for the remaining six races. The water hour is vir_shuє and the lowest is the new nutrition of land reform. In addition to his new serpent, the new Land Code has thoroughly seen ahead of time. It is important that there is a wide range of opportunities for formulating the classic land plots in civilized land plots, as much as possible in pink water, inland and brown land. Undertaking, secrecy, law and order for the good cause of the land, buying and selling, for introducing legal practice to understand the burden of land and land.

The Land Code has left the foundation for the fundamental problem of land issues - the problem of forms of moisture on the ground. Three different forms of moisture are transferred to it: privatna, communal and power. Subdivisions of the right of power to the land of private power є of the population and juridical individuals, to the land of state power - the power, the right to realize the right through the state of the international government, the State moisture - territorial community, villages and towns, to realize their right to be granted without any interruption through the organization of self-determination (all municipalities are located in the borders of the populated territories, apart from state lands atnoї vlasnostі and takozh zemelnі dіlyanki for їh mezhami on yakih roztashovanі ob'єkti komunalnoї vlasnostі).

The land code transmits such a type of private property, as is the property on the land plot. As a rule, a portion of skin is identified in such land as a participant in permanent moisture, then such a power is referred to as a private frequency, and without a frequent frequency, it is called a total power.

The Land Code establishes the rules for the free transfer of land to villagers of Ukraine: for the ownership of the rural (farmer's) state donation - in the share of the land (share), designated for the members of the rural households, rural and rural areas for the conduct of a special peasant statehood - not more than 2 hectares; for gardening - not more than 0.12 ha; for service and maintenance of a residential house, state service and equipment (not necessary) - not more, 0.25 hectares in villages, 0.15 hectares in villages and 0.10 hectares in cities; for an individual country cottage - not more than 0.10 ha; for a cottage individual garage - not more than 0.01 ha.

In the Land Code, I examine in detail how to obtain land rights (rights of authority and rights of law) by Ukrainian people and legal persons, as well as understand the rest of the land for civil law. It is important that they transfer the guarantee of land rights to land, including the guarantee of land and land to land owners and landowners, as well as the public, public and private owners. virobnitsvom; timichy busy tsih ugid for the last species of vikoristan; vstanovlennya obmezhen schodo vikoristannya lands, pіrshennya yakostі ґruntovogo cover the skinny.

The Land Code will make it easier for me to concentrate the land in private power of the okrimich community, I want to take a look at the social and economic situation, and I put it in Ukraine on the cob of the 21st century. Zokrem, transferred, up to 2010 p. the population and legal entities may be mothers of private lands of the Silkospodarsky land designated up to 100 hectares (this land may be less than necessary). Moreover, before 1.01.2005 p. the owners of land dylans are not entitled to sell them in any other way, they must not transmit them in recession or land. It intermits the concentration of land in private lands with private jurisdictions, the norm of the Land Code has been approved, which must exist until January 1, 2005. the rights to the land plot (share) to the statutory funds of state partnerships are protected.

Indicated on this fact that it is necessary, the fragments in an hour must be divided into necessary laws, to protect effectively the land market, to prevent speculation in the sale process. Here, in general, speed up access to the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and effective mechanisms to prevent speculation through the establishment of higher prices for the sale, as well as the availability of the sale . Prevention of speculation by landowners and servants of land and land law of the land code for buying and selling land of sovereign and communal power in competitive ambushes (especially in the minds of an auction and a competition).

We are fundamentally important с those whose land is sylskogospodarskogo designation can not be in private ownership of foreign landlords, especially without worldliness, foreign legal systems. It means that if it is possible for them to recognize the lands of these lands as unlawful, this means that they will be allocated lands transferred to the Slavs. So much land with a stretch of rock p_dlyagayut v_dzhujennyu (mayu buty sold or transferred to the powers).

Foreign populations and individuals without bulk can gain more power over land in the country of the same name within the boundaries of the same position between the populations and even more so if they have to be privately owned.

The new Land Code has transferred the right to land servitude, on behalf of the Russian Federation, the right of the owner of the land, as well as the land-killing of land dilyanki on the basis of payment without payment corrupted by someone else's land dilyanka. In the case of land servicing, it is necessary to settle for dominion between the two owners of two land plots on the basis of the contract, but for ruling in court, which will be necessary for the landlord to have the land plots.

Prior to the main types of land servicing, the establishment of such methods can be applied to immigrants, but they are entitled to land transportation, bicycles, the right to travel for transport by an unauthorized way, the right to pass water to someone for their land from foreign land, thinness with a full-blown hat that ін. Transferred to the same way, remember the pinch of land servitude.

Special distribution to the Land Code of assignments for the protection of land, the main strains of which are: є obruntuvannya заб zezpechenenya access to the rational zemoristoruvannya; zahist sylskogospodarskogo ugid, foxland and chagarnikіv іd neobruntovannogo õh viluchennya for іshih consumers; land grazing of land erosion, seliv, pidtoplennya, swamp, secondary salinization, overriditation, ravine, overbearing by the income of the virobnitsva, chemical and radioactive incomes of the most unimportant technological; preservation of degraded and unproductive sіlskogospodarskih ugіd; preservation of natural wetlands ug_d.

The Land Code is also transferred to the Government of the Republic of Belarus for the protection of the land, as well as to the appointment and management of the protection of the land and the protection of the land. Transmitted, secrecy, health monitoring of the land as a system of keeping track of the land camp by the method of daily change of land, their assessment, state and negative processes, as well as the state land administration. In order to economically stimulate the rational regional victory and protect the land with a hat on the eve of patronage and credit to the population and legal persons, you must come in and transfer to the rest of the state and the rest of the region for the rest of the state. Transferred to the view of the sovereign of the sovereign government and budget to the owners of the land for the restoration of the front camp, which was not destroyed by not guilty. Especially important is the health benefit for the budget budget compensation for the lower income for the owners of the land and the landowners who are in possession of the time-consuming degradation of the unproductive lands, which have become so unprofitable.

Odnієyu of Central lanok upravlіnnya in the Branch vikoristannya th receptionists land Je zaprovadzhennya vіdshkoduvannya vtrat sіlskogospodarskogo that lіsogospodarskogo virobnitstva, SSMSC vinikayut vnaslіdok viluchennya (redemption rights) sіlskogospodarskih ugіd, lіsovih land i chagarnikіv to require, not pov'yazanih іz sіlskogospodarskim that lіsogospodarskim virobnitstvom. Please go again and again to make sure that the rights of the landowner and the landowner are protected as well as the rights of the lawyers, legal persons, legal entities, and law enforcement authorities.

At the end of this supply, it is significant that there is a large-scale outflow to the near-end land plots of our state. and land appraisal, state land (mortgage) bank and deyak_in.