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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

8.9. Efficiency of small land

In the Law of Ukraine “ On Land Management ” (2000) , land management is designated as a complex of hydrotechnical, cultural, agricultural, agrotechnical, irregular, green іх two-dimensional family relations and the form of the environmentally balanced regional structure ugid.

You can also see the main types of small land: hydrotechnical, cultural, agricultural, agricultural and agricultural.

Gidrotehnicheskaya melioratsiya zd_isnyuєyutsya through the method of water treatment and repeated operation and maintenance of waterways (flooding, heating, erosion). The main meliorannye visits, which are better for hydrotechnical melioration, рош zrosuvalny, osushuvalnі, osushuvalno-zvolozhuvalnі, protipenevny, protipavodkovі, protiselovі that protirozіynі. Tsey kind of small-scale capital and transmission є transmission of special hydraulic technical equipment.

Cultural technology - go in and do some preparation on the surface of the land and preparation for the holidays in the city of Kyiv and Ukraine. Before such visits, vikorchovuvannya trees and chagarnikivs, public purchases, virichnuvanny surface, cleaned land, small oranka, tinned skinny are introduced.

Chemical transferring complex of calls, directing to the physical and political authorities ґ ґ зд т зд зд зд шля шля шля ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап ап.

Agrotechnical melting is spelled out on the basis of arrears and polarity of the agro-power authorities of the root ball and the bell and donors, such as small arrivals, planting and ceremonies,

Agro-technical technology - as a whole, a landslide by the glory of the glory of such important authorities overseas foxes, as well as regulation and regulation. The fact that all kinds of melodious features are achieved is largely dependent on the form of such multifunctional melioration systems, as well as on-site (on-site) and on-site (on-site) services. First of all, they cover the land of erosion, and aquatic environment - the view of the land and the moss and the transmission of the girders, the yards, the steep slopes, the sands of the degraded lands, the coastal waters and the swarms of the river. Lines of land - usefulness and stock management of lucosmougis - to capture the land for water and water and to increase the value of the soil-climate culture.

Melioratiya spriya і pivodvishchennoy vrozhaynostі sіlskogospodarodskih cultures і zezpepechuє stability і virobnitsva. Pidprimstva, especially in the minds of zroshennya, amused by the ritzyk of true lowliness, I turn into the unpleasant weather minds of rock. In addition, there is a chance for me to provide you with new services and services, as it would be impotent to grow without dehydration anymore in the minds of rainfed digging (for example, viroshuvannyu picture). Significantly, the ability to choose the right of alternative alternatives, as well as the effective selection of available resources and the acquisition of new ones, as well as the increase in the number of available periods of time, is more important.

However, it is important to place small businesses in front of them: new technologies, new technologies, new technologies for new and efficient technical systems, new technical systems It is important to remember that in the minds of a saturated market, there is a problem with the problem of the purchase of pre-owned products. Business opportunities are better for the customers with the price for it, and for the most part partners. Yak bachimo, in the minds of melioratsіpіpіdpriemstvo bring to virishuvati significantly more problems, nizhichno sound. In the middle of small visits, one should observe the desolate and drained lands. At 2000 p. The area of ​​land in Ukraine was becoming more than 2408 and 3299 thousand. ha. Naiproductivnymi є zroshuvanі lands. On them in Ukraine all rice is violated, a portion of vegetables, fruits and grapes, and also corn grains are significant.

Otsіnuyuchi efficiency is zroshennya, because of the need to vrahovuvati that furnishings, sho water (from an economic look) є we are important virobnichnym resource, some kind of martyrdom, and vikoristannya yogo - racіionalnal mezhi. This means that the maximum performance is expected to reach for singing oaths. Redistribution of abo change leads to lowering of such output in full to the result of the law of boundary increment. Ale described the law to show off more for the optimal watering lines, if the stench itself is much more absorbed by the increase in yield, the lower the cost of the victorious water. It’s important for them to have better food, to save money, to protect themselves from the necessary supplies for the winter, to give them the opportunity to water them at once and maximize the result. Ale tse is possible for umov, if the initiative is whether or not you can gain the necessary amount of water. Moreover, with the organization of zrosuvannogo zrusuvannogo zarosuvannogo zabechecheniya wealthy water supply є neobhodimoyu mental dotsіlnosti yogo voprovadzhennya.

The number of necessary for the introduction of the evil water (B) is possible by the formula:

Kіlkіst neobhodimnії for food of zrosuvalnogo drive

de drive on oath - a drive-through obscurity, which can actually survive on 1 hectare of land and culture (water, water must be cultivated with cultivated springs and land, not hidden by them, for the entire virobic cycle); the amount of atmospheric precipitation - the amount of atmospheric precipitation during the vegetation period at the age of one thousand cubic meters per hectare; Pi - the area for the cultivation of culture; KZS - a number of victories of the zrosuval system.

Let us designate the way the original oath of the necessary evil water is necessary, which can be indefinitely indefinitely reduced in temperature, temperature and temperature in the given type, type of weather, and topographical features of some kind.

It is economically more efficiently zroshennya if you can correctly signify the periodical watering and expenditure of zrosuvualnoy water for one watering. As long as the remaining problems are resolved, then it’s necessary to reduce the consumption of water for the necessary time to the new Polish vologosti for the graves needed for the rosts, and for the great power of the given system of cultural differences. Viryoshennya nourishment about the frequency of watering to fall into one, that one kind of zroshennya vibro pidprimstvo, so that a certain vidotsotn znizhzhennya polo ї vologostі ґruntu vono vzvazha є is possible. Yakshcho vibrano more vologiy variant zroshennya with lesser lower levels of Polish vologosti, then it is necessary to water partly. All the greater yield to harvest, ale vimaga and greater virabiotic vitrates. Big Vitrachannya drive. With less variation, there are more low polarity vologosti - more.

Melioratsiya, especially zosreshennya, vimagaє significant vitrates - capital and flow. Domestic vitrati cope with the sound of the equipment of the internal domestic and international measures, with the necessary technical equipment and possession. Yakshcho victorious water jerel zroshuvalnogo drive, next to add technology and possession, necessary for a video view and delivery to the fields. Flow showers go through the call for transportation drive to the territory of the country, delivery to watering according to the internal requirements of the third party to the call without delayed watering.

If water supply is provided to water supply companies, then the cubic meter water meter for a new one is large, and the water supply for all water supply is looked at like water. It is timed to say that food production does not carry the vitrate of dots, and docks cannot be supplied with water. On the cob of delivery vitrati grow in proportion to the oath of living resource. As a matter of fact, the majority of the companies cherished zosuvulyny water, then on the third side view there is only one way Viti (depreciation of the wells, pumps, the other, payment, the other, the only reason you can) , by technical overlooking for technical possession, repair.

The enterprise also has the same significant flow rate for transporting water through the internal zoduzhuvalny measure until watering irrespective of the fact that a certain way of letting go of the way is very vibrant - it’s a big deal. The rozmir vitrath significantly deploys the appearance of a water-containing system, as well as the water itself is transported through the interior, the most sophisticated - concrete pipes, pipelines of synthetic materials, which are non-metallic. In case of a vibrant system, I will need to incur a need for investment, type of start-up, topographic features, and the need for robust power for servicing the system too thin.

Budvnitsvo water-saving system and form є old-time vitrification of households, due to the amortization of technical needs, their repair and technical servicing, energy-saving vitrums, insurance, and other things. Zauvazhimo, schto capital gates, yakі zan'azanі z peremіshchennyam lands and vіrіvnyuvannymi polіv (planuvannya mіstsevostost), do not try to extend the additional gates for zroshennya, and kapіtalіzuyut on the apart.

Directly requested watering of the same significant numbers (depreciation of the technical equipment, insurance, interest on the mine) and the average (repair and technical service, small expenses, the cost of the work). Suma vitrat for all clear-sighted strands of their form (for transportation drive to food, all-in-one transport and for direct watering) yes I can ignore the sum of vitrat for zroshennya. In them, I mean I’m going to occupy a permanent home, I can’t practically put them into practice. This is due to the fact that efficiency is reached in case of the rational form of the winter vitamins and if they are clean and needed to increase the availability of products to compensate for the cost of living and the need for greater vitality.

For the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the victorious lands of the small lands, the indicators of the intensity and productivity of such a country are to be recognized. Indices of intensity to the singing level characterize the factual knowledge of the melancholy lands, which were stored on the territory of the region. To introduce them:

1. Stupin of the gospodar vikoristannya melіorovanih lands (vidnoshennya actually vikoristanikh at silskogospodarskomu virobnostvі lands with zsuvuvalnoy chi osuvulyuyu measure up to their foreign lands). For normal minds, the state donation is an indicator of the ability to live alone.

2. Koefіtsієnt repeated vikoristannya melіorovanikh lands .

3. The pitoma of the vaga of intensive cultures at the most irreplaceable small areas .

4. Water treatment . Razrahovuetsya in the natural form of presentation of the type of grown-up of adultedious water per hectare of singing culture in cubic meters to the acquired one in the same form as in the previous form - the amount of water for 1 000 UAH gross production, estimated.

5. Vodovіddacha - wrappings indicator vodomіstkostі.

The following indicators of the effectiveness of the history of the melanie lands are presented:

1. Prirozh vrozhayu okremikh sіlskogospodarskogo cultures, scho mean for the formula:

Pririst vrozhayu okremich sіlskogospodarskogo cultures

de crop yield - increase in crop yield; vіdpovіdno vrozhaynіst culture і vіdpovіdno vrozhaynіst culture - There is a distinct increase in culture in the melodious and rain-fed lands for the same old minds, t / ha.

2. The stage of development of a meliorative system in the lands of industrial property, which is calculated according to the formula:

Stage of development of a meliorative system in the land of industrial property

de stage of development of a meliorative system on the land of industrial property - the stage of development of a meliorative system on the land of enterprises; design of the culture of culture on small lands і design of the culture of culture on small lands - vіdpovіdno factual and design vrozhaynіst vіdpovіdnoі culture on small lands, t / ha.

3. Real estate productivity (CPR) and lower productivity of products on small lands (KSP). Tsi indicators can be butrazrahovanі z virazіv:

Kp p = (Tbz: Tmz) • 100;

Ks p = (Cm: Sat) • 100,

de Тбз і Тмз —working products (human-year for 1 centner of products) more than once on dry and small land; See Сб Sat ’- one-of-a-kind membership of 1 centner of production in the melodious and dry lands.

4. Increase in income from small land, which is indicated by the formula:

Pririt a profit from the land of melioration lands

de Pririt a profit from the land of melioration lands - increase in income from land; Ts - price of realizatsion of up-to-date products, UAH; vіdpovіdno streaming postііnі і zmіnnі vitrati for melioration і vіdpovіdno streaming postііnі і zmіnnі vitrati for melioration - vidpovіnno streaming postііnі і zmіnnі vitrati on melіoratsіyu.

5. The profitability of the cost-effective vitrates for the melting point of the Republic of Moldova, which can be calculated by viraza:

PM = [ Rm PM: (VPM + Vzm)] • 100.

In the area of ​​intensive and economical efficiency of small land, the lines of profitability of the capital vitality for small-scale production are quickened. Win pink for the formula:

T = Sqm: D pm

The correct operation of the small land in the country is the highest efficiency in the past. For example, from a hectare of lands that have been cultivated, gain 2.5–3.5 times more products, lower than a hectare of dry land. However, let me know that in Ukraine small amounts of land are victorious nefektivno, their viability on them is low.

Significantly, the effectiveness of the history of the small lands is possible due to the reconstruction of the old and the new, thoroughly sophisticated and sensory systems. I pass over the slurry, synchronous-impulse and nadron crumbling systems, close the zoosuval systems iz zasosuvannyi zalizobetonnyh outdoor, asbestos-cement and plastic pipes, drainage systems with a plastic pump, we need to pump,

On zroshuvanih and drained lands, it is important to provide the regional structure with the latest land, land, the system for processing the land, the progressive form of organization payment for the land. Say, on the drained lands, a set of cultures and land, you need to know, if you have any kind of experience. So, on peat bogs и viroshuvannya і intensive intensive drought crops to bring peat and rook к том род род род ю ю до до до до до To this reason, small peat bogs are thoroughly victorious and grassy, ​​and for low-growing cultivated crops, you must take less than 10-15% of the area.

In zrosuvalnuyu landfillings, it is necessary to reserve water-saving technology. For example, without herbicide technology viroschuvannya rice with the introduction of sіvozmіnu lucerni so that I can speed up the water resurfacing three times as much as i do not need to bother with the damnation. It is also imperative that the selection of the robot be accompanied by viscous and varietal varieties and hybrids, as well as the kind of "vidpovidayut" for the interrogation and the satisfaction of the vimogs of industrial technologies.

Іstotnogo pіdvischennya produktivnostі melіorovanih lands mozhna dosyagti zavdyaki ratsіonalnomu zabezpechennyu of companies mainly virobnichimi funds i nasampered unaslіdok vikoristannya suchasnoї melіorativnoї tehnіki, zasobіv mehanіzatsії for viroschuvannya sіlskogospodarskih cultures vstanovlennya neobhіdnogo obladnannya for ekspluatatsії melіorovanih systems іndustrіalnіy osnovі. Potentially provide comprehensive mechanization of surface irrigation and the need for automation of water management systems for agrometeorological parameters in the area of ​​microprocessor technology and EOM.

Significant increase in productivity of land can be achieved by regular cultural and technical visits, more than one uncontrolled watering, conducting estuary questioning, watering, improvement of public water supply and water supply.